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Chapter 13. What are you waiting for?

[FZL-The latest explosive cannon array ]

High authenticity slightly

It is built with kryptonic gold conduction technology and can achieve seamless connection between magic digital signals and electric signals.

[ product number: FZ33580 ]

"There's nothing better than this to bed."

- Fitrock


This was naturally something Shaya had taken out from the Blue Moon space. He was now like the fat blue cat with no ears, and could take out all kinds of items from the four-dimensional chrysanthemum.

It was a pity that this thing consumed one-fifth of his magic power every time it was activated. Otherwise, he really wouldn't need to use sound wave spells in the future.

As for the sound amplification array?

What trash!


After blocking an attack from the enemy, Shaya did not dare to let his guard down. Even with his eyesight, he could not detect where the enemy's attack came from.

"Shaya, it's the water!"

The pavilion suddenly shouted.

The Queen was completely awake at this time. She remembered that before her consciousness was absorbed by the pair of eyes, the face she saw was clearly swollen by the river water. In other words, the other party had expected them to come and had long hidden in the water!

As expected!

Almost as soon as she finished speaking, a change had already occurred!

The shield around the dew Pavilion lit up again, and even the Rose crown on its head was forced to appear. It weaved a shield and was directly deformed by the attack!

The second attack caught her off guard, and the force was even more terrifying than the previous one. The Queen's weak body was like a kite with a broken string, flying straight towards Shaya.


[ why are you hitting me? ]

Shaya saw this and stopped.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind.

[ as expected of you, ivanshid. ]

He no longer hesitated. He suddenly clenched his hands and slowly pulled out an invisible blade that was dragging a three-meter-long transparent fluctuating sword light from the void.

The sword of silver oakhead had turned into a form longer than before.

The invisible blade was like a high-speed rotating electric saw, twisting the dark air, but there were spots of silver light on the outline that illuminated the dark night.

He let out a breath, lowered his body, twisted his waist, and stabbed at the pavilion that had been hit.

"Shaya, you ..."

Lu Xie's mind was like a car that couldn't turn in time, rushing straight out of the U-turn green Belt.

If the previous mind spell attack had made her feel as if she had fallen into an ice cave, then at this moment, it was like her heart was burning.

One was hot and the other was cold, both gnawing at her heart.

The most painful thing was that as the Queen, she clearly knew that the sword was indeed aimed at her.


It was not a feint, and he did not hold back.

Because the Buffs given to the other party by the Rose crown had been withdrawn due to the shadow servant's betrayal, this meant that the other party had raised his sword and targeted him from the bottom of his heart.

(In other words, Shaya's buff has disappeared)

A shadow servant blessed by the Queen ... He raised his sword at his Queen ...

The irony was that there was no punishment.

This was because in the elves 'tens of thousands of years of history, there had never been a single betrayal!

Now, she could only watch helplessly as the sword light slowly and firmly approached her. She could even feel the sword cutting her body open as casually as a letter opener cutting open a letter.

She was well aware of the sharpness and strangeness of the sword. It was just like the legendary elven Royal holy sword, the silver oakhead.

The Grim Reaper's footsteps approached, but the pavilion seemed to have calmed down.

Elves could read the memories of people before they died. The deeper the memory, the easier it was for people to empathize with it.

She couldn't help but think, if there were elves here, what would they be able to read from her?

It was jealousy towards evilin and hatred towards Shaya ...

Or was it the fear that had never changed in those lonely years?

The sword light continued forward and didn't stop just because it touched the pavilion.

The Queen closed her eyes in despair. She could even feel Shaya's breath right in front of her.

However, it was too late.

The pain and tearing that he had imagined did not come, but a stinky smell came from behind him and entered his nose uncontrollably.


Wait, this smell seems to be ...

It seemed to be the same smell that Shaya had smelled when she had held Joshua hostage ...

She opened her eyes and was surprised to find Shaya standing beside her. She even greeted her in a friendly manner when she saw her.

The invisible sword had indeed pierced through his body, but there was no blood or pain.

The dew Pavilion didn't understand what had happened. The stench that was so close to her made her turn her head, and only then did she realize that there was a gray shadow behind her, whose heart had been pierced through by a long sword that had passed through her body.

The stench was coming from his body.

"This ... What is this?" She could not help but ask.

"Have you forgotten ivanshid's famous technique,'live and die together'?" Shaya smiled,"although I always like to call it 'corpse hiding sword technique'."

Corpse hiding sword technique-as the name suggested, it was a technique to hide in a corpse and launch a surprise attack. It was quite similar to the yuchang sword.

If the " corpse " he borrowed was a living person, then he could gain the ability to overlap with the realm once-that is, when he hid in the shadow plane, the coordinates of the " living corpse " in the real world were exactly the same.

Even if he was pulled out of the shadow plane at this time, he could suddenly leave a body position because of the rejection between the two and catch the opponent off guard.

Unfortunately, he encountered the newly evolved " Silver Oak sword.


[ sword seal moment (completed): when in contact with a sword-type weapon, all special effects will be ignored. The wielder of the sword will have a 25% chance of seeing through all sword techniques. ]


The silver oakhead sword ignored ivanshid's swordsmanship special effects, so it pierced through ivanshid in the shadow plane, but not the pavilion in the real plane.

And now, ivanshid, who had appeared behind the pavilion and was only one step away from death, was forced out by the cross-plane pursuit.

Fortunately, the stench didn't spread to the pavilion.

"Don't you want to say your last words?"

Shaya looked at ivanshid, who was silent.

He was filled with curiosity about this plot NPC who had suddenly resurrected, and he was sure that as long as the other party spoke, he would be able to obtain some information.

"Ha ..."

Ivanshid raised his head. No expression could be seen on his swollen face, but his eyes were particularly vicious.

This resentment ... It gave Shaya a sense of deja vu.

He opened his mouth and gave Shaya a creepy smile.

"Do you think I'm dead?"

"Of course. Can you still live like this?"

"Then what are you still waiting for? Quickly kill me. "

Shaya could not help but laugh. I'm not in a hurry. But I'm curious. What are you waiting for? "

I've been waiting for this opportunity for so long. Of course, I have to enjoy it ...

Ivanshid grinned hideously and suddenly grabbed the silver Oak sword with his remaining strength, as if he had gone mad.

"Let's go to hell together ..."

"Idiot, I'm waiting for my mana to recover."

Shaya laughed as well. She grabbed the pavilion and threw it away, then disappeared on the spot.

In the next moment, the corpse exploded with a bang. The shockwave sent the silver oakhead sword flying far away, and also pushed the pavilion into a parabola like a Cannonball.

Shaya used the special effect of [ Queen's crown-envy ] to teleport to the pavilion, and after applying slow, the two of them slowly landed.

Intestines and body parts splattered in front of the two. The strong stench seemed to have irritated the pavilion, and she grabbed Shaya's arm.

you wanted to kill me just now, did you know that!!?

it's alright, my queen. Aren't you fine now ...

Shaya was helpless.

The other party grabbed his sleeve tightly, like a cat grabbing a curtain.

"Let go."lightsnovel

However, the dew Pavilion did not let go as he had imagined, but instead became more and more intense.

She seemed to be still in shock as she stared at Shaya, her pale lips trembling ...

After that.


The shrill and long sound made the boiling kettle sigh in inferiority. The boiler room for a thousand people was probably nothing more than this ...

Fortunately, Shaya was quick and blocked him after a short period of hearing.

Good Lord, the high-authenticity slightly were all distorted.

A few black lines could be seen on his forehead.

"What are you shouting for? It's as if I'm going to do something to you,

Shaya quickly let go of her hand, and a row of teeth marks could be clearly seen on it.

The Queen's teeth were very neat.

"Do you know that I almost died just now? Did you know that he would bomb the other side? What are you waiting for?"

nonsense, I'm waiting for my mana to recover. Do you think I'm waiting for his cooldown? "

Although he didn't understand, this didn't affect the pavilion's rage.

"I almost died, you know! Are you really going to kill me? If you're wrong, I'll die, do you know that?"

'Hmmm ...' This was true.

Shaya could not refute.

If he hadn't aimed for the gazebo with the intent to kill, he wouldn't have been able to cross planes and hit ivanshid, who had perfectly overlapped with her, and trigger the silver Oak sword's special effect.

But then again, there was still a new harvest after 178 rounds ...

The shadow servant was not punished for betraying its master? No professional punishment?

Seeing that he was still like this, as if adding oil to the fire, Lu Xie's heart ached, and tears came out.


She said with a sobbing tone.

Because Shaya was obviously taller than her by more than a head, she had to tiptoe a little to look more imposing.

She grabbed Shaya's collar and forced him to be only a few centimeters away from her.

"Apologize, do you hear me?"

He could feel that she was really frightened. Her breathing was rapid, and her chest was rising and falling slightly. Her fingers were cold because of fear, but they were clenched tightly, and even her pale knuckles could be seen under her brown skin.

In the past, the two of them had been this close. In the past, she had also been this angry.

However, those eyes were not as full of emotions as they were now. Shaya even saw her own reflection in the eyes of the pavilion, soaked in her deep fear.

That's right ...

She seemed to be very afraid.

She seemed to have always cherished her life.

She had become a Queen to escape this fear ... But the result was that he fell deeper and deeper, getting closer and closer to danger.

In the past, this kind of fear had never exploded, but now, with this opportunity, his emotions were like a flood that was out of control.

Shaya suddenly felt a little guilty.

if it's Evelynn, you won't take the risk, right? "

Lu Xie asked.

But every word and sentence was more like a statement, a conclusive statement.

Shaya was silent.

To be precise, it was a silent agreement.

If it was evileen, this wouldn't have happened ...

In fact, even the pavilion did not realize a very serious problem-why did Shaya bring her here this time?

Clearly, he could go alone, so why did he bring her along?

The answer was simple: she was bait.

The sacred souls were here for Shaya, but Shaya knew nothing about what they were going to do.

It was not his style to be beaten up passively ... Right now, he was taking the initiative to attack.

Sacred souls should never have chosen to resurrect ivanshid.

Everything had its pros and cons. Since they wanted to inherit the abilities and consciousness of the deceased, they had to give up some control.

For example, they were unable to separate these memories from ivanshid's hatred for the pavilion, and Her Majesty the Queen was bound to occupy a place in the mind of this killer who " had memories.

This was also the reason why Shaya had brought her here ... She could force ivanshid to appear.

Taking a step back and leaving with her was also the best way to prevent ivanshid from causing trouble in ravaseutilan.

This was also for the others.

So ...

"I'm sorry."

Shaya said in a low voice.

This was from the bottom of his heart.

This was the result of his subconscious weighing, and it was undoubtedly cruel to the pavilion.

Shaya had thought that she would be able to steel her heart and ignore his resistance.

But in the end ...

"So, my life is even more worthless than theirs, right?"

Lu Yue stopped crying. Her voice was cold and desolate, like a blood-weeping Cuckoo.

Shaya did not answer this time.

"Sorry" was enough.


Lucia punched Shaya in the chest. She used a lot of force, but it did not hurt at all.

Then, the second punch, the third punch, the fourth punch ...

The fists became softer and softer, and the Queen's vision became more and more blurry.

She bit her lips hard to not let herself cry out in embarrassment, but her grievances collapsed like a flood.

Yes, grievance.

She looked very aggrieved.

Her grievance was obvious, and Shaya's apology was mixed with a hint of doubt.

He could not help but seriously reflect on himself and examine this strange scene ...

She couldn't be real ... Do you like me?

- No way, no way, no way?

- Why? My body f * cking trembled?

He began to recall what he had done from both a physiological and psychological point of view, and a series of restricted images that were not allowed to be broadcasted flashed through his mind ...

In order to get closer to Evie, the pavilion had been M masochist for a long time. Although it was an act, after acting for M long time, the body had memories, and she was not used to it after Evie left the underground ...

Shaya often used this to gain her favor.

In other words, his emotions were bound to some biological habits, and then passed on to him, who was playing the role of the torturer?

He suddenly felt that this was ridiculous.

The legendary 50% ash?

But who could guarantee that this wasn't an act?

After all, Her Majesty the Queen was an expert in acting ...

Shaya seemed to see the pair of eyes that were drowned in fear, clear and desperate.

He would not.

Even his own malicious speculations were a form of offense and disrespect.

He became more and more certain.

Seeing that the other party was overwhelmed by her emotions, Shaya suddenly said, "

"I'm sorry, evileen,"

Lu Xie's little fist suddenly stopped, his eyes a little startled, and his body inexplicably heated up.

Then, without warning, she was pulled into Shaya's arms.

This was not nonsense ...

Instead, it was their safety word.