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Chapter 23

Panda Novel

Qiu Tong frowned. She had never seen him before.

"It's just a conflict between children. Why should it escalate to a fight between adults?"

The person's tone was polite and distant, but it was filled with an indisputable tone. "And it was indeed you who insulted them first. You should apologize."

The fat parent was about to curse when she got a glimpse of the military rank on the man's shoulder from the corner of her eye. She shuddered in fear.

This was a second lieutenant!

Her mind immediately cleared up and she forced a smile. "Sir, you are right. We'll leave immediately."


The second lieutenant commanded in a low voice. No matter how unwilling the fat parent was, she had no choice but to humble herself. Swallowing her anger, she said, "I'm sorry." She then slunk away with her fat son.


Qiu Tong raised an eyebrow, confused by this sudden change in attitude.

She was about to thank the man when he turned around. His features were delicate, but his eyes were exceptionally clear. "Hello, I'm Shao An."

He saluted Qiu Tong and said respectfully, "Thank you very much for saving our commander."


Qiu Tong frowned, suddenly recalling the gunfight that day. So the man she had saved that day was a military officer?

She turned and replied calmly, "It was nothing."

However, Shao An was exceptionally insistent. He handed her a card as a thank-you gift. "This is just a small token. Please accept it."

Qiu Tong accepted the card and turned to leave. "We're even then."

Gunfights and the military. Qiu Tong vaguely felt that the other party's status was very troublesome. She had three little kids with her and did not want to be entangled with the other party's affairs.

One card in exchange for his life. Just take it that he had the better end of the deal.


Shao An stopped her. A hint of sincerity appeared on his delicate face. "Our boss wants to thank you personally. Please come with me."

Qiu Tong stopped in her tracks and raised her eyebrows. "No need. If he really wanted to thank me, why didn't he come over himself?"

Shao An stepped forward, his tone somewhat urgent.

"Please don't misunderstand. Our boss' identity is rather special. He can't appear in public so easily…"

"Then there's even less reason for me to see him."

Qiu Tong's tone was cold and it was obvious that she wanted to draw a clear line between them. "I'm just an ordinary person. I don't deserve to meet such a big shot."

Shao An did not expect her to be so guarded. Seeing that Qiu Tong insisted on leaving, his expression changed slightly. His right hand subconsciously touched the gun at his waist. He planned to stop her using force.


"Let her go."

A low and deep command came from the earpiece. Shao An's expression changed, and he immediately stood where he was, replying softly, "Yes."

Qiu Tong's guard relaxed when she left the kindergarten and saw that the strange man did not follow her.

She could not be blamed for being paranoid. It was just that the person who was secretly targeting her children had not surfaced yet. She did not dare to let her guard down against anyone.

After confirming that there was no danger, she squatted down and looked at the three children seriously. "You three stay at home obediently. I need to go out for a while."


The three brats nodded and watched Qiu Tong leave. Qiu Xingqiao moved closer to Qiu Xingyuan. "Why has this woman changed so much?"

And became so mysterious.

Qiu Xingyuan did not say anything. Qiu Xingyu hugged the doll that Qiu Tong had won for her and pouted as she said softly, "I prefer my current mommy."


After settling the kids at home, Qiu Tong found a nearby underground market.

She was alone and unarmed. It would be difficult for her to fight with more than one person at once. If she were to encounter any danger in the future, it would be difficult to ensure the safety of the three children.


Therefore, she needed a weapon to be fully prepared.

"Do you have guns?"

She glanced at the equipment on the counter and asked the boss who was settling the accounts in a low voice. The boss glanced at her and turned to walk in. "Follow me."

Qiu Tong followed him and realized that there was another world inside.

Rarely-seen guns and prohibited items on the market were like street goods here, lined up in a row.

Qiu Tong's eyes lit up. She touched the guns lovingly and carefully, before finally selecting a silver pistol.

"This one."

She handed over the card Shao An had given her earlier. She failed to notice a change in the expression of the originally lukewarm boss.


He sized up the woman in front of him with a bewildered gaze. The boss took the card with both hands and said respectfully, "Please wait a moment."

Qiu Tong raised an eyebrow in surprise. People in this trade, did they usually provide such good service?

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