C.1941: Illness’ Consultation ②

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When I prepared wine glasses for us, Illness-san poured in some of the wine made by Nebula. Drinking wine while facing a beautiful woman in a spacious room on a luxury liner… it's quite an amazing situation.

Unfortunately, such a mature or adult atmosphere still feels like a high hurdle for me, and I don't feel like I'm able to handle it gracefully.

Hmmm, I really want to become a man who suits an atmosphere like this.

[Thank you. Then, while we're at it, shall we toast?]


We lightly clinked our wine glasses together for a toast and slowly brought the wine to our lips. Before coming to this world, I hardly ever drank wine, but since arriving here, I've been drinking it quite often and have become somewhat accustomed to it.

Well, it's not so much that I can say I can discuss the differences in taste…… but this wine is delicious. I think it's probably a rosé wine. It's a lightly colored wine with a slightly sweet taste and a refreshingly light finish.

[It's refreshing and delicious. This is rosé wine, right?]

[Yeeees. I suppose it's because I like roseeeees, so she chose to brew rosé wine for meeeee.]

[Ahh, I see……]

Speaking of which, even though the rosé there actually means pink, the word "rosé" is pretty close to "rose", doesn't it? Considering that Illness-san likes roses, she chose to give her rosé wine instead of red or white wine huh.

Not only is it filled with Nebula's consideration, but the taste is also good. When I went to a restaurant with Alice, she told me that rosé wine has the best of both red wine's tannins and white wine's fruitiness, making it a wine that goes well with dishes that are hard to pair with red or white wine.

[……Errr, so, you said you had something you wanted to consult?]

However, we can't just enjoy the wine forever. The main reason we're here is because Illness-san asked for my advice, so I need to take it seriously.

Hearing my words, Illness-san tilted her wine glass and took a sip. Despite her height making her look too young to drink wine, her gestures and demeanor were so mature that drinking wine didn't feel out of place at all.

[……I wondeeeeer where I should start? Maybe it's better to begin from the beginniiiiing…… Looking baaaaack, my world has always been a simple oneeeee. I never really thought about what I wanted to beeeeee or what I wanted to dooooo. I just lived according to my own standaaaaaards without any real basis for my actiooooons.]


Illness-san spoke calmly while gazing at her wine glass, but as I thought before, she unusually felt at a loss, as if she was feeling troubled.

She mentioned before that she didn't really understand her own feelings, so this trouble likely relates to that.

From what I've heard so far, it seems like she used to act based on her own internal standards without wavering, but now those standards are being shaken…… Well, I won't know for sure until I hear the whole story.

[In that seeeeense, even though I've lived a long tiiiiiime, maybe I was still emotionally underdevelooooooped. Being tossed around by feelings I never knew befoooooore, I ended up feeling lost like thiiiiiiis.]

[……Fumu. I still don't fully understand the whole situation, but it sounds like there was a significant turning point that wasn't there before, and that's what had been troubling you?]

[That's riiiiight. The turning pooooooint was when Kaito-sama came to this wooooorld.]

[……Eh? Me?]

[Yeeees. The first time I saw Kaito-samaaaa was when Milady gathered the servaaaaants.]

Illness-san is referring to the time when I was just summoned to this world, and Lilia-san gathered the servants at the mansion to inform them that I was an important guest and that any mistreatment of me would not be tolerated.

However, arehh? Why is she bringing that up now?

[At that tiiiiiime, Kaito-sama had an understandably anxious expression on your faaaaace.]

[That's right. I had just been suddenly summoned to another world, so I was feeling quite uneasy about a lot of things.]

[When I saw your faaaace, I thought I wanted to be smiliiiiiiing, for you to be happyyyyy. At that tiiiiime, I didn't realize it immediatelyyyyy…… but I suppose it was love at first siiiiiight.]


With a somewhat nostalgic look on her face, she spoke unexpected words, leaving me dumbfounded, my thoughts unable to keep up.


Serious-senpai : [W- Whaaat!? Y- You're making your attack immediately!?]