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Chapter 193 - Xiao Zhen Tries To Kidnap

At the corner of the street opposite the hospital, Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao hid in a corner while protecting Little Yu. They looked warily at a man who was smiling wickedly at them.

Xiao Zhen tried to coax and deceive the children. He turned around and signaled his subordinates to block the street to prevent the children from escaping.

“I am a good person. I’ll bring you to find your family now. Don’t be afraid!”

Seeing that they were still on their guard, Xiao Zhen wanted to grab Qiu Xingyuan impatiently. Seeing this, Qiu Xingqiao opened his mouth and bit his palm.

The child’s sharp teeth pierced into Xiao Zhen’s skin. He shook his hand in pain and finally shed his fake smile to reveal a ferocious expression.

“You brats must suffer a little before you can be obedient.”

Xiao Zhen waved his hand and had his subordinates knock them out and take them away. Unexpectedly, he heard a shout from afar. “Stop!”

Ye Luan led Qiu Tong to the vicinity of the children’s temporary hiding place. They saw Xiao Zhen trying to kidnap the children.

Qiu Tong immediately recognized that the man in front of her was the lieutenant who had wanted to kidnap the children from the villa!

Had he not given up?!

When Xiao Zhen saw that it was a woman, he heaved a sigh of relief and gestured for his subordinates to stop Qiu Tong and the rest. He took out a handkerchief and wiped at Qiu Xingqiao’s teeth marks. His eyes were filled with dissatisfaction as he muttered, “I thought it was those mercenaries who came back. Get rid of them quickly. Don’t delay me from taking the children away!”

Qiu Tong looked at the thugs running towards them with a look of disdain.

The president’s guards whipped out their batons. They had undergone special training and were naturally agile and sharp.

The thugs realized that they were no match for the guards, so they focused their attacks on Qiu Tong.

“Bah, you specialize in picking on the weak. Are you worthy of your uniform?”

Qiu Tong sneered coldly. She picked up a beer bottle from the ground and threw it at one of the approaching thugs. Glass fragments scattered all over the ground and a few drops of blood trickled down the thug’s forehead. He swayed and fell to the ground. Qiu Tong kicked his head and said in disdain, “Trash!”

Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that Qiu Tong and the others had the upper hand.

Little Yu cheered Qiu Tong on. “Mommy! Beat them all down! Mommy, you can do it!”

Xiao Zhen sensed that something was wrong. He saw that his subordinates were helpless and crushed by Qiu Tong.

He quickly shouted, “Stop fighting, it’s just a misunderstanding!”

Xiao Zhen’s subordinates retreated in a sorry state. Qiu Tong waved at Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao. They hurriedly ran to her side, under the protection of the president’s guards.

“Are you the children’s mother?”

Xiao Zhen tidied the folds of his clothes and put on a kind and hypocritical look as he walked to Qiu Tong and said, “I was passing by and saw that they were being bullied by bad people. There were no adults who could protect them, so I wanted to bring the children to a safe place.”

“This is all a misunderstanding. I was the one who saved the children. How did things turn out this way?”

Xiao Zhen was rather daring in his claims. Qiu Tong frowned and stared at his face. He did not look ashamed at all. Little Yu, who had been hiding behind Qiu Xingyuan and Qiu Xingqiao, quietly stuck her head out. She said in a small voice, “That’s not what happened!”

“You’re a bad person who wanted to kidnap us!”

“We already said that we were waiting for Mommy here. Besides, Eldest Brother and Second Brother managed to hide very well…”

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