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Chapter 14

Panda Novel


Qiu Xingyu's eyes lit up at the sound of a balloon bursting. "I hit it!"

Qiu Tong smiled but didn't say anything. Thereafter, she continued to pull the trigger with Qiu Xingyu, taking aim at the balloons which were 10 meters away. In less than 10 minutes, they popped all 30 balloons.

Gasp after gasp rang out.

No one expected Qiu Tong to actually hit the targets and win the biggest prize.

The boss' face turned pallid. If he had known earlier, he wouldn't have allowed them to play!

Qiu Tong handed the huge doll to the excited Qiu Xingyu. "Your prize."

Qiu Xingyu hugged her doll excitedly and looked at Qiu Tong with admiration. "Mommy, you're amazing!"

Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao were filled with disdain when they saw Qiu Xingqiao so easily won over by a doll.


"It's just a game. What's the big deal?"

"That's right. If you want, I can help you win it too!"

Even as they spoke those words, Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao were also very shocked. They had no idea that Qiu Tong knew how to use a gun, and that her marksmanship was so accurate.

As if she could see through the two boys' tough exteriors, Qiu Tong smiled at them. "Do you want to learn?"

Qiu Xingqiao's eyes flickered. He stole a glance at his elder brother's expression before lying. "That's such a basic thing. I don't want to learn it!"

Qiu Xingyuan did not speak. His silence expressed his refusal, but his eyes would occasionally shift toward the gun.

Qiu Tong did not miss the desire in their eyes. She smiled to herself and said enticingly, "Do you really not want to learn?"

"After learning it, you can protect your little sister and even continue to win her dolls."

"Just nod your heads if you want that."

Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao looked at each other. Qiu Xingqiao pretended to show great reluctance. "Since you want to teach us so badly, we have no choice but to agree."


Qiu Tong nearly laughed out loud at his impertinent act.

Nevertheless, things were progressing as Qiu Tong hoped. This was the first step to her successfully subduing these devilish brats!

The next day, Qiu Tong summoned the three brats early in the morning and told them to run 10 rounds around the house. This was in accordance with the training method in the post-apocalyptic world.

The three brats did not know what she was up to and had no choice but to follow her instructions. Although they often did manual labor, they did not usually expend so much energy all at once.

When the three children came back panting, they discovered that it was just a warm-up?!

"Next is sit-ups."

Seeing that the three children did not understand, Qiu Tong quickly gave them a demonstration and said in a mild tone, "Since you guys have just started this training, you don't have to do too many, just fifty will do."


However, they only managed to do a dozen or so before they were completely unable to take it anymore. Qiu Xingyu was so tired that she collapsed onto the ground.

Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao quietly gritted their teeth when they saw Qiu Tong drinking her fruit juice with a relaxed expression, as if she was enjoying the sight of their torment.

This woman must be going crazy again. She was deliberately messing with them!

Qiu Xingqiao jumped up angrily and glared at Qiu Tong. "Why aren't you training?"

Besides, they had never seen Qiu Tong train before. She claimed that this was useful for learning to shoot. It was most likely a lie!

"Because I'm stronger than you!"

Qiu Tong replied leisurely. Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao looked unconvinced. "How do you know? Perhaps we are more powerful than you!"

Qiu Tong's interest was piqued. She raised her eyebrows. "Are you challenging me?"

The two little men gritted their teeth and nodded vigorously.


Qiu Tong accepted the challenge readily. She did not look down on them just because they were children. "You two can come at me together."

Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao looked at each other. With tacit cooperation cultivated over their many years together, they charged at Qiu Tong together, one attacking her neck while the other attacked her legs.

Qiu Tong narrowed her eyes as she inwardly admired their strategy.

As expected of the biggest villains in the future, they were so talented in fighting. They were able to quickly detect the vulnerable parts of humans.

Unfortunately, their opponent today was Qiu Tong.

Shifting one foot behind, Qiu Tong dodged and leaped at the two little ones and pinned them to the ground.

Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao were conquered, their clothes and faces covered in dust.

"Are you convinced now?"

Qiu Tong let them go. Seeing that it was almost noon, she said, "You guys continue, I'll go and make lunch."

Qiu Xingyuan helped Qiu Xingqiao up from the ground. When they thought of the mission Qiu Tong had assigned them, they all felt a headache coming.

"Brother, is she just purposely tormenting us?"

Qiu Xingqiao grimaced and sat on the ground. He felt like it would be a long time before he could stand up again.

Qiu Xingyuan also frowned. He felt that Qiu Tong must be feeling too bored and restless now. "She has her full attention on us now. Who else can she torture but us?"

"Brother, why don't we find her a man? She's so restless now, she must be lacking a man!"


Qiu Xingqiao's eyes lit up, and he suggested, "I heard from Brother Hu Zi and the rest that the moment this woman gets caught up in a romance, she won't be able to think about anything else."


This way, Qiu Tong wouldn't keep tormenting them anymore!

Qiu Xingyuan considered this and felt that it seemed to be a good solution.

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