16 Let's make a deal, shall we?

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'System... Did you know about this!? Answer me!'

Gu Xia demanded with rage.

[H-Host, I swear I had no idea!]

'Does that mean every heroine can hear our conversation?'

[I... Don't know...]

Gu Xia sighed and looked at the anxious Shu Ling who was visibly trembling.

"Did you hear my inner voice just now?"

Shu Ling felt a jolt run down her spine as she heard his question.

"N-No I didn't..."

She shook her head from the left to right.

Gu Xia looked at Shu Ling with a look as if he was seeing if she was lying.

"I see..."

He got into a thinking posture and suddenly he felt like experimenting.

A giant sinister expression formed on his handsome face as he faced Shu Ling and gestured for her to come to him.

Shu Ling gulped and her body wouldn't move.

She didn't want to move an inch from where she was, in fear Gu Xia would try and kill her again.

Of course Gu Xia noticed this and he felt a headache coming from a mile away.

"Don't worry, I won't bite."

'You did earlier!'

Shu Ling felt like screaming out those words but she was at least smart enough to understand her current situation and she knew if she did he would threaten her.

Seeing no movement being made Gu Xia's expression turned dark as he pointed to Shu Ling then to himself.

"Come... To... Me... Now... Or... I... Will... Slap... The... Living... Shit... Out... Of... You."

His words came out of his mouth one at a time and this made Shu Ling even more scared and anxious.

Biting her soft lip she took a deep breath and forced her legs to move toward Gu Xia.

After a minute Shu Ling arrived in front of Gu Xia with a worried expression.

She began wiping her forehead as sweat began to form.

Gu Xia clapped his hands once as he praised Shu Ling.

"See, it wasn't difficult to follow my order, no? To be honest if it was anybody else I would have bashed their skull into the ground."

"So, what I'm trying to say is be grateful towards me!"

Shu Ling slowly nodded her head with her eyes casted downward, she refused to make eye contact with Gu Xia.

"I-I-I really am grateful to you for not bashing my head into the ground..."

Gu Xia showed a crazed expression with a hint of gentleness in his eyes as he began stroking her black hair.

Shu Ling felt her body tremble as she was not expecting Gu Xia to touch her hair.

[You have beautiful pitch black hair... It's clean and smells nice.]

Gu Xia sniffed Shu Ling's hair causing her to tremble even more.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

A weird sensation rose inside Shu Ling...

For some reason she felt a small warm flame inside her chest appear.

Gu Xia stopped smelling Shu Ling's hair and instead asked her a question.

"Did you hear my inner voice just a second ago?"

Shu Ling nodded her head slightly as a small blush formed on her face.

'System, I have a system, I love my system.'

[H-Host you're making me b-blush!]

'Shut up I'm experimenting!'

Gu Xia said in annoyance.

[Jeez you're just embarrassed!]

Veins began to appear on Gu Xia's forehead as he heard the systems words.

'One more word out of your mouth and I'll shut you off!'


Shu Ling who was witnessing Gu Xia's expression change multiple times felt like pissing herself when she saw veins appear on his forehead.

'I-Is he mad at me!? I followed his order!'

As Shu Ling was pissing herself in fear, Gu Xia was calmly thinking to himself.

'Interesting, so every time I bring up or speak to the system the heroine's aren't able to hear my inner voice.'lightsnovel

'Even pointless shit I sprout in my inner voice the heroine's aren't able to hear as well...'

'So they can only hear my inner voice if I'm talking about the plot, Lin Fan, or the heroine's themselves.'

Shu Ling who felt a little uncomfortable that Gu Xia was being so quiet slightly looked upward to only be met with his shining red eyes that stared down at her.

Her entire face went beat red as she saw his handsome face that could even put models and celebrities to shame.

'W-What was I just thinking! Although he is h-handsome he is a horrible man who hurt me...'

*Thump.* *Thump. *Thump.*

'Why is my heart beating at the thought of him hurting me!?'

Shu Ling genuinely was concerned with her current mental state and her own thoughts...

Not in a million years did she expect her heart to thump at the thought of being hurt by a man!

Out of nowhere she slapped herself in the face which drew Gu Xia's attention as he looked at her weirdly.

"Why did you slap yourself?"

Shu Ling ignored Gu Xia's question and instead listened closely to her chest.

'My heart isn't beating... Does that mean... No... I won't believe it!'

'But... I have to know.'

Looking upward and making eye contact with Gu Xia, Shu Ling requested for him to do something.

"C-Can y-you p-please hit me!"

Her entire body went red as a tomato and her eyes began swirling crazily inside her eye sockets.

She was beyond embarrassed for even opening her mouth to request such a thing!


Without hesitation, Gu Xia struck Shu Ling across the face, leaving a red print in the shape of a hand on her cheek.

Shu Ling's entire body stumbled left and unable to hold her balance from the impact of the hit she fell on her side.

She held her cheek with her hand as she looked downward toward the red carpet.

*Thump.* *Thump.* *Thump.*

Shu Ling instantly heard and felt her heartbeat beating inside her chest as she felt her crotch become hot.

'I-Impossible!? I enjoy being hurt by Gu Xia!?'

'N-No I won't believe it! I am a proud dignified iceberg beauty who looks down on men!'

Shu Ling grabbed her pitch black hair and felt like pulling it out of her scalp.

She was truly in denial with her current thoughts and emotions.

Gu Xia who was witnessing Shu Ling freaking out on the carpet felt a little weirded out.

[W-What the fuck is up with her... Did I give her a new kink?]

[Don't tell me... Is she a masochist!?]

Gu Xia smiled sadistically as he showed a shameful expression without even hiding it from Shu Ling's eyes.

Shu Ling who heard Gu Xia's inner voice was beyond shocked at his thinking and she immediately denied it as she shot up from the carpet.

"I-Impossible! Why would I like being hurt and humiliated!"

Hitting her own chest she tried desperately to protect her reputation.

Even though in front of Gu Xia it was already below negative zero...

"I am the prideful iceberg beauty president of Beauty Heaven!"

"Why would I-"

Gu Xia walked over to Shu Ling and pinched her lips together causing her not being able to speak which cut off her voice.

"Blah, blah, blah... Whatever, I don't care. Let's head down stairs and cancel the engagement."

Shu Ling's face paled when she heard this.

She didn't want to cancel the engagement, after all Gu Xia was the key to help unlock her freedom and rid her of this heroine's destiny.

Gu Xia sighed when his eyes landed on Shu Ling's pale face.

"You know, I really despise you... But I despise Lin Fan more."

Taking a deep breath, Gu Xia closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again and staring into Shu Ling's eyes.

"Let's make a deal, shall we?"

"As long as you become my maid and support me blindly and not question my orders, I will rid you of your heroine's destiny. Though I am still canceling the engagement tonight..."

To allow Shu Ling to answer whether she wants to accept or not, Gu Xia stopped pinching her lips.

Without wasting any time and with widened eyes and dancing emotions, Shu Ling agreed without hesitation.