25 Strange!

Tang Zhen flipped the notebook in his hand and scratched out the items he had already bought with his pen.

This time, he wanted to buy too many things. It was inevitable that there would be mistakes if he wanted to buy them with his memories alone, so he recorded the items he was prepared to buy one by one.

A good memory was inferior to a lousy pen and notebook.

After glancing at the remaining few items to be bought, Tang Zhen tore off the records on the notebook and burned them to ashes.

After throwing the paper dust into the toilet to wash it away, he planned to go to the market to buy more.

In fact, there was no pattern to the items Tang Zhen bought. He just tried to buy some of each kind so that he could see which goods sold better when he sold them in the future.

He was choosing the goods to purchase in the market. He had been busy for the entire afternoon, but his mood was still a little depressed.

There was more than one reason for his depression. The most important reason was that the secret he was carrying kept his mind in a nervous state. The pressure was too great, but it couldn't be effectively relieved.

When Tang Zhen walked on the street, he was especially sensitive to the gaze looking at him. There was always a hidden fear in his heart, afraid that the other party knew his secret.

In fact, Tang Zhen himself knew this very well, but there was nothing he could do about it.

After dinner at a small restaurant, Tang Zhen slowly walked on the street and just so happened to come across a newly-opened casino.

The renovation was luxurious and colorful. Handsome men and beautiful women shuttled in and out, and from time to time, happy and impudent laughter could be heard.

The joy in this laughter stunned Tang Zhen. After a moment of hesitation, Tang Zhen walked in.

The casino was simply worlds apart from the outside environment.

Under the dazzling light, the deafening rhythm filled his ears. Only at this moment and place could people release emotions that they couldn't usually release. The music made it easy for people to blindly follow the rhythm here and show the wild side of human nature to their heart's content.

After standing at the door for a while, Tang Zhen still walked in.

Tang Zhen asked for a few bottles of wine and sat down at a table in the corner.

As he slowly drank the wine in his cup, Tang Zhen looked at the various men and women on the dance floor, but he felt that this world was very different from his own.

The travel between the two worlds, the struggle between life and death, and the experience during this period were enough to completely transform a person.

Tang Zhen felt this way now.

Perhaps because he was in a bad mood, Tang Zhen drank very quickly. Soon, the table was filled with wine bottles, and he was a little drunk.

However, he didn't leave. Instead, he called for someone to continue serving wine.

Getting drunk could relieve a thousand worries. Perhaps he needed to get drunk.

Then, he would wake up the next morning and abandon everything in the past to fight for the life he wanted!

Unfortunately, things never go as planned. Tang Zhen only wanted to get drunk, but trouble came knocking on his door.

At a table not far away, more than ten men and women were gathered together, playing unscrupulously.

Among them, a woman with heavy makeup accidentally saw Tang Zhen, who was drinking alone. A trace of hatred flashed in her drunk eyes.

She was Tang Zhen's sister's classmate. She had once chased after a tall, rich, and handsome man, but he didn't want to talk to her. Instead, he had a special liking for Tang Zhen's sister and expressed his feelings to her time and time again.

At that time, his sister was focused on studying and ignored the pursuit of this classmate. In the end, this woman found out and brought a few people to "teach" Tang Yajie a lesson.

In the end, Tang Zhen happened to encounter this. Both parties almost fought, but in the end, it was left unsettled.

Perhaps out of jealousy, she thought that Tang Zhen and his sister had ruined her chances, so this grudge was formed.

Later on, the woman was in no mood to study and had a big fight with her father. Then, she ran away from home and lived with a hooligan she knew.

After accidentally meeting Tang Zhen, the hatred in her heart erupted with the help of alcohol and she especially wanted to vent.

A ferocious glint flashed in her blurry eyes. When the woman looked at Tang Zhen, her flushed cheeks twitched.

She turned around and muttered to the man and woman beside her. Then, these people looked in Tang Zhen's direction.

Soon, three men and two women stood up and swayed towards Tang Zhen.

A muscular man in a tight singlet and a bald head sat in front of Tang Zhen and stared at him.

The other men and women surrounded him with a smile and stared at Tang Zhen, looking like they were watching a show.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Tang Zhen raised his eyelids and glanced at the other party. He leaned back and picked up another bottle of beer to slowly drink.

Seeing that Tang Zhen ignored him, the tattooed man's expression changed. He snorted and said, "I say, you're pretty good at pretending!"

"Heh... And who the hell are you?"

Tang Zhen placed the bottle on the table and stared at the tattooed man as he asked with a hint of disdain.

His tone seemed to have stimulated the tattooed man. The other party suddenly stood up and reached out to grab Tang Zhen.

With a slight flash, Tang Zhen dodged the other party. After a cold smile, he grabbed the other party's back collar.

Many things that were suppressed in his heart suddenly erupted at this moment, making his expression become ferocious.

Seeing this, the tattooed man's companions were about to step forward, but they were pushed far away by Tang Zhen. Then, he pulled the tattooed man outside.

No matter how the tattooed man struggled and cursed, he couldn't escape from Tang Zhen's grip. Tang Zhen's arm was like iron, making the struggling tattooed man feel a trace of fear.

The tattooed man's companions rushed over at the same time and tried to stop Tang Zhen, but they were also pushed to the ground by him.

In just a few minutes, Tang Zhen dragged the tattooed man outside. Under the tattooed man's fearful cursing, Tang Zhen turned into a nearby alley.

Following closely behind were more than ten men and women, as well as many spectators watching the commotion.

Tang Zhen threw the tattooed man away and looked at the dozen or so men and women who were cursing non-stop, as if he was looking at a group of clowns.


A short-haired man cursed and swung the wine bottle in his hand at Tang Zhen.

There were also a few people behind him who surrounded Tang Zhen at the same time. Unfortunately, before they could approach him, the man at the front grunted and was kicked back.

Although Tang Zhen's injuries had yet to recover, he was still not something these hooligans could resist. After all, he could instantly erupt with all the power in his body, and the lethality of his attacks was very terrifying.

As soon as they fought, the other party was released and soon fell on the ground, unable to get up.

Then, Tang Zhen seemed to be venting. He punched and kicked left and right. No one could withstand his attacks. They were all knocked to the ground. In less than a minute, all the men were knocked to the ground, groaning in pain.

This was even after Tang Zhen had suppressed his strength. They were only in pain for a moment and would probably recover quickly. After all, if Tang Zhen had gone all out, they would definitely all be corpses at this moment.

Tang Zhen sighed and looked at the figures rolling on the ground. He felt much more relaxed.

Ignoring the shocked onlookers, Tang Zhen slowly walked in front of one of the women and looked at her with a teasing gaze.

After the other party avoided his gaze, Tang Zhen suddenly reached out and pinched the other party's face. He said in a mocking tone, "Your name is… Little Fei, right? Don't do such a thing again next time, or I won't be polite!"

A cold smile appeared on the corners of his mouth. Tang Zhen's mouth was filled with the smell of alcohol as he pushed through the crowd and strode away.

The next morning, Tang Zhen, who woke up from his sleep, recalled what happened last night and couldn't help but curse bitterly.

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Previously, he had been focused on keeping a low profile, but in the end, drinking made things worse. Now, he couldn't keep a low profile even if he wanted to.

However, since it had already happened, he would let nature take its course. Tang Zhen had already made up his mind. Once someone in the original world discovered his secret, he could only choose to make them shut up forever.

Rubbing his numb head, Tang Zhen washed his face with cold water. After hesitating for a moment, he took out his phone.

The contact was Xu Feng. It couldn't be helped. This kid was on good terms with both sides of the law. Many things about him really couldn't be done without his help.

At the same time that Tang Zhen made the call, Xu Feng was testing the effect of the car's shock absorber with a beautiful young woman. When the phone rang, the two of them were deep in "conversation".

Seeing that it was Tang Zhen, Xu Feng casually picked up. "Hello, what's the matter? I'm busy!"

Tang Zhen curled his lips and continued, "I fought at the entrance of that new casino last night. Help me ask around. If there's anything, try your best to settle it for me. Just let me know if you need me to pay!"

"Damn, so it was you! You're really fierce. You defeated eight alone. Did you eat a basin of tiger whips?"

On the other end of the phone, Xu Feng's roguish voice sounded, his tone carrying a trace of surprise and ridicule.

Tang Zhen sighed when he heard that. Damn, news of this spread quickly.

Xu Feng paused and continued.

"Among those few rotten garlics, one of them is my underling. He usually acts cool with ordinary people, but when he meets a tough guy, he'll be obedient. I'll call him later and it'll be fine. However, there's a guy whose bones have been broken by you. He's the son of the deputy director of our Federal City's police station. His family has some power, so I'm afraid that will be quite troubling."