26 More power!

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Taking a couple seconds of collecting his breath and calming his emotions, Gu Xia strolled over to the Bluetooth speaker and turned it off.

The room that was filled with music stopped and became silent.

Stretching his back, Gu Xia sighed and walked over to a small wooden stool and sat down.

His eyes wandered around Li Min's unconscious body and he whistled out loud, he had to admit she was very attractive when she wasn't so... Talkative...


Gu Xia's body slightly tensed up when he heard the 'energetic' robotic voice resound in his mind.

After all, he was just in a fight... His instincts were on high alert right now...

Also, he wasn't that strong... So he had to keep his guard up.

Although he could win in a fight against any 'normal' human, when it came to cultivators he would get his ass kicked.

His eyes snapped around the room until he calmed himself and responded to his concubine who was a system.

'What's up?'

[You have multiple rewards!]


[Yep! I'll start loading them now!.]


[Fucking Gu Lin, slightly changed the plot!]

[Please pick a reward! Perfect Grade Pill! Or High Grade Sword!]

Gu Xia rolled his eyes as if a stupid question was said to him.

'I would be a complete idiot if I didn't pick the Perfect Grade Pill.'

'This pill is the highest grade... Meaning my cultivation is going to soar!'

'System! I pick, the Perfect Grade Pill!'

[------------Ding! Host has been rewarded the Perfect Grade Pill!]

Out of thin air, a small galaxy looking pill appeared in Gu Xia's hands...

The air that was surrounding the pill gave off a deep sense of power.

The smell that radiated off it was amazing to the point a little drool slithered out of Gu Xia's mouth.

Wiping his mouth, he stood up and instantly sat on the floor where he then crossed his legs and closed his eyes.

He then threw the Perfect Grade Pill into his mouth and swallowed it down his throat.

He took a deep breath and focused his mind on his Spiritual Sea.


Almost instantly, a large amount of Qi began bursting inside his Spiritual Sea causing multiple Cultivation Gates to appear.

All the Cultivation Gates were locked off as they lined up behind each other from the weakest realm to the strongest realm.

The first thing Gu Xia saw was a Cultivation Gate that was already opened... Which was the Realm he was currently at!

The Tempered Body Realm!

. . .

With his figure inside his own Spiritual Sea he walked up to the next Cultivation Gate that was locked.


"Qi Realm..."

Reading what the Cultivation Gate had written on it, Gu Xia showed a confident grin as he pushed through the Cultivation Gate with ease.


A small power erupted inside Gu Xia's entire body as he felt a warm sensation running through his cells.

Currently, Qi was entering into his entire body making him an official cultivator!

Feeling a little power running through his body, he showed a calming smile.

He stood up and walked over to the next Cultivation Gate...

"Great power Realm..."

Gu Xia muttered to himself as he limped over to the Cultivation Gate...

"Because it's early in the novel, Lin Fan is currently in this realm..."

"If I want to kill that piece of shit... I need to grow my cultivation!"

Lazily leaning his body against the Cultivation Gate he tried to push it open but it didn't budge in the slightest...lightsnovel

With blood coming down his eyes, bones breaking, and his heart thumping violently, Gu Xia with a roar used his body weight to push into the Cultivation Gate...


An hour went by and the Cultivation Gate slowly and surely creaked open.


Gu Xia was forced to bite his lip to not lose consciousness.

If he did lose consciousness, he would lose his progress and the Cultivation Gate would lock again.

A large amount of Qi swarmed around his body causing intense pain to stab into his organs and forcefully enter his heart.

A couple hours went by...

Sweating like a dog, Gu Xia slowly stood up from the galaxy floor and showed an excited expression.

. . .

Leaving his Spiritual Sea, Gu Xia shot up from the floor with pure happiness surrounding his entire atmosphere and his face showing a genuine smile.

"Let's fucking gooo!!! I'm in the Peak Great Power Realm!!!"

"I'm a higher realm than that shit of a protagonist!!!"

[Congratulations Host! Or should I say husband!]

[But, before you get too happy you have two more rewards!]

Calming himself, Gu Xia showed a bright smile as he nodded his head.

"Go ahead and show me the rewards."

As you can tell he is in an extremely happy mood.


[Subduing Li Min the battle crazed underground queen slightly changed the plot!]

[Please pick a reward! Martial Arts Mastery! Or Poison Resistance!]

'I'll pick Martial Arts Mastery...'

[-----------Ding! Host has been awarded Martial Arts Mastery!]

Gu Xia who was standing in place felt his blood pumping inside his body and his heart beating rapidly, a little sweat appeared on his forehead.

Feeling a fighting sensation running through his body, Gu Xia swung his arm forward in a regular punching motion toward the wall.


His fist went through the wall with ease as the entire room shook and the wall collapsed causing a giant circle.

Looking at his fist, Gu Xia was shocked to see no injury was present anywhere.

No blood, bruises, or anything...

[My husband is so strong!]

Gu Xia laughed to himself when he heard the system.

'Only because of you... I don't want to be one of those 'protagonists'' who are cocky and say it's their power... Even though they got it from a system.'

'Also you're my concubine meaning your my woman… So, of course I'll give you credit where credit is due.'

[Husband... You're making me blush...]

'Can you even blush?'


Hearing no response, Gu Xia lifted his brow.

The system, which was silent for about a minute, spoke again...

[Husband, you're a big meanie!]

'yeah, yeah, just get on with my new reward...'

Gu Xia showed a small smile as he yawned.

[Humph! Fine...]


[Exposing the heroines about how they could listen to your inner voice which largely affected the plot!]

[Please pick a reward! Heavenly Villain's Halo! or Heavenly Protagonist's Halo!]