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Chapter 271 - Crisis, Counterattack

Boom! Boom!

On the sea, the giant ship suddenly made a violent sound of a collision.

The entire ship trembled.

‘What’s happening?’ Inside the cabin, Dong Ji opened his eyes.

When he fought against Xue Jinghua, his body was injured, and now he was recuperating.

However, this violent collision woke Dong Ji up from his resting state.

“A sea demon beast is attacking us!”

Right at this moment, Dong Ji also heard a shout from the deck outside the cabin.

Immediately after, Dong Ji felt the aura of a demon beast floating next to the ship.

‘It seems that we are being attacked by a demon beast from the Endless Sea!’

Dong Ji didn’t think much of it. He just left the room and went to the deck.

He could feel that the aura of the sea demon beast was very strong. It was at the peak of the mid level dao realm. If he let the others on the ship deal with it, it would be difficult to deal with it in a short amount of time.

On the other side, Xue Jinghua also sensed the situation.

She could tell that Cen Yumou was shouting, so she left the cabin and went to the deck.

Afterwards, Xu Ning, Zhang He, Duan Chaofeng, and Mo Lan all rushed to the deck from the cabin.

This collision made them a little uneasy, so they all came up to check the situation.

“It’s a sea demon beast!”

As soon as Xu Ning came up, he saw several thick limbs sticking out of the sea and clinging onto the edge of the ship. It was a giant demon beast that looked like a squid. Its tentacles twisted frantically, and its huge body seemed to be squeezing onto the ship. “Let’s deal with it together.”

Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua looked at each other, ready to kill or drive away this squid demon beast at the same time.

“Your Highness, go back. It’s just a mid level dao realm demon beast. The two high level masters will definitely be able to easily deal with it.”

Zhang He said to Duan Chaofeng.


Duan Chaofeng first thought that the Night Beast was chasing after him, so he was a little nervous.

But after confirming that it was just a sea demon beast that attacked the ship midway, he felt much more at ease.

“Cen Yumou, Liang Tingang, why are you two not resting in the room, but on the deck?”

Mo Lan saw Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang staring at the squid demon beast with a nervous expression.

“We just…”

The two suddenly looked a little uncomfortable after being interrogated like that.

Mo Lan felt strange and was about to ask again.

Yet at this moment, the squid demon beast jumped and landed on the deck.

“Your Highness, be careful!”

Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua first attacked the squid demon beast, while protecting Duan Chaofeng, Mo Lan, and the others.


The body of the squid demon beast suddenly seemed to be filled with air. Its huge body suddenly expanded.

There was fierce energy accumulating in its body.

“Not good!” Seeing this, Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua’s expressions changed at the same time. “It is going to self-destruct!” Boom!

The body of the squid demon beast suddenly exploded.

Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua had no time to send the people behind them into the spatial treasure.

With no choice, Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua activated the power of the dao realm at the same time, building a transparent barrier in front of them.

The ship was almost capsized by the terrifying ripples.

However, the people protected by Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua were not injured at all.

However, Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua’s auras were a little chaotic.

‘What’s going on? Why would a mid level dao realm demon beast choose to self-destruct for no reason?’

Xu Ning was hiding behind Dong Ji and was not affected.

However, the extremely violent explosive force made Xu Ning feel a little scared.

The self-destruction of a peak mid level dao realm demon beast was comparable to an ordinary blow from a dao realm seventh stage master.

As a result, the ship was currently full of holes. If they wanted to continue sailing for a long time, they could only change ship. “Senior Dong, are you okay?” Duan Chaofeng asked. Mo Lan also asked Xue Jinghua in concern.

In order to protect the people behind them, and because they were in a hurry to condense the barrier, Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua were slightly injured.

However, this kind of injury could be healed quickly. “It’s fine…”

Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua both had stable auras as they healed their injuries.

However, Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang looked at each other. Afterwards, while Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua were adjusting their auras, the two threw the round stone plates Chu He had given them.

“Cen Yumou, Liang Tingang, what are you doing?!”

The sudden movements of the two stunned the people around them.

Zhang He was the closest to the two. Thus, he instinctively threw a punch at each of them.

Bang! Bang!

The two flew out and vomited blood.

Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang were in pain, but they did not panic.

Because they had already seen it.

The moment the two stone plates touched Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua, they burst out with a dazzling light. The lines on the stone plates flew out and materialized, instantly binding Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua.

“This is…”

Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua also reacted at this moment.

They felt that the rotation speed of the inner core in their bodies had slowed down and their dao realm power was suppressed.

er was


“It’s a Binding Lock!”

Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua were shocked.

A Binding Lock could suppress the strength of a dao realm master for a short period of time.

Even a high level dao realm master would have their strength suppressed to less than 40%. “You two!”

Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua were about to attack Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang.

But at this moment, several gray-robed figures suddenly emerged from the sea and landed on the deck, surrounding them.

And the leader of the group exuded a terrifying aura of the seventh stage dao realm.

From their actions, these people looked hostile.

“Cen Yumou, Liang Tingang! How dare you collude with outsiders!”

Mo Lan was shocked.

She didn’t expect that the two people who had always listened to her orders would betray her unknowingly.

They were obviously colluding with these gray-robed men.

“Who are you?”

Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua no longer cared about Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang.

They turned their attention to Chu He.

Chu He smiled and did not answer.

He gave Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang a satisfied look, which relieved the two.

Chu He knew that although he had a top-notch concealment treasure that could easily hide his aura, this treasure was not omnipotent. When facing a high level dao realm master, if he took the initiative to attack, the other party would immediately notice him. Therefore, he did not choose to launch a relatively aggressive sneak attack. Instead, he first sneaked onto the ship, colluded with Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang and set up a trap before finally using a Binding Lock on Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua.

In such circumstances, he held a huge advantage.

Therefore, Chu He looked confident right now.

Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua suddenly felt something was wrong. ‘It seems that the current situation is more troublesome than when I encountered the Night Beast.’

Xu Ning realized that the situation was dangerous.

‘These gray-robed people don’t seem to have suddenly appeared. They obviously prepared an ambush! That squid demon beast was their trap.’

Xu Ning also sorted out the details. ‘While Senior Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua were adjusting their aura, Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang used a Binding Lock on them. They must have communicated with this group of gray-robed people previously!’

It was not only Xu Ning who had come to this conclusion, but the others came to the same conclusion as well.


Chu He knew that there was a time limit to the Binding Lock, so he did not hesitate. “I will deal with these two dao realm seventh stage masters, you guys go deal with the others!”

Chu He ordered, “Except for the lives of the Harmony Prince and the Promise Princess, kill them all!”


Behind Chu He, Lie Ying and the other gray-robed men immediately responded.

Excluding Chu He, the leader of the gray-robed men, there were six other men. Three of them were in the sixth stage of the dao realm, while the rest were in the fifth stage.

“You dare to attack the imperial family of State Wansheng, are you not afraid of the serious consequences!?”

Dong Ji’s tone was cold.

“Afraid of the consequences?”

Chu He laughed. “Not only will I attack, but I will also capture these two prince and princess and take them to the Duan imperial family in exchange for some benefits!”

Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua’s hearts turned cold.

The gray-robed people in front of them were extremely aggressive.

Even though they knew the identities of Duan Chaofeng and Mo Lan, they were still fearless.

This meant that these gray-robed people must be from a big overseas faction that was hostile to the Duan imperial family.

“Your Highness, go!”

Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua could only let Duan Chaofeng, Mo Lan, and the others escape first.

The two didn’t dare to put them into the spatial secret treasure at all. This was because Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua knew that after being restricted by the Binding Lock, they were likely not the gray-robed leader’s opponent.

If they were defeated by him, Duan Chaofeng and the others would be easily subdued.



Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua took the lead to attack, blocking several gray-robed men.

Duan Chaofeng gritted his teeth when he saw this.

He then released his mount, a rainbow-colored bird, from his spatial treasure. “Go!”

Duan Chaofeng immediately pulled Zhang He, Xu Ning, and even Mo Lan onto the back of the bird.

“Stop them!”

Chu He shouted.

However, the gray-robed men were temporarily stopped by Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua. Seeing this, Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang rushed towards Duan Chaofeng and the others.

They knew that they had no choice but to show their loyalty to Chu He.

“You traitors!”

Mo Lan’s face was full of hatred.

Currently, the rainbow-colored bird was already flapping its wings. Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang were intending to attack the wings of the bird, in order to delay their escape.

However, Xu Ning, who was already on the bird, suddenly jumped off the bird.

“Xu Ning, what are you doing?!”

Duan Zhaofeng and Zhang He were shocked.

Xu Ning ignored the two. He knew very well that if the wings of the rainbow-colored bird were injured, they would definitely not be able to escape. In that split second, Xu Ning activated the Wind Smoke Gourd, held the Cyan Wolf Knife, and exploded with his full strength.

Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang did not expect Xu Ning to return and attack them.

Two slashes!

With the terrifying power of the dao realm, Xu Ning killed the two who were already injured and unguarded.

Afterwards, Xu Ning grabbed the storage rings from their bodies. And the moment the rainbow-colored bird took off, he grabbed onto its claws.


The rainbow-colored bird flapped its wings and fled into the distance with Duan Chaofeng, Mo Lan, Zhang He, and Xu Ning.

‘Well done!’

At that moment, Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua thought that Duan Chaofeng, Mo Lan, and the others would not be able to escape, but they didn’t expect Xu Ning to take the initiative to counterattack. With them away, they could fight with peace of mind.

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