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A numbing and itchy feeling immediately spread from the arrow, causing the Holy Dragon City cultivators who were attacked to feel their hearts tighten.

It was very likely that this enchanted arrow had been poisoned by the native cultivators!

Just as this thought appeared, the Holy Dragon City cultivator's skin, which had been injured by the arrow, suddenly frostered, covering his armor.

The Holy Dragon City cultivator's shoulder was also completely frozen. His entire arm drooped powerlessly, no longer feeling anything!

The frost that covered the Holy Dragon City cultivator did not stop spreading after freezing his arm. Instead, it continued to spread to other parts of his body.

Once it spread to the vital areas of the body, it would be life-threatening!

Seeing this, the Holy Dragon City cultivator's expression immediately turned decisive. He threw the rifle in his hand to the side and deftly removed a piece of armor from his shoulder.

He pulled out his saber and slashed at his frozen arm without any hesitation.

The sharp blade cut through and the arm was cut off from the root. It fell to the ground and immediately melted into a pile of soft meat paste.

And from the wound on his body, a cold air seemed to come out of it, as if it was alive, and quickly dissipated into the air.

Seeing fresh blood gushing out of his wound, the Holy Dragon City cultivator let out a long sigh of relief. He quickly took out a bottle of spray and sprayed it on his wound.

As soon as the spray came into contact with the skin, it immediately formed an extremely tough film, firmly wrapping the wound, and no more blood oozed out.

The entire process was extremely short. It was obvious that he had received special training in this area. Otherwise, his movements would not be so agile!

Looking at the enchanted arrow on the ground, a trace of fear flashed through the Holy Dragon City cultivator's heart. If the arrow had hit his chest or any other important part, he would have been a corpse by now.

From this, it could be seen that although the overall strength of the indigenous cultivators was similar to that of the Holy Dragon City cultivators, some of their special methods were quite powerful, and they would suffer casualties if they were not careful.


The four Holy Dragon City cultivators who were blocking the enemy at the side immediately looked at them with concerned eyes. After seeing that their companion was fine, they turned around and continued to block the enemy's attack.

However, the only response they got was even more enchanted arrows. They landed around them one after another, covering the trees and the ground around them.

All kinds of enchanted arrows with destructive effects were exploding one after another, and one would be affected if they were not careful.

In order to ambush the Holy Dragon city's cultivators, these Aboriginals had indeed put in a lot of effort. They had actually equipped themselves with so many expensive enchanted arrows!

"Heavenly demons inside, listen up. You have no way to escape. If you don't want to die, you'd better surrender immediately!

If you continue to resist, we'll turn you into sieves when the next attack begins!"

As they were closing in, the Aboriginal cultivators were still shouting, trying to put more pressure on the Holy Dragon City cultivators.

However, in the face of the native cultivators 'continuous persuasion and threats, the Holy Dragon City cultivators' expressions did not change, and they only retaliated silently.

Seeing this, the native cultivators seemed to be angry from embarrassment. Soon, the number of arrows shot at them increased greatly, and they fell like a rain.

In the face of such a frenzied attack, the trees that the Holy Dragon City cultivators used as cover were already riddled with holes. At the same time, under the effects of various energies, these few large trees quickly turned into a pile of rotten wood dregs.

The Holy Dragon City cultivators, who had lost their cover, were now directly exposed to the enemy!

To make matters worse, after the previous continuous firing, the ammunition they had brought was also exhausted.

After securing the rifles in their hands behind their backs, the five Holy Dragon City cultivators quickly drew their battle swords. At the same time, they gently patted the wrists of their battle armors, and a thin special shield shot out.

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Without any unnecessary words, the five Holy Dragon City cultivators used the formation that they had rehearsed countless times and moved in the direction of the enemy.

The arrows were blocked by their shields, and their speed did not slow down at all!

When the ambushing enemies saw that the Holy Dragon City cultivators were no longer using firearms to attack, they immediately laughed wildly and jumped out from all directions, waving their battle swords and surrounding them.

Without the threat of firearms, these native cultivators were fearless when they approached. They closed in with a few steps.

A bloody and intense battle suddenly broke out at this moment!

Under the enemy's concentrated siege, the Holy Dragon City cultivators 'expressions remained calm. They kept brandishing the battle swords in their hands, desperately slashing at every enemy who tried to get close.

Those native cultivators, who had the advantage of numbers, wanted to capture the five Holy Dragon City cultivators alive, like a cat toying with a mouse. However, after fighting for a while, their expressions became serious.

Although the native cultivators who ambushed them this time were elites handpicked from the demon slayers, their experience in life and death battles was far from that of the Holy Dragon City cultivators!

As the few indigenous cultivators underestimated their enemy, they were easily cut down by the Holy Dragon City cultivators during the fight.

After losing several people in a row, these native cultivators began to become cautious. They no longer approached the Holy Dragon City cultivators easily, but used guerrilla tactics to continuously consume their physical strength.

When they were exhausted, they would capture these Holy Dragon City cultivators alive and interrogate them for the information they wanted.

But looking at the Holy Dragon City cultivators, they were clearly prepared to die. It would be extremely difficult to capture them alive!

damn it! Why are these otherworldly demons so difficult to deal with? are they not afraid of death? "

Just as the group of Aboriginal cultivators were surrounding the five Holy Dragon City cultivators, a brawny man nearby was watching the battlefield intently and spoke in a cold voice.

The native cultivator standing next to him was a mage in a long robe. A light ball was floating in his hand, emitting a heart-palpitating aura.

"The reason why master was able to use divination techniques to predict the heavenly demons" movements and set up an ambush was to capture these demon cultivators alive.

The war is coming, but our understanding of the heavenly demon race is pitifully little. This is extremely disadvantageous for us.

Therefore, we must capture these otherworldly demons alive today no matter what!"

The Sorcerer's tone was extremely determined. From the beginning to the end, he did not pay attention to his companions who were killed. He only stared at the five Holy Dragon City cultivators, waiting for the best time to strike.

"Don't worry, these demon bastards definitely won't be able to escape!"

The brawny man snorted coldly and strode toward the Holy Dragon City cultivators, ready to capture them personally.

However, he had only taken a few steps when his expression changed slightly. He raised his head and looked at the sky.

The wizard did the same, and the ball of light in his hand jumped rapidly, as if it would fly out of his palm at any time.

A low buzzing sound could be heard as two strange-looking aircraft suddenly appeared above the battlefield and stopped.

The enemies surrounding the Holy Dragon city's cultivators had also discovered the aircraft above them. Their attacks were also affected, and the Holy Dragon city's cultivators took the opportunity to kill another person!

Looking at the flying device above them, the five Holy Dragon City cultivators covered in injuries suddenly sneered.

"Your time of death has arrived!"