16 Chapter 3.5 - Arcadia Hunter Academy

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"Sigh…. I am tired…." I mumbled to myself. I had been training non-stop in the presence of the robotic golems for a while.

Time seemed to blur as I engaged in a relentless battle, pushing my physical and mental limits.

Minutes turned into hours as I pushed myself further. I faced wave after wave of robotic opponents, adapting and evolving with each encounter. My mana control improved with every swing of the dagger, the crimson moon-imbued energy becoming more refined and potent.

But eventually, my body could no longer keep up with the demands of the intense training. Fatigue settled in, weighing down my every movement. It was a sign that I had reached my limit for now.

The only thing left for me was to return to my room. After all, no matter how much I wanted to train, I also needed to rest my body.

With that thought, I started walking to my room. The sun had already reached its peak, showcasing that the busiest time of the day had come. The academy grounds were filled with students' talks.

'How noisy.' I never was a morning person; after all, I preferred staying up at night. Adding that, my muscles were sore, and my mind was buzzing with the exhilaration of the training session; my mood was slightly bad.

After reaching my room, I immediately saw a bunch of packets there. 'Ho… The delivery is sure fast.' I thought.

The materials I ordered were nothing fancy. There were three different herbs to be used for brewing an elixir named 'Aetherside Elixir.'

Even though the name was fancy, its effects were actually pretty simple. Imbued with the elixir, the individual experiences a harmonious symphony within their biology. It increased the efficiency of one's training in three ways.

'Neural pathway strengthening' enhances the ability to swiftly acquire new skills and tactics, while 'cellular resonance enhancement' allows for more efficient absorption and utilization of mana, fueling their training endeavors. Simultaneously, 'regenerative acceleration' accelerates tissue repair, reducing downtime and enabling more frequent and intense training sessions.

In a way, it was basically one of the best elixirs that was there for the sake of training. But, there was one downside to it. It was the fact that your muscles and your head would hurt quite a lot after the training reached its end. Since its effects reach the cellular level, the pain would also reach….

Then, we have the second brew. A brew to increase the recovery efficiency. "Renewal Draught." This brew would help one's body to recover at a rapid speed, as Cellular rejuvenation is accelerated, allowing for swift healing of wounds and injuries. The elixir's mana-infused properties harmonize with the individual's mana flow, stimulating a deep sense of vitality and renewal. Energy conservation mechanisms are amplified, allowing the body to efficiently allocate resources for regeneration and repair.

In a way, these two brews were what I needed. As I grabbed the herbs, I started smashing all of them while extracting their essences.

Then, the only thing left for me to grab was the juice of Mock Rye that I brought from the student cafeteria.

As one of the best Academies in the world, the meals inside the academy were heavily tended towards the efficiency of one's improvement. Therefore, in a way, they were actually a type of elixir on their own.

And the juice I had grabbed was something that I would use in this potion, and it was something pretty expensive. Now, the only thing that was left for me was heating the Mock Rye juice and mixing the potions, then drinking them.

After consuming the elixir, a surge of energy coursed through my body. But along with the energy came an intense sensation of pain.


It felt as if every muscle and fiber within me was being stretched and tested to its limit. The regenerative properties of the Renewal Draught intensified the sensation, amplifying the discomfort.


I gritted my teeth, enduring the pain as the elixirs worked their magic. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead as I felt the rejuvenating effects taking hold. The pain, though excruciating, was a necessary sacrifice for the accelerated healing and regeneration that would follow.

With each passing moment, the pain gradually subsided, giving way to a deep sense of renewal and vitality. The elixirs' potency began to stabilize within me, allowing me to regain control over my body and mind.

"Hufff…. Huffff…"

Knowing this process was going to be my routine for a while, I stood up. Even though it was very effective, relying on elixirs for recovery was not something I would be able to do for a long time. 'I can use them for at most two weeks.' I thought, remembering the game.

If you keep relying on potions for such cases, your natural recovery skills will regress, resulting in negative effects in the long run.

"But, I feel like my body is refreshed…." With that thought, I left my room as I once again made my way towards the training grounds while grabbing my equipment…..


With my equipment in hand, I made my way back to the training grounds; however, on the way, I needed to buy something for today's night.

Reaching the entrance of the academy's shop for students, I pushed open the glass door and stepped inside. The shop was brightly lit, with sleek white display cases showcasing an array of magical items. The sound of soft electronic music played in the background, creating a pleasant ambiance.

Then immediately started looking for the items that I would need.

'Holy Radiance Scroll and a Thunderstrike Orb'

As I saw the two commonly used lower-tier items, I looked at their prices.

Holy Radiance Scroll: 250 Valerlightsnovel

Thunderstrike Orb: 200 Valer


Seeing the two materials that would cost me my remaining fortune, I knew it was my last shot. But, after all, it was a very important thing for me.

I called over a shop attendant, a friendly young mage dressed in the academy's official uniform. "Excuse me, I would like to purchase the Holy Radiance Scroll and Thunderstrike Orb, please."

The shop attendant nodded with a smile and reached for the items, carefully retrieving them from the display case.

After a moment, the shop attendant presented the items to me in a stylish bag with the academy's emblem embossed on it. "Thank you for your purchase," she said, her voice filled with genuine enthusiasm. "I hope these items aid you in your magical endeavors."

Nodding my head, I made my way toward the training grounds once again. After all, today was going to prove very important…..


Reaching the training grounds, the familiar atmosphere greeted me as I stepped into the open space, filled with the sounds of clashing weapons and the shouts of determined hunters.

I scanned the area, searching for an available spot to resume my training. Since I had already exhausted my tries for today's combat training, I could only practice my techniques against the dummies, which was essentially not preferable.

But still, the training grounds were bustling with activity; students engaged in various forms of combat, honing their skills and pushing their limits. Finally, I spotted a vacant section towards the corner, away from the main crowd. It was a small, secluded space that offered privacy and focus. Without hesitation, I walked towards it, preparing myself for another round of intense training.

In a way, actually, I knew quite a lot of arts that were out there which were a lot higher grades than this one.

But there was a reason why I am not getting them right now. It is because I want to strengthen my basics.

Even though there are other unique and higher-grade combat arts that one could find in the game, most of the time, knowing the general arts of the weapon you need to use would actually increase your comprehension skills of the related arts.

Thus, it was a general rule for the players to first finish comprehending common grade arts. Since, in a way, basics were actually one of the most important things when it came to such things.

Just like that, I started training with my daggers as I slashed and slashed while remembering the techniques of the common dagger style. The general dagger style had four types of techniques, or standings, whatever you want to call.

'First technique. Whispering Thorn.' A stand that emphasizes finesse and precision.

'Second technique. Shadowblade.' A stand that mostly combines agility and stealth elements.

'Third technique. Piercing Gale.' A stand that emphasizes speed and momentum, utilizing quick and powerful thrusts with a dagger.

'Final Technique. Serpent's Dance.' This technique focuses on fluidity and evasion, utilizing agile and unpredictable movements with the dagger. The Serpent's Dance technique involves swift and twisting motions, mimicking the slithering movements of a snake, combining three styles into one.

All of them had their own types of strengths. But in the end, they were basics one needed to master.

Just like that, I again started my training. After all, training my body like this also increased my body parameters, which I would like to improve.


"I feel like I improved quite well…." I thought to myself as I looked into the training dummy that I had been slashing for a while.

My control over my mana was also slowly getting better and better, even though I felt like the strength of my enhancements was not that strong.

After the training session at noon, I grabbed a meal for myself, then came to the training grounds once again and started training. This would be today's last training since tomorrow I was planning to get myself a bow and test my marksmanship.

'I feel like either the medium material is not strong, or my mana is not suited for constant enhancements.' I thought. Today was to determine my trait [Lunar Enigma] since, as the name implied, it was an enigma for me.

'Then, let's stop for now.' Just as I thought about that, I felt three people's presence around me.

"Ah… The fish is here too…." I mumbled….


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