C.1844: April Fool’s Day Extra Chapter: ’Extended April Fool’s Day’

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<Author's Notes>

Just realized the previous chapter was similar to last year's, so I made some changes.

(T/N: c1843 already edited.)

Serious-senpai, a self-proclaimed incarnation of seriousness, arriving from a mysterious room whose door opens only once a year, in a way that even she herself can't figure out This person really is full of mystery.

The tension brimming from her body is unique, but she's definitely not a bad person, someone who has a friendly vibe Well, there are many unusual ones among the people I know, so I feel like shes just an unusual friend who shops up from time to time.

[Serious-senpai, would you like something to drink?]

[Coffee please.]

[I understand. Do you want sugar or milk with it?]

Circumstances aside, I decided to entertain her arrival and as she had requested, I brought out coffee from my magic box. For the times when I feel like having a little drink but think it's not worth bothering Illness-san or Theta to brew it for me, I decided to have some extra brewed in a coffee pot and stored it in my magic box.

As a side note, Eta isn't good at brewing coffee or tea She isn't good at cooking-related activities, so if I ask someone other than Illness-san, it will be Theta.

Thanks to the magic box, the coffee retains its state when it was freshly brewed but I don't know if it's a mental thing or not, but I think the coffee brewed in front of me tastes better than the coffee I just brought out of my magic box to drink.

[Good grief, it's obviously gonna be black. Kaito, I'm the incarnation of seriousness, the serious of the serious, the one consecutively chosen by me as the most serious within the Greatest Seriousness Yearly Gala Black is the only way to be.]

There are so many things I'd like to throw my tsukkomis at, but for the time being, there's that one point "chosen by me" Wouldn't that mean you're just completely self-praising!?

[Well, putting aside the parts I wanna tsukkomi at What's the connection between Senpai being an incarnation of seriousness and coffee having to be black?]

[Oi, stop that, idiot. Don't ask such harsh questions with pure intentions. Listen here, those are questions you aren't supposed to ask here That's like trying to logically persuade the chuunis, you know After all, serious stuff = black coffee! All you just do here is agree that that is the case! Understand, don't ask me any more of those questions! I can't answer that!!!

[Haahhh I understand. Well then, here's your black coffee. I guess you'd also want something that isn't sweet for teacakes I got bitter chocos here, so here you go.]

[Well~~ You're so kind Thanks.]

[What an emotional roller coaster]

Just when I thought she was mad, she's now thanking me with a moved expression on her face. Her mood sure fluctuates wildly as usual.

[By the way, Kaito, who are you aiming for next.. Out with it.]

[Umm, please keep the topic on track Your words just lack so much reason that I can't make sense of it]

[I'm asking you who you're going to make your next lover.]lightsnovel

[Errr, I'm sorry. Even though I heard that, I just couldn't understand what you meant Who am I going to make my next lover? I never have such plans though]

[Guess it has to be the most likely one, Illness huh No, there's a chance that a dark horse like Lunamaria would suddenly pop up]

[And she's not listening at all Rather, you know about Illness and Luna-san huh.]

Come to think of it, she knew Alice, so she might know about the people around me. However, no matter how I think about it, I still have no idea what her intention is by asking who my next lover is.

No, even if I were to have a new lover, what does that have to do with Serious-senpai?

[Serious-senpai, may I ask something? Setting aside the details about me gaining a new lover, for argument's sake, if I were considering someone as my new lover, how would that affect Senpai?]

[If you were to gain a new lover, that would increase the frequency of my sugarization and the number of times I'd receive pure damage, so knowing about this is important. You see, even if I couldn't avoid receiving damage, I could still get myself mentally prepared It's better to be prepared than to get yourself caught off guard, right? That's what I mean.]

[I see I'm going to contact Dr. Vier, so let's check out her place together. Don't worry, I'll be there with you!]

[Stop looking at me like I'm insane!]

I mean, even though I should have listened to her words carefully, all I could think was "The heck is this guy talking about?", so it's only natural to conclude that she might have some sort of mental issue.

However, it doesn't feel like she's lying, and although the emotions I could feel with Sympathy Magic have their ups and downs, she doesn't seem to be lying.

[Thinking about Senpai's matters too deeply gives me a headache, so I'll stop thinking about it from now on For the time being, do you have something you'd like to eat? It's lunchtime after all.]

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

[Oh my, are you actually aiming for me Don't you underestimate me, youngster! Don't think you can easily bring down this Serious-senpai like that!!! That being said, chicken would be great, that spicy one. That ethnic dish]

[Tandoori chicken?] f(r)eeweb(n)ovelfree(w)ebnovel(.)com

[Right, that! I'd like to eat that!]

[I understand, I'll talk with the others.]

[Unn! Thanks, Kaito!!!]

This is just my hunch, but I think Serious-senpai is probably quite the easy person


Serious-senpai (Conquered) : [No, the extended version having even a longer title than the original ones, the heck is going on!!!?]

? ? ? : [No, look at your name With enough favorability accumulated, does that mean itll be a success if he just confesses?]

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