17 Canceling the engagement!

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"I'm glad you accepted my deal... Now let's head down stairs and cancel this shit engagement!"

With a wide smile on his face and a happy atmosphere surrounding him Gu Xia made his way toward the door.

Shu Ling's ear perked up when she heard Gu Xia's excited words and her heart suddenly tightened...

Placing her jaded hand on her chest she found a depressed feeling emerging from within her.

She quickly shook her head from the left to right as she hit her own face lightly.

'Why am I suddenly feeling sad!?'

'Damn it! I need to calm down...'

Shu Ling's mind was in bloody chaos as she scurried over to her closet and put on a similar blue one piece dress then hurriedly followed Gu Xia out her bedroom and down the spiral stairs.

Once they both arrived back into the dining room there was a light conversation that was taking place between Gu Lin and Shu Ara.

Currently, Gu Lin was praising her son to the highest degree as she told Shu Ara about his achievements.

"That's right! My little Xia accumulated 80 million dollars with his entertainment company and it's only been operating for 2 years!"

"Also his multiple hotels and nightclubs are racking in hundreds of thousands of dollars every week!"

"Hell, he even created and coded these websites called Pornhub, XVideos, Spankbang, XNXX, Hentai Haven, Hanime, and so much more!"

"Though... I don't know how much he is earning off that..."

"I asked him... But all he said was that he was making a good amount of money off it and he also warned me not to search them up on gluber..." (A/T: Gluber=Google.)

Shu Ara suddenly blushed and became a little embarrassed when she heard about the porn websites being spoken about.

'So... Gu Xia created those websites...'

The reason why she was embarrassed was because she used Pornhub herself.

The reason why she uses it?

Well... Lets just say she hasn't been satisfied recently by Shu Han.

Gu Xia forced out a small smile as he saw that his mother was on cloud nine speaking about his achievements which made him feel a little uncomfortable.

After all, the websites that were said by Gu Lin were porn websites that were already made in his previous life when he was on earth and not in this novel world which you could say is 'earth' but in a parallel world.

Shockingly when Gu Xia transmigrated into this novel world as a small villain he sadly found out that this world is way different with many companies, movies, video games, and such.

Though he wasn't really in disbelief, I guess you could say he was let down and knew because this was a novel world not the original earth.

Still he was disappointed when he found out he couldn't play pubg, call of duty, battlefield, apex, and even GTA.

So, he decided it was best to program and create these porn websites for every cultured man and woman!

'Wait... Oh shit... Now that I'm not playing the villain role I have time to start up these companies! I can make billions!'

As Gu Xia was in his own happy thoughts a low pitched voice suddenly spoke to him which snapped him back to reality and gathered his attention.

"Gu Xia, Little Ling! How was your chat?"

Shu Han asked with a hint of worry and a hint of concern.

His eyes were visibly trembling and his entire body was on the verge of collapsing.

As you can tell he was beyond scared...

Gu Lin and Shu Ara halted their conversation and looked over at Gu Xia and Shu Ling, both standing at the dining room entrance.

Gu Lin's happy expression from a couple seconds ago disappeared instantly and was replaced with a cold expression.lightsnovel

For some unknown reason Gu Luo felt a little chilly and he looked around for the source until his eyes landed on his wife.


He was baffled to the point of high disbelief.

'M-My wife can make that expression!?'

Not in his entire marriage has Gu Luo ever seen Gu Lin create such a chilly atmosphere.

He held his forehead and felt a headache appearing, he took a deep breath and stopped paying attention to his wife and instead looked over at his son who was about to answer Shu Han.

"About the engagement, I have de-"

Gu Xia who was speaking was suddenly interrupted by Shu Ling who stepped forward and looked her father right in the eyes.

"Father... Gu Xia decided it was best to cancel the engagement and I agreed."

Shu Ling's words were like a nuke to the entire Shu family who felt that their expensive and lavish life was going to be over.

Seeing that her father's face was red as a raging volcano and about to erupt in pure anger, Shu Ling spoke before he could even open his mouth.

"Father! I tried everything I could in order to keep the engagement from being canceled! Before you burst a blood vessel Gu Xia made a deal with me!"

"If I work as a maid for Gu Xia, he is willing to back the Shu family!"

Shu Ling without knowing it dropped another nuke but this time even the Gu family was affected.

Gu Xia weirdly looked at Shu Ling and gave her a look that said.

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

As he was about to deny ever having said that in the deal…


A loud noise resounded throughout the dining room.

Gu Lin slammed her petite white hands onto the table which caused the entire surface to slightly shake.

She shot up from her seat which caused it to fall backward as she angrily walked toward her son.

"Gu Xia! You little horny brat! I swear I'm going to spank your butt!"

Gu Xia was suddenly caught off guard by his mother who grabbed him by the ear and pulled him outside the dining room then through the villa until they exited the front doors that led to the outside.

Everyone in the dining room were all speechless including the staff that witnessed the scene.

Shu Ling covered her mouth and felt like bursting out in laughter.

'That's karma! To think that a ruthless cold blood man like Gu Xia could easily be handled by his mother.'

'I can't wait to make fun of him... And maybe he'll hit m-!?'

Shu Ling's entire body went red and she felt like digging a hole into the ground and hiding her head.

'W-What was I just thinking!?'

Wanting to hide her blood red face from the people present, Shu Ling covered her face and dashed out of the dining room and up to her room where she locked the door and threw herself onto the bed and began hitting the penguin pillows.

Everyone in the dining room who saw Shu Ling suddenly dash out of the dining room were now feeling a raging headache and maximum confusion consuming them.

No one could even think properly or even open their mouth beside one woman.

Shu Ara sighed and stood up as she excused herself.

"If you excuse me, I need to use the lavatory."