20 Shu Ling's cry.

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Shu Ling who was punching her penguin pillows instantly turned her head toward the door when she heard a small bang sound coming from that direction.


Her entire face went beat red as she gazed at her mother who was laying on her back looking up at the ceiling fan.

Her eyes then moved outside her door which then she saw the Shu families head maid who currently had a pale face.

Shu Ara who was currently laying on the carpet, slowly got back up to her two feet.

Small veins appeared on her forehead as she showed a forced smile on her pretty face, she stared at the head maid and motioned her to leave.

The head maid bowed her head, closed the door and scurried away without speaking a single word.

So, at the moment it was just mother and daughter.

Shu Ling twiddled with her thumbs as she looked downward in shame.

She already guessed that her mother heard her complaining earlier about gaining pleasure from being hurt.

At this point she felt like shooting herself in the head!

'...I can't believe it... My cold iceberg president persona is now shattered...'

Shu Ara who saw her daughter so deep in the pits of shame sighed and walked over to her bed and sat down next to her.

Although she was beyond shocked and felt that her eyes were going to fall toward the carpet she knew in this situation she actually had to be a mother.

So, she took a deep breath and calmed her emotions.

Looking up from her thumbs, Shu Ling noticed her mother sitting next to her which caught her a little off guard as she was still panicking.

She knew she had to come up with an excuse.

"Mo-Mother, I can explain... I was just joking around with Gu Xia and I wanted to get a reaction out of him... I thought the person outside my room was him, not you..."

Shu Ara shook her head at her daughter's words and instead placed her hands on her daughters hands and looked at her gently.

"Little Ling, listen to me, although I am surprised and in a little disbelief about your fetish or kink or whatever you want to call it..."

Taking a small breath, she continued her words:

"There is nothing to be ashamed of or any of the sort. After all, you're 24! I would be concerned if you weren't thinking about this stuff."

Shu Ling, who was in full panic mode, calmed down slightly as she listened to her mother's words.

Ever since she entered the business world she was always looked at with lustful gazes, always chased by incompetent playboys, always looked down upon because she was a female.

These were some of the reasons why she started to become such a cold block of ice.

However, the main reason was that she always felt deep down inside that she had a role to play...

Weirdly enough she never thought about 'that' feeling before.

She always thought it was natural and it was a part of her.

This all changed when she could suddenly hear Gu Xia's inner voice...

For some reason she felt something snap inside her mind and heart and suddenly she saw the world a little differently.

It was more colorful...

Although she still kept her same pride and arrogant bitchy attitude she felt more free and open minded.

In the past if anybody including her mother tried to talk to her about her love life or sexual life she would have surely coldly stared at them and showed a disgusted expression.

'I guess, because that was my character huh... This entire time I haven't been my real self, I have just been a walking NPC that was waiting for that bastard of a protagonist to come and collect me for his harem.'

Shu Ara suddenly felt worried as she looked over her daughter's expression that turned to sadness.


She couldn't help but ask what was wrong in a depressed tone.lightsnovel

"Daughter, is something bothering you? If this talk we're having is saddening you I can stop..."

Shu Ling slowly shook her head in response as she looked at her mother.

"I-I'm fine..."

Shu Ara frowned as she wiped the tears coming down her daughter's face.

"Then why are you crying?"

Shu Ling's eyes widened in disbelief as she moved her head slightly to the left where her night stand was that held a tiny mirror.

Sure enough, in the reflection of the mirror, a stream of tears was coming out from her eyes and down her cheeks.

'A-Am I crying?'

'I haven't cried in such a long time...'

Shu Ara who couldn't handle seeing her preciouses daughter in such a sad state, pulled her head into her chest as she gently stroked her smooth black hair.


Being caught off guard by the sudden movements her mother made, Shu Ling found that her vision turned dim and she could only feel her mothers clothes fabric.

Shu Ara showing a motherly expression that radiated brightness whispered quietly into her daughter's ear making sure nobody could hear them.

"It's ok, everything will be alright, I promise you... Although I haven't been a great mother... I can still care for you, whatever you're going through you can tell me. I promise, I will be an ally for you."

Those words sunk into Shu Ling's ears and soon enough the water works began flowing...

Without being reserved she cried like a little girl as she clenched onto her mothers back.

It was to the point where Shu Ling couldn't control her breathing and had trouble taking in air... kind of like a child who is trying to stop crying.

All of this novel bullshit and her being a heroine took a toll on her mentally.

At this point and time she was truly hurting as she felt that she was trapped and her entire life leading up to now was all a script... Which she isn't wrong about...

Shu Ara with a gentle expression and calm breaths patted her daughters back trying to calm her down and have her able to breathe easier.

"Let it all out..."




Gu Xia with his back against Shu Ling's bedroom door showed an indifferent expression as he listened to her muffled cries.

Not even 15 minutes ago, he entered back inside the villa and told his parents that it was getting late and they really had to head home.

As they were about to leave, Gu Luo told Gu Xia to go say a goodbye to Shu Ling.

Not wanting to argue or anything, Gu Xia shrugged his shoulders and walked to Shu Ling's bedroom where he then saw the Shu family's head maid scurrying off with a pale face...

He ignored this and instead walked over to Shu Ling's bedroom door.

Right when he placed his hand on the doorknob he heard a feminine muffled cry resounding on the other side.

So for the last 10 minutes he just laid his back against the door and listened in silence, waiting for an opportunity to head in.

Gu Xia without caring about ethics pulled out a cigarette and lit it with his lighter and placed it in his mouth.

Taking a long sip of his cigarette he then dragged it.

'Shu Ling... Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves.'