14 Chapter 3.3 - Arcadia Hunter Academy

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"Ethan, we can sit here, right?"

The conversation between Lucas and Carl came to a momentary pause as the attention of everyone in the vicinity shifted towards a new presence. Turning my gaze, I saw three captivating young girls approaching the table with an air of confidence and elegance.

"Ah, Julia…. Of course, you can…"

'Julia Middleton.' I thought, seeing the girl—the twin sister of Lucas. She was also another childhood friend of Ethan and the first heroine candidate of the game.

White hair cascaded down to her shoulders, contrasting beautifully with her vibrant blue eyes. She was undeniably blessed with exquisite beauty, capturing the attention of those around her effortlessly.

With my eyes, I could see the calluses on her hands, showing her rigorous training. Different from her twin's real face, she was someone that liked to train very hard. She was a girl with ambitions, especially when it came to fighting, as she loved wielding swords.

Even though her figure was good, the fact that I could not see any opening in her posture and her tender muscles that were on display was enough to show how strong she was in real life.

And normally, she was a bit dumb that was not academically bright, but she at least knew how to behave herself.

"Thanks, man!" Well, I guess that was not entirely true, as I saw her hand hitting Ethan's back.

As she sat down, the other two following her also did.

The second girl, Irina Emberheart, exuded an aura of fiery passion and power, giving a vibe of intensity to students.

Her vibrant red hair cascaded down her back, matching the intensity of her personality. Her eyes, a striking shade of yellow, seemed to flicker with an inner flame, hinting at the immense magical potential she possessed. Even though I had missed it before, now I could see the faint traces of fire ashes flying through her hair, showing her unintentional use of fire magic.

Irina hailed from a renowned family deeply rooted in the Arcadia Dominion, a place where magic is valued the most, their name synonymous with greatness in the realm of magic.

She was a skilled Fire Mage who controlled the elements with elegance and precision. Her ability to wield fire, a destructive yet captivating force, made her a formidable opponent. Whenever she had cast a spell, flames would swirl around her fingers, obediently following her every command.

And her personality was also as fiery as her fire magic. She was someone that was hot-blooded and was easy to anger, but at the same time, she was passionate about everything she was doing.

Irina was academically gifted and excelled in her studies, demonstrating a sharp intellect and deep understanding of the magical theory that earned her the title 'Fiery Genius.'

She had an intense desire for knowledge, which was comparable to the fiery flames she could manipulate. This propelled her to investigate the enigmas of magic and exceed the expectations placed upon her.

And lastly, the third girl, Lilia Thornheart, possessed an ethereal beauty that turned heads wherever she went.

Her striking green hair flowed gracefully down her back, a vibrant contrast against her captivating red eyes. At first glance, she appeared to be a gentle and delicate presence, but beneath her soft exterior, I knew there laid a mind as sharp as an arrow's point.

Lilia stood out from her peers with her intelligence and cunning. She had a knack for observation and analysis, allowing her to assess situations and develop effective strategies. Her mind was like a well-oiled machine, constantly evaluating and calculating the best course of action.

'This is what makes her more dangerous than others.' I thought, slightly lowering my gaze and trying to erase my presence. Predicting her actions was difficult due to her intelligence.

As the heir to the future strongest guild, Olympus Vanguard, Lilia carried a weight of responsibility on her shoulders. The legacy of her guild, renowned for its power and influence, loomed large over her aspirations. She was a capable leader with the necessary qualities to guide others with grace and wisdom.

Beyond her intellectual prowess, Lilia was a respected figure on the academy campus. Her charisma and charm captivated those around her, earning her the title of the campus belle. She was adored by many, admired not only for her beauty but also for her intelligence and strength of character.

Because she was different from her group, she was a girl with elegance overflowing from herself; she always got the attention of other students around her.

As the group of six settled at their table, their presence became the subject of hushed whispers and intrigued gazes from the surrounding students. The conversations swirled with curiosity and speculation.

"Did you see that? Ethan, Lucas, and Julia are all sitting together! They're like the holy trinity of the academy!"

"Irina Emberheart is with them too. I heard she's an incredibly talented Fire Mage. She can summon flames like no other!"

"And Lilia Thornheart... She's not just a pretty face. I heard she's the future heir of the Olympus Vanguard. They're the strongest guild in the region!"

"It's amazing how they all have such unique skills and backgrounds. They're practically a dream team!"

"Did you know that Lucas and Julia are twins? They're like a package deal, always looking out for each other."

As the whispers and the speculations continued, I raised my body from my seat. Since I had already finished my meal and the cafeteria was slowly getting crowded by the students.

'In the end, it doesn't matter what they are doing.' After all, I got work to do.

Just like that, I once again walked towards the training grounds, this time to test my [Lunar Enigma] trait.


"Hey, where were you, Ethan? I was looking for you everywhere?"

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Julia asked with a smile on her face as she was looking at the blue-haired boy. "I wanted to finish the fight, couldn't yesterday." Even though her face was smiling, her eyes were different as they were burning with fire.

"Well, I was just on the training grounds as always," Ethan answered as he gave an awkward smile. Dealing with this girl was hard for him, as she always wanted to fight whenever it was possible.

"Training grounds? I checked there, but I couldn't see you?" Julia said as she poked her meal.

"I was not in the dorm facilities. I used general training grounds." Ethan answered nonchalantly as he, too, dived into his meal.

"Ah, so that's why... But why did you go there? I don't like training when everyone's eyes are on me. It feels like I'm a monkey in a circus whenever they're all watching," Julia expressed her discomfort, her face showing a mix of frustration and exasperation.

Of course, the academy had some benefits for higher-ranking students. And giving access to special facilities was one of them.

"Julia… You need to get used to it… You are the 3rd rank now; of course, everyone is going to look at you." Butting into the conversation, Lilia answered as she elegantly picked up a bite from her sandwich.lightsnovel

"I know, but it is still uncomfortable. Anyway, why did you go to the general training grounds?"

"I just felt like a change of atmosphere, maybe? I don't know, to be honest. I just felt like going there."

"Heh, don't tell me you were scared…."

"Yes, yes…I was scared of course…."

"Julia, did you forget how he beat you in the duel yesterday." As Lucas opened his mouth with a smile, he mocked his sister.

"Shut up, Lucas," Julia retorted her tone firm, putting an end to the banter.

"Tsk, being harsh on your lovely brother," Lucas replied, mockingly playing the victim.

"Lucas, just shut up, okay," Julia said, her voice now tinged with a touch of irritation.

"Yes, yes," Lucas acquiesced, a mischievous glint still present in his eyes.

"Ah, today I saw something different," Ethan interjected, his curiosity piqued as he raised his head.

"Something different? What do you mean?" Julia asked, intrigued by the change in topic.

"You know that guy in our class who doesn't talk much, right?" Ethan inquired.

"Who do you mean?" Julia pondered, trying to recall the person.

"The one who sits behind us," Ethan clarified.

"Oh, that loser?" Julia replied, her tone dismissive.

"Loser?" Ethan repeated, questioning Julia's choice of words.

"I mean, that lower-ranked student. What was his name? Acron? Astris?" Julia struggled to remember.

"Astron," Lucas corrected.

"Yeah, Astron, whatever. What about him?" Julia prompted.

"I just saw him training," Ethan answered, his tone filled with slight intrigue.

"So?" Lucas interjected, his voice feeling uninterested.

"I felt like he changed, somehow… The vibe he was giving was different…." However, there was a reason why Ethan was the main character of the game. He was someone who had exceptional institution and sixth sense since he would get over quite a lot of life and death-situations thanks to this.

And his senses were tingling….

"Like what?" However, that was not the case for others. After all, everyone at this table came from good backgrounds, and they had their fair share of deals with lower-ranking people.

"I don't know…. At first, he looked gloomy, but today it felt like he somehow had a purpose?"

"Heh? Now, you are even scared of the last-ranking student." Lucas teased, a smirk playing on his lips.

"It is not like that…." Just as Ethan was about to talk, suddenly, a voice interjected into their conversation.

"Trash like Astris or whatever shouldn't even be on our radar. Why are you wasting your time talking about someone so insignificant?" Irina interrupted, her tone dismissive and her nose held high.

Her interruption caused a momentary pause among the group as they turned their attention to the fiery-haired mage. Ethan, ever the peacemaker and hero he was, tried to defuse the tension.

"Now, Irina, there's no need to be so harsh. Astron may have his own struggles, but that doesn't mean we should disregard him entirely," Ethan reasoned, his voice carrying a hint of reproach.

But before Ethan could argue any further, Lilia Thornheart, the ethereal campus belle, chimed in with a composed tone.

"Irina does have a point, Ethan. We shouldn't waste our time on someone who clearly lacks the potential to stand alongside us. Our focus should be on our own growth."

"He-" Just as Ethan was about to talk any further, Julia interjected again.

"Just end this shit already…. I am bored…." In the end, in front of the overwhelming Julia, Ethan decided to end this talk as the topic was changed.

Though, they never knew the young man they had just ignored would bring a lot of trouble to them….


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