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Chapter 17

Panda Novel

She chose a computer at random and found Lin Shan's social contacts from her hand phone. She messaged Lin Shan on a social messaging platform.

"When are you returning my money?"

Her fingers flew nimbly across the keyboard. Through this platform, she could see that Lin Shan had read her message.

Qiu Tong smirked and quickly sent another message. "If you don't return my money, I'll call the police!"

This time, Lin Shan replied very quickly.

"Qiu Tong, we've been like sisters for so many years. Is our friendship worth less than a mere $15,000? You're making me sad."

Qiu Tong slowly narrowed her eyes. Lin Shan saw that she was keeping silent and thought that playing the emotional card was effective. She started to recall the past memories.

As Qiu Tong pretended to chat with her, she took the opportunity to hack into Lin Shan's social media account. She managed to dig out quite a lot of shocking content.


There were quite a few photos of her being intimate with all kinds of men. Qiu Tong quickly copied the photos and saved them. After determining Lin Shan's current location, she stood up and left the internet cafe.


She went straight to Lin Shan's apartment and called her.

Lin Shan picked it up quickly and asked, "Qiu Tong, I've sent you so many messages, why didn't you reply? Did you really call the police?!"

"I'm downstairs at your house."


Qiu Tong ignored her questions and just replied with a cold statement. Lin Shan immediately fell silent and hung up.

In less than five minutes, Lin Shan rushed out of the corridor.

"Qiu Tong, must you be so ruthless?"

Lin Shan really didn't expect Qiu Tong to find this place. She lowered her voice and behaved in a secretive manner, as if she was afraid of something.

Qiu Tong knew what she was worried about, so she decided to block her at the door. She casually glanced at a window on the fifth floor and said, "Aren't you going to invite me up for a cup of tea?"

Lin Shan froze, her face turning pale. After a while, she said awkwardly, "It's not convenient."

It hadn't been easy for her to get close to a rich old man, and he was very generous. Plied by her feminine wiles, the man soon succumbed to her. Not only were they living together now, they were also planning to get married.

At this critical juncture, if Qiu Tong were to expose her true colors and went up to quarrel with her, all her efforts would be for naught.

She lowered her voice and pleaded, "Qiu Tong, you go back first. We've been like sisters for so many years. Don't you trust me? I'm planning to get married soon. There are too many things going on and I can't transfer the funds."

"When I have money, I will return it to you immediately."


Qiu Tong did not believe Lin Shan at all.

"Since you don't have money, you can ask your boyfriend to pay it back for you."

Qiu Tong smirked and threatened, "And if you're too embarrassed to ask, I'll ask on your behalf."

Seeing that she really meant to go upstairs, Lin Shan hurriedly stopped her. Her expression turned extremely ugly. "It's just $15,000 right? I'll transfer it to you right now!"

Lin Shan took out her phone and said sarcastically, "Just a mere $15,000 and you are behaving like I am trying to take your life. Qiu Tong, you deserve to be poor and be stuck in the slums forever!"


After transferring the $15,000 to Qiu Tong, Lin Shan's eyes flashed with a hint of heartache. She then glared at Qiu Tong hatefully. "Qiu Tong, we are no longer sisters from now on! I've finally seen your true colors!"


"Get lost now!"

Qiu Tong was unperturbed. She turned around and sent Lin Shan's scandalous photos to the old man's phone before leaving.

With $15,000 on her, the first thing Qiu Tong did was to bring the three children to buy the promised items.

When they stood in the mall, the three kids thought they were dreaming.


"Mommy, can I really buy it?"

Qiu Xingyu looked at the computer on the display booth, her eyes flashing with desire and disbelief.

Qiu Tong smiled. "Which one do you want?"

Qiu Xingyu let out an excited shriek and immediately picked a computer that was the most value for money.

Qiu Tong did not discriminate against Qiu Xingyuan either. She purchased a large number of chemistry tools for Qiu Xingyuan, as well as direct access to the university's chemistry learning materials. She also bought wooden stakes and punching bags for Qiu Xingqiao.

The three brats felt rather light-headed when they received the gifts. They hoped that this beautiful dream would never end.

Qiu Xingyu looked at Qiu Tong, who was following behind them. She covered her mouth as she quietly approached her eldest brother and second brother.

"Mommy seems to have really become nicer."

Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao looked at each other. They pursed their lips and did not speak.. No one knew what they were thinking.

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