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Chapter 25

Panda Novel

This was the so-called additional segment?!

They locked living humans and cheetahs in cages and watched humans fight for their lives against the cheetahs' crazed attacks. Just for the sake of entertainment?


Indeed, only the rich could come up with such a perverse thing.

Qiu Tong clenched her fists, her eyes turning cold.


Seeing that the person participating in the additional segment was a woman, an abnormally intense jeering and whistling immediately sounded from the crowd.

"You still have a chance to back out now."

The organizer noticed that Qiu Tong's expression was not quite right. Although she was very powerful, she was still a woman and she was facing a ferocious beast without any conscience or rationality. As a result, the organizer could not help but feel a bit of compassion for her. "I will still transfer you the initial $30,000."

Qiu Tong's eyes flickered and she slowly tightened her handwraps. "No need."

She had specially analyzed the rules of the additional segment. Apart from the final reward of $30,000, she could also receive tips from the rich people in the audience.

And those tips usually started from $2,000. One could get as much as $10,000 in tips in a match.

"I can…"

Just as she was about to agree, a staff member rushed over and whispered something into the organizer's ear.

The organizer's expression changed. He gave Qiu Tong a meaningful look before putting on a business-like smile.

"Miss Qiu, the guest in Private Room Eight is willing to pay $150,000 for your participation in the additional segment."

Private Room Eight?

Qiu Tong looked up at the second floor, but the glass in the room was too opaque for her to see anything.

Who would spend $150,000 on her?

Qiu Tong found it a little strange and felt rather wary of the situation. She pursed her lips and refused coldly. "I don't know the guest in Private Room Eight. I don't need his money."

Regardless of what the other party's motive was, Qiu Tong did not want to owe him a favor. She took off her jacket and revealed her lean, strong body, before stepping into the boxing ring without hesitation.


Waves of heat surged towards her. Before Qiu Tong could get used to it, a hoarse and irritable growl came from behind her.

A pair of dark golden eyes locked onto her.

The two-meter long and half-human-height cheetah was released from the cage, and its deep roar instantly silenced the entire crowd. Everyone held their breaths, not daring to look away, afraid that Qiu Tong would be splattered with blood in the next instant.



The beastly roar that was filled with killing intent and threat faded away. A dark golden streak shot straight at Qiu Tong, as a foul-smelling hot air blew over.

Qiu Tong reacted quickly. She leaned back her upper body as the cheetah jumped over her. Its paws landed on the ground, and in the blink of an eye, it turned to try and bite Qiu Tong again.

It was too fast!

Qiu Tong rolled to the ground in a sorry state and threw a punch. Suddenly, there was a sharp flash and a tearing sound. Her arm was slashed by a sharp claw and blood gushed out.

Stimulated by the smell of blood, the cheetah's attack became even more frenzy.


Qiu Tong gritted her teeth and leaped upwards. She somersaulted and landed on the back of the cheetah.


Sensing that there was someone on its back, the cheetah went mad. It sped around the boxing ring, slamming into the sides with all its might. Qiu Tong gritted her teeth and grabbed onto the short hairs on the cheetah's neck as she quickly thought of a solution.

No one expected Qiu Tong to last so long with the cheetah!

The audience was about to explode. Everyone stood up, their eyes shining with excitement as they screamed like crazy.

Qiu Tong no longer had the energy to pay attention to what was happening below the ring. She clung onto the cheetah's neck with all her strength. Suddenly, she was flung against a pillar beside the boxing ring.


Screams of fear and excitement rang out. Everyone could not help but widen their eyes as they saw the bright yellow beast charging straight at Qiu Tong, who had fallen to the ground.

Qiu Tong pursed her lips and her pupils constricted. The cheetah's gaping jaws gradually magnified before her eyes.


In Private Room Eight on the second floor, Jin Yang's eyes were cold.. He expressionlessly unlocked the safety catch and aimed the black gun at the cheetah.

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