9 Broken.

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As Gu Xia stood up and put on his black suit, Xo Quin squirted everywhere while lying on her back on the carpet.

She had her tongue sticking erotically out of her mouth which was filled with cum.

Her entire body was twitching and her eyes showed hearts.

"M-More p-please m-more I wa-want m-more..."

Xo Quin was like a broken record as she looked upward toward the ceiling.

Just a couple of feet away from her was Xo Shi who had gotten exhausted hours ago.

He just stood there in silence.

His face was lifeless.

His small cock was deflated and he felt his heart beating rapidly at the sight of his wife who was just r*ped.

'She never made that expression or squirted when we had sex... Wh-Why does that turn me on?'

Xo Shi thought to himself as stared off into the air.

Gu Xia stretched his body and grabbed his revolver then strolled over to Xo Shi with a calm smile.

"My friend, you have been punished enough, let's forget about your betrayal and move on."

Hearing his words, Xo Shi's expression showed the biggest smile as he bowed his head.

"T-Thank you so much for your forgiveness! I promise I won't betray you again!"

For a second he forgot everything that had happened in the past 5 hours.

Gu Xia nodded his head and gestured for him to leave.

"You may leave."

Xo Shi, who didn't want to stay any longer, turned around and walked toward the two doors.

Gu Xia's expression which was calm instantly turned expressionless.

"Oh, before you leave Xo Shi, I must tell you something important!"

Xo Shi turned around and tilted his head but when he saw Gu Xia's cold gaze he felt his spine tingle in terror.

"I will never forgive... And I will never forget."

With those words said, Gu Xia raised his right arm and pointed the revolver at Xo Shi's stomach.


Pulling the trigger multiple times, Xo Shi's entire stomach was being pierced with bullets.

His fat body fell to the ground and his own blood began to pour out.

Walking closer and closer Gu Xia reloaded his revolver then kept pulling the trigger.


Now standing above Xo Shi's dead body Gu Xia threw his revolver to the side and began stomping on his head, crushing it like a watermelon.

Pulling out a small knife from his pocket Gu Xia got on his two knees and began stabbing Xo Shi's body repeatedly.


His voice echoed throughout the private office causing those who were present to feel sick.

A crazed smile appeared on Gu Xia's face as he stood up and felt a wave of relief overcome his heart.


turning his head to his left he looked at the two tall men who were visibly shaking.

"You two! Dispose this body and I'll hand you a list of names... The men on the list should be tortured then killed and for the woman, send them to a 3rd world countries brothel to be fucked for the rest of there lives... Oh and make sure to cut their faces with knives."

Seeing no movement being made Gu Xia slanted his eyes that showed a cold gaze.

"Did you not hear me?"

"Apologies! We will follow your order immediately!"

The two tall men who were beyond scared to the point of being shaken up instantly snapped out of it and began following their bosses order.

Turning around, Gu Xia walked over to Xo Quin.

"Stop laying on the carpet, get up and go take a shower and once you're cleaned head to my private residence."

He threw a small piece of paper that held his address onto Xo Quin who just slightly nodded her head.

At the moment she was in her own confused world as she just saw her husband brutally murdered...

'Did I sacrifice my body for nothing?'

'What was the point of having my body used as a flesh hole?'

'Why did I sacrifice my body for my husband who didn't defend me or even help me!?'I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

As Xo Quin's mind was in pure chaos Gu Xia had already left his private office and headed out of his entertainment company to his Bugatti Chiron.




Driving down a road, Gu Xia tapped his steering wheel and whistled gently through his lips.

*Phwwwwwhht.* *Phwwwwwhht.* *Phwwwwwhht.* *Phwwwwwhht.*

He had a giant smile on his face and his eyes showed that of happiness.

He was beyond happy with how he dealt with the rats in his entertainment company.

Though he had other companies he had to 'clean' he decided it was best to start distancing himself from the heroines.

Meaning he would start actually using methods to avoid them.

[First, I must cancel that marriage with Su Ling. Although she has a perfect figure and nice face she has the mouth of a python.]

[She's also always being followed by that protagonist Lin Fan.]

[Now that I think about it... He should have finally caught the thief about an hour ago then been offered a job as a security guard by Xu Ruo.]

[Well I could carless, on the other note I have no idea how that stupid fuck of a protagonist could handle her mentally!]

[Just imagine being her husband and having her egoistical mouth run on and on!]

[God, I would want to commit suicide.]

[Well, at least I won't have to worry about that! After all, I am going to be a free man once I cancel the engagement!]




"This damn bastard!!!"


Shu Ling threw her teacup toward the wall causing it to shatter into pieces.

She stood up from behind her desk with a flushed face.

'I'm not egoistical! It's called pride!"

'And how dare you say that you want to cancel the engagement when you have been dog licking me for years!'

'I won't let this stand!'

'I'll show that bastard!'

With these thoughts said in her head, Shu Ling grabbed her phone and called her mother Shu Ara.

After a couple seconds the call was answered...

[Little Ling? Why did you call me? Didn't you say you wanted to be independent?]

Ignoring her mothers questions Shu Ling went straight to the point.

[Mother, I want you to tell father that if the Gu family contacts him about Gu Xia's and I's engagement, we would like to discuss it in person!]

Hearing her daughter's words Shu Ara was baffled to the point of forgetting her previous questions.

[W-What... What happened!? Why would the Gu family contact us about the engagement!? What did you do!?]

Taking a deep breath Shu Ling sighed in frustration.

[Mother... I did nothing, I just have a... Feeling... You could say.]

Shu Ara felt her heart calm down inside her chest and sighed in relief when she heard her daughter's words.

She wholeheartedly trusted her daughter.

[Alright I'll make sure to tell the old man...]

Without any goodbyes said, Shu Ara disconnected the call.

Shu Ling put her phone back on her desk and showed a relaxed expression.

'Gu Xia... You really think I would allow you? A man who knows everything about this novel world to escape my grasp?'

'I apologize in advance but I can't let that happen no matter what!'

'I must escape my destiny from being a heroine in this novel world!'

'I want to live for myself... That's my one and only dream...'