1645 Defeating Yun Hui

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"Hahahaha, this isn't just confidence. The Violet Thunder Precture is a backwater. Even a Core can be called an expert in your land. Isn't that ridiculous?" Yun Hui burst into laughter, not having a care in the world for Chu Yunfan. "But from the looks of it, you don't seem to be prepared to surrender?"

"That's right. Why should I? You should be the one to surrender," Chu Yunfan said straightforwardly.

"You really don't want to take the path to heaven, but instead barged into hell. Do you really think that Grand Xia is your Violet Thunder Prefecture? You're just a frog at the bottom of a well!"

Yun Hui's expression immediately turned cold, but there was a hint of mockery in his eyes. It was obvious that he treated Chu Yunfan as a plaything.

"I'm afraid Chu Yunfan is in big trouble now that he has met Yun Hui."

"That's right. Yun Hui is the current head of the Yun clan in Lavish Prefecture. For him to be able to become the head of the Yun clan at his age, of course, he relied on his strength. Tsk, tsk. Don't look at how Chu Yunfan defeated Xiao Bofu previously. Even Xiao Bofu would probably be defeated in one move if he met Yun Hui."

"Although Yun Hui is not one of the few seed disciples that have been chosen, his ranking is still very high. He is definitely qualified to compete for the position of seed disciple."

At this moment, the outside was in an uproar because of the two of them.

"I didn't expect Chu Yunfan to be from the Violet Thunder Prefecture. It seems that a true dragon really came from shallow waters."

"However, it was not easy for him to reach this step."

No one was optimistic about Chu Yunfan's chances. In their opinion, Yun Hui's advancement was already set in stone. Even the Flying Celestial disciples who had already become inner disciples had their own plans. Although they were all high and mighty now, once this batch of disciples entered the Flying Celestials, they would be on the same level. At that time, they would be competitors. Many people were already considering how to fight against Yun Hui.

Fang Yu was probably the only one who could ignore them. His cultivation far surpassed everyone else's. To him, these people were not enough to pose a threat to him. He chose to look at Chu Yunfan because he found him interesting.

In the ring, Yun Hui's patience seemed to have been worn out by Chu Yunfan. He immediately shouted, "This is where you end today!"

As Yun Hui spoke, his gaze swept across the sky. He was looking at the Flying Celestial disciples. In the future, they would all be fellow disciples. They would be fellow disciples and competitors. He wanted to show these people his strength. In the Flying Celestials, those who did not have strength would not have any status. He was going to show his strength now.

At this moment, Yun Hui took a step forward and punched out. "Divine Chaos Clouds!"

As he punched out, the clouds in the world condensed into a sea of clouds. At the center of this sea of clouds was Yun Hui, the true ruler. The white clouds formed by these clouds seemed to be nothing, but everyone knew that the truly terrifying thing was hidden within them. Every white cloud was a terrifying fist force that could shatter everything.

This was the ultimate technique of the Lavish Prefecture's Yun clan.

In an instant, the entire arena space seemed to be under his control. The clouds enveloped Chu Yunfan. In an instant, a series of violent explosions sounded. Yun Hui had instantly released countless fist forces.

Yun Hui was at least twice as strong as Xiao Bofu. He was an existence that had truly stepped into the peak of the late Abstract Stage and was only a step away from the peak of the Abstract Stage. No wonder he dared to declare that he wanted to compete for the position of seed disciple. With his current cultivation base, it was not like he could not do it.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

"Chu Yunfan is finished. He won't be able to resist those clouds. The best way is to dodge."

Just when everyone thought that Chu Yunfan was finished, they saw a sword light with purple lightning shooting out from the sky, instantly tearing apart the white clouds. In an instant, it had already torn everything apart and slashed in Yun Hui's direction.

"This is impossible!"

Yun Hui had never expected that Chu Yunfan would be able to counterattack despite being surrounded by his countless clouds. This sword light instantly made the hair on his back stand on end as if he had encountered a great danger. He immediately raised his hands to protect himself, but the sword light smashed down at the next moment.


Yun Hui immediately screamed and flew backwards. His arms were already a bloody mess, and he was severely injured by the sword. Soon, everyone discovered that Yun Hui's hands weren't the only ones that had become a bloody mess. His chest had also been slashed open by the sword light.

Yun Hui screamed in pain and quickly grabbed a healing pill from the void. He wanted to heal himself, but Chu Yunfan would never give him the chance. Chu Yunfan instantly came up behind him and kicked him.

This kick was like lightning and directly hit Yun Hui's back. Yun Hui screamed and flew out of the ring. He couldn't move. All the bones in his body were seriously injured by Chu Yunfan.

"So strong!"

Upon seeing this scene, not only the genius disciples who came to participate in the test, but even the Flying Celestial disciples were dumbfounded. From the beginning to the end, Chu Yunfan only used two moves. One severely injured Yun Hui and the other completely made Yun Hui lose his ability to fight.

"With such strength, it's not impossible for him to compete for the seed disciple position," someone said in shock.

"That's right. Even among seed disciples, there aren't many who can do this."

"What kind of physique does he have? He's a monster!"

Everyone was shocked. The Flying Celestial disciples finally took Chu Yunfan seriously and listed him as the biggest threat. He was no longer a dispensable small figure.

"How did he train? In a place like the Violet Thunder Prefecture, it's almost impossible for him to cultivate to such a powerful level."


"Could it be that he's gifted? But he has not made many moves. It's impossible to determine if he has any special physique that makes him so powerful."

"But in terms of special physique, isn't there one among the disciples who applied for the test this time aorund? If Chu Yunfan doesn't lose, those two might meet."