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Chapter 27

Panda Novel

Shao An was shocked and instinctively stood in front of Jin Yang, his left hand on the gun handle at his waist.

Jin Yang held him back calmly and said with a faint smile, "Maybe my looks are rather common."

Qiu Tong narrowed her eyes and scanned his features before shaking her head silently.

"I think you look a little like my three kids."


She asked in a serious tone, "Mr. Song, is it possible that you had three children while you were out sowing your wild oats?"

Shao An coughed violently, looking at Qiu Tong with fear and unease, as if she had said something outrageous.

Jin Yang didn't expect her to be like all those other women, trying to link themselves to him. His eyes narrowed and his expression gradually turned cold.

"No. You got the wrong guy."

The change in his attitude was too obvious. Qiu Tong was slightly stunned. She immediately understood the key point and could not help but laugh.

"Mr. Song, please don't misunderstand. I don't have ulterior motives."

She really felt that the children looked a little like him.

When Qiu Tong smiled, the corners of her eyes would scrunch up, inadvertently revealing the innocence of a young girl.

Jin Yang frowned. There seemed to be someone in his memory who smiled like that…

It should be someone he was very familiar with, but no matter how Jin Yang tried to recall, he could not recall that person's appearance or name.


A piercing pain like an electric shock struck his brain and blocked his memories. Jin Yang trembled in pain and Shao An immediately rushed over anxiously.

"Sir, are you all right?"

He shielded Jin Yang behind him, before pulling out his gun and aiming it at Qiu Tong. He interrogated her harshly, "What did you do to him?!"

Qiu Tong raised her hands innocently to show that she was not aggressive. "I didn't do anything."

"Shao An, stop!"

Jin Yang gritted his teeth as he endured the pain with great difficulty. Panting slightly, his face had turned pale.

"I'm sorry, Miss Qiu. Shao An was too impulsive. Please don't mind him."

Qiu Tong didn't take it to heart and was about to find an excuse to leave when she heard Jin Yang continue, "I also think Miss Qiu looks a little familiar. I think I've seen her somewhere before."

Qiu Tong gave a self-deprecating smile. "How could someone like Mr. Song know me?"

"I'm just the daughter of a financial fraud and I am burdened with three kids. Maybe I really got the wrong person."

Jin Yang's heart stirred. "Your father is?"

"Qiu Rong."

Qiu Tong replied in a mild tone. Jin Yang quickly ran through his mind and realized that he indeed did not know anyone called Qiu Rong.

It seemed that Qiu Tong was really not an experimental subject in the human modification plan.

Jin Yang frowned slightly and was about to ask Shao An to send her back when suddenly, there was a gunshot and the glass surrounding the private room shattered.

"Enemy attack!"

Shao An immediately stood by Jin Yang's side, protecting him. His eyes turned cold and he shouted angrily, "Sir, you leave first. I'll cover your retreat!"


The boxing ring outside had been completely taken over by the terrorists. Everyone was covering their heads and scurrying away like rats. It was chaos.

Qiu Tong noticed that the people outside seemed to be divided into two groups. One group was obviously here for Mr. Song, while the other group was surrounding the terrorists with weapons.

Could they be Mr. Song's men?

Before Qiu Tong could figure out what was going on, a gust of wind blew toward her and she threw herself to the side. The bullet whizzed past her ear and shattered the vase behind her.

She might die for no reason if she were to continue staying here!

Qiu Tong narrowed her eyes and took out the pistol that she had spent a lot of money on. With a sharp look in her eyes, she rushed out of the bar counter and shot at several people.

Her movements quickly attracted the attention of the terrorists. Four or five people surrounded her with ugly expressions. Qiu Tong gritted her teeth as she reloaded.

"Bang! Bang!"

Bullets had no eyes. Qiu Tong pushed the table beside her to protect herself as she moved towards the exit.

"Miss Qiu!"

Shao An appeared out of nowhere, followed by the stern-looking Jin Yang.

The other party directly pushed Jin Yang to Qiu Tong's side. Shao An's expression was solemn and murderous. "I'll hold them back. You take Boss and leave through the side door first!"

Qiu Tong did not want to be implicated in this, but Shao An had already run away.

Gritting her teeth, Qiu Tong pulled Jin Yang and rushed out of the side door!

Qiu Tong's luck was heaven-defying. The moment they rushed out, they saw a heavy-duty motorcycle parked right in front of them.

Without any hesitation, she leaped up and swiftly got on. "Come on!"

Tossing a helmet at Jin Yang, Qiu Tong was propping herself up on the motorcycle with one leg. Her leg was long and shapely, and she looked very dashing.

Jin Yang couldn't resist admiring the sight for a few seconds.

Noticing that he was not moving, Qiu Tong pushed her hair back and looked at him. "You know how to ride a motorcycle, right?"

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