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Chapter 9

Panda Novel

Even Qiu Xingyuan could not resist a look of surprise. He never knew that this woman could actually cook.

Amusement flashed across Qiu Tong's eyes when she saw them eating so happily.

"As long as you listen to me obediently, you will see better days in the future."

Qiu Xingyu held her bowl, which was bigger than her own face. "Mommy, will you still sell us when our life gets better?"

Her gaze was innocent. She had obviously been well protected by Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao.

Qiu Tong pinched her cheeks. "Of course not. You're already so old. Even if I sell you, you won't fetch a good price."

Qiu Tong spoke very seriously. In any case, even if she promised that she would not sell them, Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao might not believe her. She might as well find a reason so that they could remain in peace.

However, Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao looked at each other, their small faces full of worry.

"Brother, what if someone offers an attractive price? Will she still choose to sell us?"

Qiu Xingqiao's eyes were filled with doubt as he quietly whispered into Qiu Xingyuan's ear.

Qiu Xingyuan looked at Qiu Tong coldly and said hatefully, "I will never let her succeed!"

Qiu Tong, "…"

She was helpless. These two brats were unmoved by both hard and soft tactics. They were impervious to everything, yet they had so many tricks up their sleeves!

The three of them quickly finished all the food. It was mainly because Qiu Tong's appetite was so big. The three brats were so shocked that they gaped at the sight. Qiu Xingyuan even suspected Qiu Tong of eating the Qiu family into bankruptcy.

Seeing that it was almost time for her to meet the boss of the clinic, Qiu Tong cleared the dishes and instructed.

"I'm going out this afternoon. The three of you have to take good care of the house. Do not open the door to strangers, understand?"

Other than Qiu Xingyu responding to her obediently, Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao stared at her and pursed their lips without saying a word.

Qiu Tong did not expect them to reconcile with her within such a short period of time. Just as she was about to leave, she heard someone calling her.

"Qiu Tong, what's wrong with you?"

A beautiful woman with short braids, a flowery shirt and black pants rushed over and grabbed her. "Why did you suddenly change your mind?"

Qiu Tong narrowed her eyes slowly and looked at the woman who was a complete stranger to her. She put up her guard and did not respond.

"Eldest Brother, that bad woman is here again!"

Qiu Xingqiao's sharp eyes spotted Lin Shan immediately.

It was this woman who kept saying that she was Qiu Tong's best friend, but encouraged Qiu Tong to sell them off!

Qiu Xingqiao gritted his teeth in anger and rushed out with his head lowered. "I'll chase her out now!"

Lin Shan's back was facing Qiu Xingqiao. When she saw Qiu Tong remain silent, her frown deepened. "Why aren't you saying anything? Are you regretting it now? Qiu Tong, you can't be soft-hearted at a time like this. As long as you sell them, you'll be free… Ah!"

A sudden force from the side made her stumble!

"Little bastard, are you blind?!"

Lin Shan yelled at the top of her lungs and raised her hand to slap Qiu Xingqiao across the face. It was obvious that she usually hit them.

This time, a slender hand grabbed her wrist.

There was no emotion in Qiu Tong's eyes. "He's just a child. There's no need to be so serious."

Lin Shan stared at Qiu Tong as if this was the first time she was seeing her.

How could that be?

She had hit these little brats often in the past, and Qiu Tong had never stopped her. She would even comment that they deserved it.

"Qiu Tong, have you really gone soft-hearted?"

Lin Shan grabbed Qiu Tong's arm and sighed. "But you have to think about yourself. You're only in your early twenties. How are you going to survive with these three burdens?"

"I'm your best friend. Why would I harm you?"

The woman whispered into Qiu Tong's ear, "The buyer I introduced to you is offering the highest price. You won't be making a loss."

Only then did Qiu Tong recall that this was the former Qiu Tong's "best friend"—Lin Shan!

According to the storyline in the book, Lin Shan was not a good person. Not only did she cheat the former Qiu Tong of all her money, she also instigated her to sell her children. She was a typical "fake sister".

She lowered her eyes, not daring to show too obvious a difference from the former Qiu Tong. She stated indifferently.

"I have other arrangements."

Seeing that she had made up her mind not to sell the children, Lin Shan panicked. She had already accepted the commission fee, and if Qiu Tong went back on her word now, wouldn't she have to cough the money back out?!

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