13 Chapter 3.2 - Arcadia Hunter Academy

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The dagger I had on my hand was nothing sort of fancy. It was the simple dagger supplied by the academy without having much to offer.

As I drew my dagger, I started practicing the dagger style while remembering the teachings of Garrett. While I was trapped in the necklace for a long time, I had nothing but my senses to pass the time.

Thus, I observed what Astron was doing, how did he train, and how his lessons went on…. And while he was training, sometimes I would catch glimpses of how others trained as well.

That alone let me have more insight into my training.


As I swung my dagger, I started questioning myself.

What were the advantages of the dagger, and why was I using it?

Asking this question to myself, I got the answer not long after.

Because it doesn't require as much strength as other weapons.

The sword is the most popular weapon in the world since it is the most balanced out of all of them. It could adapt to the characteristics and techniques of its wielder, making it a weapon of choice for many, with its reach varying from the length of 60 cm to 100 cm.

Then goes the spear. Different from the sword, the spear has rather low skill requirements to use for starters, but it also doesn't have as much skill ceiling as the sword.

That is what most people would say, but if a spearman hears you saying that, you would probably be stabbed.

In any case, the advantage of a dagger relies on its short but intense range. Because the weapon is short, the power behind the swing will be higher for the same strength applied, but that means you are giving up the range, which is one of the most crucial things.

Then, you need to compensate for the reach of range with your speed. That is the reason why most Daggerists are actually agility-based on people. Because without having the ability to close the gaps, you cannot utilize the strength of your weapon.

However, at the same time, one also needs to possess extremely high dexterity to use daggers. Of course, that doesn't mean the sword or spear doesn't require dexterity. But, the dagger mostly relies on perceptive and crucial sudden moves to attack while catching your enemy off guard.

As I thought about that, I visualized the Basic Dagger Style I had been learning. In a way, this style was pretty good for starters, and mastering was not going to be hard.

Throwing a glance at Ethan's movements, I observed how he used his strength and positioned his center of gravity.

My eyes perceived every bit of his movements clearly as he was already getting tired with his speed lowering.


The dagger started flying on top of the dummy at a fast speed as I started playing my moves in my head while my body followed my visions.

I paid attention to the positioning of my center of gravity, the timing of my strikes, and the fluidity of my footwork as I kept practicing the basic dagger style.

I focused solely on perfecting my dagger style. As I executed each maneuver, I felt a sense of alignment with the weapon, as if the dagger and I were becoming one.

That was how the proficiency stat on the status panel would look since the more you improve yourself, the better you would feel with your weapon in your hands.


"Huff..... Huff…. "

As I breathed heavily in front of the dummy, I closed my eyes. My arms, legs, and hands were aching from the constant swings I had been doing.

'My body has improved.' Reflecting on my progress, I acknowledged the improvements in my physical capabilities. In the past, I would have grown tired after merely an hour of training, but now my stamina had increased.

'Status.' Taking a deep breath, I summoned the status window before me. Its appearance was familiar, displaying my current progress and skills.


- Basic Dagger Style (Common Grade) - %12 --> 20

- Basic Nonarmed Combat Style (Common Grade) - %29


Looking at the window before me, I knew it would be like that. 'The dagger mastery has increased rapidly.' I thought to myself.

That was probably because I was able to put up a use for the information I had obtained after observing everything inside the necklace.

'My movements are getting smoother as well.' I thought.

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However, at that moment, my stomach grumbled loudly. "Yeah… I forgot I hadn't eaten anything for a while." I mumbled as I put the dagger into my waist once again.

'Let's stop for a while.'

With that thought, I left the training grounds after taking a quick shower to clean myself.

'The daily life had already started.' As I walked on the academy grounds filled with students, I thought. The way they walked with smiles and the way they talked to their friends of them reminded me of her smile.

But, this time, I just looked at the students as my eyes observed their movements, their bodies. If it was before, I would divert my gaze, as I would feel suffocated; in fact, I was still feeling uncomfortable. But that didn't matter. 'No more escaping….' Because I could no longer continue like this….


Arriving at the bustling cafeteria located in the heart of the academy, the sounds of chatter and buzzing activity enveloped me. It was a popular gathering place for students, especially during this mid-morning hour. The aroma of freshly prepared food filled the air, tempting my senses.

Taking a moment to scan the array of options, I sought out a meal that would not only satisfy my hunger but also enhance my training. My eyes landed on a dish called "Tempered Snow-Oat Bowl." The product was described as a blend of nourishing components that aim to restore energy and enhance physical abilities.

Since the meals inside the student cafeteria were all free for the students, I did not need to contain myself in any case; thus, I ordered the finest meal that would suit me.

Approaching the cafeteria personnel, I placed my order. "One Tempered Snow-Oat Bowl and the juice of Mock Rye," I requested, my voice steady.lightsnovel

With a gentle smile, the young cafeteria worker nodded in response to my request. "Of course, I'll have it ready for you in no time," she replied warmly, trying to create a cozy atmosphere amidst the busy surroundings as she tapped on the screen to receive my order.

The smile on her face would melt every other people's heart and make them comfortable, but not mine, as I could see the glimpses of shallow wounds underneath her sleeves and clothes.

'Domestic Violence….'

The ring on her hand showed she was in a relationship with the man, but from the small circular marks on the finger, it was obvious that the ring was played regularly. She was also trying to hide the scars underneath her clothes. At the same time, her gaze averted constantly, and the faint smell of Pozzeet Paste which was an herb used for suppressing pain, entered my nose. And lastly, one little movement would be enough to prove that.


As I raised my hand at a rapid speed to scratch my head, I saw her flinching, which was enough to show that she had developed unconscious fear of such movements.

'In the end, everyone has their own pain in their life.' As I thought that, the woman signaled the meal.

"Here, it is ready." As she handed me the carefully prepared meal, our eyes met briefly, though she diverted it after the very second.

After all, not everyone wanted to be saved. She was not a named character in the game, and neither did I know her name, so in the end, she was a stranger to me.

Taking my place at a corner table, I sat alone, savoring the flavors of the nourishing meal. My observations extended beyond the confines of my own thoughts as I observed the students engaged in lively conversations, their laughter and camaraderie filling the space.

However, soon my attention was gathered on one table. A table that was filled with students who were attracting all the attention on themselves.

Three boys could be seen there, talking amongst themselves.

'Ah… Right, the main cast liked to eat in the academy.' I thought, silently observing their reactions.

The first young man was a guy with blue hair and hazel eyes talking to his friends. It was Ethan, the main protagonist.

The man beside him was a man with white hair and a handsome face that would rival the face of Ethan in terms of handsomeness.

'Lucas Middleton.'

Was the name of the young boy. He was the current best friend of Ethan, as he had known him from childhood. He also came from the renowned hunter family, rivaling the Hartleys. ,

If the family of Hartleys is known for their spear skills, then the Middletons are known for their sword skills.

He is an individual that likes to laugh a lot and likes to joke, making the atmosphere comfortable.

He and Ethan grew up together until this point, and I know Ethan considers him his best friend.

"Heh…. Then what else has he done?"

"Well…. He just spitted on him and then left… It was too funny. HAHAHA…."

Looking at the smile on his face as he looked into Ethan, nobody would suspect him of being someone bad, but I knew.

I knew what kind of person he was. The future villain and the future backstabber of Ethan, and the person who played the biggest role in his character development….

Since he was someone that actually liked the feeling of being praised and looked up to, he always stayed close to Ethan. Since whenever he was with him, he could secretly boast his abilities, making himself good. Because Ethan was not an awakener.

However, that would change as the guy he always looked down and felt he was above would actually become the most talented person in the academy. And as Ethan would improve himself, Lucas would not.

Resulting in him getting envious of his progress and eventually volunteering to become a villain just for the sake of getting rid of Ethan and once again becoming number one. He would sell his soul to demons, becoming a puppet for them at the end.

"Grrr….." I grumbled…. Even seeing his face and remembering about the demons were enough to make me mad after all….

The man standing beside Lucas Middleton bore a stark contrast in both appearance and demeanor. His short, dark hair was meticulously trimmed, giving him an air of disciplined precision. His bulky physique spoke of strength and endurance, while his serious face seemed to carry a weight of responsibility.

"Hey, Lucas… Don't shout; you are bothering others…."

"Sigh… You are no fun, Carl…."

'Carl Braveheart.'

His name was Carl, a figure of quiet steadfastness and unwavering loyalty. Grey eyes, filled with a depth of wisdom beyond his years, revealed a soul that had weathered its share of hardships. Unlike the boisterous laughter of his companions, Carl seldom laughed, his focus and seriousness setting him apart.

He was the future best friend of Ethan after Lucas betrayed him, and he was also the one that would help him regain his trust in humans and his friends.

He was the definition of Knighthood, as he always stayed firm on his duties. He was the epitome of discipline. Even though his face was not as handsome as Ethan, he still had this charismatic aura over himself.

He was also someone that came from a renowned family of Bravehearts, as his family was rooted in a former knight family in the world before man came.

He is a righteous individual like Ethan, as he, too, likes to help people.

Just as I was observing their talks, suddenly, I felt everyone's attention was directed to another source….

"Ethan, we can sit here, right?"

And there I could see three beautiful girls….


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