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Chapter 147 - Kill!

‘This thing is so troublesome!’

Bao Ruyuan and the black fog demon beast continued to fight.

Although the destructive power of the black fog demon beast was limited, its healing ability was extremely strong. As such, Bao Ruyuan could only weaken its strength by tearing it apart time and time again.

Finally, after fighting for nearly 15 minutes, Bao Ruyuan released several small wind blades with his sword, completely dispersing the black fog demon beast.

This time, the black fog demon beast did not condense again. It had completely dissipated.

‘Finally killed it!’

Bao Ruyuan took a long breath and relaxed a little.

‘This maze is full of dangers, I have to be more careful in the future.’

Bao Ruyuan adjusted himself and became more cautious. “I have to find a way to escape the maze quickly, otherwise it will be troublesome to encounter more strange demon beasts like this.”

He was afraid that he would encounter more black fog demon beasts later. Plus, if one of them was already so difficult to deal with, he would definitely be no match for several of them.

Bao Ruyuan carefully moved forward with a longsword in his hand.


Suddenly, Bao Ruyuan seemed to sense something. He turned his head and looked at the corner of the maze behind him.

“Am I being too sensitive?”

Bao Ruyuan thought that another black fog demon beast had appeared behind him, but he couldn’t find anything unusual.

But out of caution, Bao Ruyuan changed direction and walked towards the corner of the maze.

His footsteps were light, and the longsword in his hand was clenched tightly.

As he approached the corner, Bao Ruyuan rushed forward and blocked with his long sword.

However, there was no one in the corridor.


Bao Ruyuan sighed in relief. “I’m getting too nervous.”

However, just when Bao Ruyuan was about to continue forward, he suddenly felt a chill behind his ears.

He quickly turned around and slashed with his sword.

There was a click.

The sword was blocked.

“Xu Ning?!”

When he saw the person blocking the sword, Bao Ruyuan’s eyes widened.

Xu Ning easily grabbed Bao Ruyuan’s sword.

“Bao Ruyuan, we meet again!”

Xu Ning exerted force with his fingertips, and the longsword in Bao Ruyuan’s hand shattered.

“Thank you for coming to me!”

‘He seems to have become stronger!’

When Bao Ruyuan saw this, his whole body trembled. He immediately threw down the sword hilt and fled.

He was never Xu Ning’s opponent. And now that Xu Ning had become stronger, he had no desire to fight at all.

‘Could it be that not only did he and Xie Wenyue not die, but they also obtained lucky opportunities in the mystic realm?’

Bao Ruyuan’s mind was full of thoughts. ‘Damn it, why do they all gain something, while I still have nothing?’

After seeing Bao Ruyuan escape, Xu Ning punched out.

A water-infused Tidal Fist hit Bao Ruyuan’s back.

Kacha! Kacha!

Bao Ruyuan was sent flying before landing on a wall.

At the same time, a crisp bone cracking sound came from his body.

Bao Ruyuan’s face turned pale.

‘Void realm sixth stage, attribute realm!’

Bao Ruyuan leaned against the wall, his eyes were full of horror as he looked at Xu Ning.

Xu Ning had not only become stronger, but also advanced by a realm.

‘When I fought him for the first time not long ago, he was only in the qualitative change realm. How long has it been?’

Bao Ruyuan felt his mind go blank.

“You blocked an attack?”

Although Xu Ning didn’t use his full strength, he thought he could kill him with one punch.

‘It seems that I underestimated Bao Ruyuan. After all, he is still an elite among core disciples in the Yuelan Sect.’

However, although Bao Ruyuan was not killed in one blow, Xu Ning did not mind.

If one punch didn’t work, then two punches would do.

A water-infused Tidal Fist appeared again, floating in the air.

“Xu Ning, spare me!”

Sensing Xu Ning’s unconcealed murderous intent, Bao Ruyuan quickly begged for mercy. “It was my fault for offending you previously. When we leave the mystic realm, I will make it up to you a hundred times over. I will give you whatever you want!”

“Moreover, I am also willing to join forces with you to deal with Chen Xiaoyi. I have long disliked Chen Xiaoyi. If the two of us join forces, even if he is in the common seal realm, he may not be a match for us!”

“Xu Ning, spare me!”

Bao Ruyuan begged for mercy.

However, Bao Ruyuan’s attitude did not change Xu Ning’s mind at all.

Xu Ning ignored him.


The water-infused Tidal Fist slammed down.

Ka! Ka! Ka!

Bao Ruyuan’s chest collapsed.

Bao Ruyuan couldn’t say another word.

He tilted his head and died.

“One is gone.”

Xu Ning whispered to himself.

The two of them had a feud back at the Elite Square in the sect. After entering the mystic realm, Bao Ruyuan joined forces with Chen Xiaoyi in an attempt to kill Xu Ning. Although they did not succeed, Xu Ning was in mortal danger.

In addition, he also had a deep feud with Bao Ruyuan’s family.

Xu Ning felt relieved.

Xu Ning walked forward and searched his body.

However, other than one medicine bag, Xu Ning could not find anything else.

‘It seems that he had consumed a lot of resources in this mystic realm.’

Xu Ning placed the medicine bag into his rib storage space.

The pill medicines in the bag were all practical healing pill medicine, so there was not much energy contained in them, hence Xu Ning did not absorb it, instead he put it away.

Xu Ning was ready to destroy the evidence.

If he was discovered by other disciples of the sect in the maze, he might be punished by the Disciplinary Hall.

Although the probability of this happening was extremely low, it would not take too long to get rid of the evidence.

However, just when Xu Ning was about to activate the fire of annihilation, a pair of black claws suddenly reached out from the wall and pulled Bao Ruyuan’s corpse into the wall.

Before Xu Ning could react, Bao Ruyuan’s body disappeared.


Xu Ning was alerted.

‘This maze is quite strange.’

Xu Ning thought to himself, ‘Although it was left behind by Shi Fengxu, the maze is full of demon beasts. How strange…’

After dealing with Bao Ruyuan, Xu Ning did not stay around. He continued to search for the exit of the maze, as well as Chen Xiaoyi.

Another hour went by.

Xu Ning did not encounter any other fellow disciples in the maze.

He searched along the way, but he still couldn’t find the exit.


A ball of black fog condensed in front of Xu Ning, turning into a black fog demon beast.

“Water Cross Sword!”

Xu Ning slashed with his sword fingers.

As soon as the black fog demon beast was condensed, it was slashed apart right in the middle.

After that, the black fog did not condense again.

Xu Ning couldn’t remember how many black fog demon beasts he had killed.

For Bao Ruyuan, it took a lot of energy to deal with a black fog demon beast, but for Xu Ning, one sword move was enough.

Ever since he advanced to the attribute realm, Xu Ning could use his full strength with just the help of his sword seal and fist seal. Moreover, with the bracers equipped, Xu Ning had already put the dual swords that He Mingye gave him into his rib storage space.

‘If I continue to search like this, I will be stuck in this maze for a long time.’

Xu Ning didn’t have any clues to get out of here.

Suddenly, another dense cloud of black fog appeared in front of him.


Xu Ning was getting impatient.


However, this time, the black fog demon beast was different.

This time, the black fog demon beast was not only larger, but its body was also more substantial. It no longer only had its upper body, but also its lower body.

Inside its body, one could vaguely see a round bead emitting a faint light.

‘It’s much stronger than the average black fog demon beast!’

Xu Ning pulled away. The Water Cross Sword seal and the Bright Fire Sword seal appeared at the same time, slashing at the body of the black fog demon beast.

Flames and water waves spread out from the demon beast.

These two sword seals were applied with the nature of annihilation. They could consume the black fog demon beast to the greatest extent.

‘The effect is not obvious.’

Xu Ning discovered that immediately after the fire and water swallowed parts of its body, the demon beast just healed itself again.

And the energy that it used to heal its body came from the bead in its body.

‘I have to dig it out or break the bead in its body!’

Xu Ning was quite experienced, so he soon discovered the weakness of the demon beast.

“Dao weapon!”

Xu Ning wanted to end the battle quickly, so he activated the bracer on his forearm.

Strange silver lines flowed on the surface of the bracer.

At the same time, Xu Ning’s body was covered in external armor created by the Flame Breath Bone Sutra.

This time, Xu Ning rushed over. His palm turned into a claw as it grabbed at the huge black fog demon beast.


Xu Ning tore apart the outer layer of the black fog demon beast before reaching into its body.

The black fog demon beast suddenly panicked, and it attacked Xu Ning frantically.

But with the protection of his external armor, Xu Ning did not panic at all. He just grabbed the glowing bead and pulled it out of its body.

The moment the glowing bead was pulled out by Xu Ning, the powerful black fog demon beast slowly dissipated.


Xu Ning held the glowing bead in his hand and felt a layer of chilliness on the surface.

Then, the light from the glowing bead dimmed before a white light shot out and hit the wall in front of him.

Click! Click! Click!

In an instant, the wall of the maze turned into a stone door.

“This is the exit?”

Xu Ning realized.

‘No wonder I couldn’t find a way out. It turns out that I had to kill a complete black fog demon beast before the exit of the maze could appear.’

Xu Ning pushed open the stone door.

Behind the stone door was another twisting layer of space.

Xu Ning didn’t hesitate and walked in.

Afterwards, he felt a familiar sense of weightlessness.

‘Another node teleportation.’

‘I am the first to walk out of the maze!’

Chen Xiaoyi appeared in a magnificent hall.

Just now, he had killed a complete black fog demon beast, obtained the bead, and opened the stone door.

After entering the stone door, Chen Xiaoyi appeared here.

“That is…”

Chen Xiaoyi looked at the center of the hall.

There was a high platform there, and on the high platform, three weapons wrapped in a light membrane were floating on it.

Two swords and one flying scythe.

The surface of the dao weapons was engraved with light patterns.

“Three dao weapons! Three dao weapons!”

Chen Xiaoyi laughed out loud.

He was still upset about not getting that thunder attribute dao weapon previously, but now there were three dao weapons in front of him.

Chen Xiaoyi quickly walked over.


A dark yellow light condensed on Chen Xiaoyi’s fist. He struck three times in a row, shattering the protective membrane of the three dao weapons.

Three different dao weapons were placed in front of Chen Xiaoyi.

‘This flying sickle is an earth attribute dao weapon!’

Chen Xiaoyi tested it and found that the flying scythe matched his attributes.

‘I will use this flying scythe myself. As for the two sword dao weapon, after taking it out, I can exchange it for resources, or even contribute it to the sect!’

Chen Xiaoyi had an excited look in his eyes.

“If I contribute these dao weapons to the sect, then it will be recognized as a major contribution to the sect. At that time, my status will directly surpass He Mingye’s. If I can win the support of several elders, then I will have the qualifications to compete with He Mingye for the position of sect master!”

Chen Xiaoyi immediately put away the three dao weapons with a smile.

“What’s that sound?”

Chen Xiaoyi suddenly heard a sound.

He quickly looked up and noticed that the lifelike demon beast murals on the wall suddenly began to twist.

Afterwards, they walked out of the murals and surrounded Chen Xiaoyi.

Chen Xiaoyi suddenly felt a strong sense of danger.

He roughly counted. There were dozens of demon beasts walking out of the murals.

Every one of them was in the void realm, and among them, there were close to ten high level void realm demon beasts!

Chen Xiaoyi suddenly felt his scalp go numb.

Even though he had obtained a flying scythe dao weapon, Chen Xiaoyi was still full of fear.

‘Sure enough, these three dao weapons are not so easily obtained!’

Chen Xiaoyi was a little anxious. Even if he obtained these dao weapons, what was the point if he couldn’t get out alive?

While Chen Xiaoyi was at a loss, the space in the hall suddenly distorted again.

At that moment, Xu Ning appeared in the hall.

“Chen Xiaoyi!”

“Xu Ning?!”

The two looked at each other and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes.

“Chen Xiaoyi and so many demon beasts…”

Xu Ning quickly understood the situation.

“You didn’t die? And you also passed the first level of the maze?”

Chen Xiaoyi sensed that Xu Ning had not only recovered from his injuries, but had also improved.

Chen Xiaoyi’s eyes darted around, then he said, “Xu Ning, now that we are both trapped here, we are surrounded by danger. As fellow disciples, why don’t we abandon our prejudices and join forces to deal with these demon beasts?”

The dozens of demon beasts gradually approached the two.

Xu Ning didn’t respond to Chen Xiaoyi’s words. He just looked at the demon beasts around him.

Xu Ning had a puzzled expression on his face. Although he was surrounded by demon beasts, he did not feel any danger. Instead, when he looked at the demon beasts, Xu Ning saw…


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