17 Dirty Fatty "Big Bear"!

After talking about the monsters, they started talking about the buildings again.

To establish the most basic building, the wanderers needed to first establish an altar through a special ceremony. At the same time, they needed to sacrifice the cornerstone and the brain bead.

After the building was established, apart from some basic functions, the building would randomly have a special ability. These abilities were all different. Some were powerful, and some were useless. What kind of ability they obtained was completely dependent on luck.

The building where Murong Ziyan was located back then had the ability to accelerate the growth of plants by a third when planting crops. It was a very good support ability.

It was with this ability that Murong Ziyan's father gave the order to plant rare herbs and food crops. The increase in speed increased the harvest, allowing the residents of the building to live very well.

However, it was also this planting ability that made the building where Murong Ziyan was located attract the attention of the enemy. They broke through the building and snatched the cornerstone of the building. At the same time, they killed all the original residents of the building.

The benefit of a snatched building cornerstone was that its ability was known. After the building was built again, there was a 50% chance of retaining their original ability. This was also an advantage over wild building cornerstones.

It was precisely because of these reasons that the various buildings regarded their special abilities as top secret, afraid that they would be coveted by the enemy if news of it spread.

In addition, there were rumors among the controllers of the buildings that the more they sacrificed the top-notch wild building foundation, the stronger the ability of the new building. It was unknown if it was true.

After establishing a building, if one wanted to make it taller and bigger, one had to invest a large amount of brain beads to upgrade it.

The establishment of a powerful building meant the investment of a huge amount of resources. This was also why many powerful buildings had hundreds or even thousands of years of history.

The cornerstones for establishing a building came from different wild buildings. What the wild buildings looked like was what the newly-established building looked like. Therefore, the buildings in the alternate world were all different. There were castle types, residential types, and fortress types.

One would need to find a corresponding wild building cornerstone in order to build a specific building.

The appearance of the Black Rock Building near the wanderer town had the appearance of an office building. This was the most common appearance of all buildings. It was said that this kind of common building had mostly ordinary abilities.

Time slowly passed. The three of them discussed the topic of buildings for a long time, involving many questions.

After the discussion ended, Tang Zhen suggested that they return to the wanderer town first before finding an opportunity to head to the place mentioned by Qian Long.

No one had any objections, so they immediately started moving.

While Qian Long was helping the two sisters pack their things, Tang Zhen walked out alone and took out the bow and arrows from the space.

After returning to the hidden room, he handed the bow and arrows to Qian Long as well as a saber left behind by the robber to Murong Ziyan. That saber had been tied behind his back.

Qian Long couldn't bear to part with the bow and arrows Tang Zhen had given him. In his opinion, the bow and arrows looked exquisite and had shocking lethality. It was definitely a valuable thing.

Qian Long was right. This bow was an imported product bought by Tang Zhen. It came from the United States. Its weight was nearly 80kg, and one arrow could penetrate a wild boar.

This thing was definitely a sharp and lethal weapon!

As Qian Long fiddled with the bow and arrow, he thought to himself that it was definitely the right choice to live with Tang Zhen. After all, it had only been a few days but he had already changed his weapon?!

Perhaps one day, he could really become a resident of a building and marry and have children inside, living a happy and stable life.

Thinking of this, Qian Long couldn't help but chuckle. That strange action made Tang Zhen take a few more looks at him.

When everything was ready, the four of them immediately started moving.

They carefully walked out of the abandoned factory. Among the four of them, Qian Long led the way. Murong Ziyan and her sister walked in the middle, while Tang Zhen held his pistol and guarded the rear. In this grass that was almost taller than a person, the four of them were as inconspicuous as ants.

Although the path ahead was difficult, it also blocked the monsters' vision. As long as they didn't encounter monsters with especially good noses and hearing, their team was basically not in danger.

But even so, they didn't dare to let their guard down, because who knew when the monster would pounce out of the grass.

Just as he was thinking about it, Tang Zhen suddenly felt a strong stench. He was slightly shocked and subconsciously raised his gun in the direction of the smell.

The grass in front of him was quickly pressed down. Then, a huge shadow stood up from the grass. Tang Zhen subconsciously removed the safety lock and pulled the trigger.

However, before he could fire, Murong Ziyan pressed down on his arm.

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"What are you doing?"

Tang Zhen shouted with a trace of anger in his tone. Why was this girl causing trouble at such a critical moment? She was going to get them killed.

Murong Ziyan shook her head. Just as she was about to explain something to Tang Zhen, Qian Long's lazy voice floated over. "That's a person, and we scared him."

Tang Zhen was stunned when he heard that. Looking carefully, he realized that this "monster"'s entire body was black and emitted a stench. It was 2.2 meters tall and definitely exceeded 200 kilograms. The other party was huge.

When Tang Zhen was staring at him, this guy was also staring at Tang Zhen. His face was as black as the bottom of a pot, but his big eyes were clear.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

For some reason, when Tang Zhen looked at this pair of eyes, he had a strange feeling that the other party was acting cute.

Tang Zhen took a few careful looks and confirmed that the other party in front of him was a real human. It was just that the other party was really living a miserable life.

If not for the tattered big leather pants that were tied with two hemp ropes and a rope hung on his shoulder, the other party would probably be completely naked.

"Who are you and what do you want?"

Tang Zhen's muzzle didn't move away. He only lowered it slightly and probed.

The dirty fatty didn't answer Tang Zhen. He just stared at the biscuit in Murong Ziyue's hand and muttered with his finger in his mouth, "So fragrant, so fragrant! Big Bear is hungry, Big Bear wants to eat!"

After saying that, the fatty who called himself Big Bear even tried to reach out to grab the biscuit in Little Ziyue's hand, but he retracted his hand halfway. His expression was a little afraid, but the desire for the biscuit in his eyes was not hidden at all.

Tang Zhen thought for a moment and took out a biscuit from his space. He waved it in front of the dirty fatty and said, "Do you want to eat it?"

The dirty fatty hurriedly nodded and looked at Tang Zhen with anticipation. His expression looked like a pet.

Suppressing the curiosity in his heart, Tang Zhen threw the biscuit over. The dirty fatty immediately picked up the biscuit with extremely agile movements and stuffed it into his mouth.

After eating the biscuit, the dirty fatty licked his lips, still unsatisfied. He looked at Tang Zhen again with pleading in his eyes.

Tang Zhen smiled, took out another biscuit, and threw it out again.

After throwing six biscuits in a row, the dirty fatty still wanted more, but Tang Zhen shook his head to indicate that there were no more. The dirty fatty immediately revealed a disappointed and aggrieved expression.

Seeing this, Tang Zhen chuckled and said to the dirty fatty, "I have a lot of biscuits at home. Why don't you come back with me and eat as much as you want?"

The dirty fatty's eyes lit up, and he immediately nodded fiercely. He was very obedient.

Tang Zhen tilted his head. "Then come with me!"

He turned around and signaled for Qian Long to continue moving forward, while Big Bear followed closely behind. However, he was too tall, and one could see his head looking around from afar.

Murong Ziyan turned around and glanced at the big guy behind her. She asked in a low voice, "Are you planning to bring him along? Alright, although this guy's intelligence is similar to a child and he looks like he can eat a lot, if he's trained well, he'll also be a pretty good warrior!"

Tang Zhen looked at Murong Ziyan in admiration and smiled without saying anything.

Murong Ziyan was right. The food that was very precious to other wanderers was nothing to Tang Zhen. But if this Big Bear was taught carefully, he would definitely be an obedient helper!

Ignoring everything else, just his size was scary enough!

The team of four had now become five, but their speed didn't decrease.

In fact, the dirty fatty had been suppressing his desire to run. This wind-like man was currently following behind the team with small steps. This feeling made the dirty fatty very unhappy.

However, these people had food he liked, so he could only tolerate this snail-like speed.

Looking at the aggrieved and uncomfortable look of the big bear, Tang Zhen was really a little suspicious. With this guy's intelligence, how did he survive in the wilderness ravaged by monsters? Moreover, how did he become so fat?

It was undoubtedly very tiring to trek through the weeds, especially since there was a little girl in the team. The few of them took turns carrying her from time to time.

For some reason, the soil in the wilderness was very hard and very flat. Apart from the stubborn weeds growing on this land, there were almost no other plants.

Tang Zhen estimated that if he got an off-road vehicle here, it would definitely display its full performance. Unfortunately, his storage space wasn't that big. Otherwise, he would definitely try it.

Because after the wild buildings appeared, a large number of monsters would always appear, so the number of monsters on the way back also increased.

During the journey, the five of them had also encountered a battle. More than ten sharp-toothed long-tailed monsters with four arms rushed towards them.

However, before Tang Zhen and the others could attack, Big Bear that had been following behind the team let out an excited cry and charged out like a tank.

He only swung his fist fiercely, and a monster that was displayed by the system as a "Four-Armed Rat Wolf" flew out vomiting blood. Then, with a second punch, another Four-Armed Rat Wolf was sent flying.

The Big Bear was like an adult strong man who had entered a kindergarten. He crazily tortured the monster that was only 1.2 to 1.3 meters tall, beating them until they cried and howled.

During this period, the sharp claws of the four-armed rat wolf had once landed on the dirty fatty, but it only left a white mark.

Tang Zhen and the others were stunned. Although these four-armed rat wolves were only ordinary level-one monsters, they were still monsters. Ordinary people might not necessarily have the advantage in a one-on-one battle.

On the other hand, this guy completely suppressed them. This dirty fatty's battle power was simply off the charts!