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Chapter 130 - The Last Bullet

Chapter 130: The Last Bullet

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The Silver Dragon Lord looked at McRae with fear. He had lost his arms and had lost his protection of his head. Now, there was a huge bullet hole in the Silver Dragon Lord’s head.

There was a thin layer of bone on it. Now, as long as McRae fired the last shot, the Silver Dragon Lord would die.

The Silver Dragon Lord had been a Lord for so long.

He had never seen such a terrifying human. This human was clearly much weaker than him.

But during the entire process, he had completely suppressed him, and he had no strength to fight back. Now, the Silver Dragon Lord had already felt the aura of death approaching.

McRae slowly raised the two guns in his hand.

He pulled the trigger at the head of the Silver Dragon Lord.

A spark shot out a bullet from the two guns and accurately hit the bullet hole in the Silver Dragon Lord’s head.

The bullet entered the Silver Dragon Lord’s head through the bullet hole.

This bulle kept spinning as it burrowed inside.

It rolled up the Silver Dragon Lord’s head until it was unrecognizable.

It was like a ball of mush.

And just after this bullet was fired, Divine Domain game directly determined that the Silver Dragon Lord died.

In Divine Domain, there was a difference between hitting different body parts.

Among them, hitting the neck was the lowest fatal injury. Usually, the enemy could struggle for more than ten seconds, and hitting the heart was an even more important damage. The damage would be slightly higher than the neck. After being hit in the heart, the enemy usually could only last for a few seconds.

And if it hit the brain, any creature would die on the spot.

Of course, apart from some ghosts and machinery, as long as his brain was normal, he would directly die after being hit.

Although the Silver Dragon Lord was already dead, his unyielding spirit allowed him to last another second. The Silver Dragon Lord helplessly let out its final roar.

And the silver dragons below the palace heard the final cry of the Silver Dragon Lord.

At this moment, they were already crazy, because the Silver Dragon Lord was their king.

It was everything to them, and now their king was dead.

Then they only had one thought now, and that was to kill the person who killed their king.

At this moment, the Silver Dragon Gates that were attacking the door outside the palace used even more strength to keep knocking on the door.

The door, which was already somewhat shaky, was now even more tattered. It probably wouldn’t last more than a few minutes before it was completely shattered. Then, a large number of silver dragons would come in to kill McRae and Alice Anna.

After the Silver Dragon Lord died.

A light suddenly flashed above Alice and Anna.

This meant that the two of them had leveled up again. Alice and Anna were now Level 16.

Level 16 was considered an average level in Divine Domain. Those top guilds and teams were generally around Level 25 now.

The highest level wouldn’t exceed Level 25, and those with weaker strength were generally around Level 10.

There was no other way. Those without strength and weapons…

Their mission speed would be slow.

If they killed monsters slowly, the experience points they obtained would decrease.

If it weren’t for McRae’s help in bringing Alice and Anna to farm experience…

With Alice and Anna’s lousy operation, they were probably still at level 10 or even less.

Because McRae was already a max-level account, there was no need for experience anymore.

Now, the experience points that McRae had obtained after killing the Silver Dragon Lord were divided into three parts. One was given to McRae, and the remaining two were given to Alice and Anna.

Alice and Anna quickly walked in front of McRae.

The two of them looked at McRae with admiration. Such a powerful Silver Dragon Lord, killed by McRae alone. After all, the Silver Dragon Lord was a team-level Boss.

The normal way to kill the Silver Dragon Lord should be to find 30 people.

Everyone worked hard to clear this dungeon together. It usually took a long time. Sometimes, it took an entire morning or afternoon.

And now, since McRae brought Alice and Anna over, the entire process had only been more than ten minutes. Most of the time was still used to walk hidden, and the real battle hadn’t been long.

Only McRae had such a powerful operation.

If it were anyone else, even a professional player wouldn’t be able to do this.

McRae must have used the gunner class in battle. This class could be said to only be powerful by getting headshot after headshot, which was the only way to deal a fatal blow.

If not for the characteristic of fatal damage…

Forget about clearing the level in ten minutes, just these Silver Dragon Lords standing there and letting McRae fight continuously would take at least three to four days. This was for sure.

This was a Boss with a million HP.

And McRae’s attacks were only a few hundred points.

He needed to fire tens of thousands of times to defeat the Silver Dragon Lord.

And it also had to consider the degree of wear and tear of the weapon.

If there was no fatal damage characteristic,

Then it would infinitely pull the gap between McRae and everyone to a level.

Because of the fatal damage characteristic, McRae’s operation and strength were already on a completely different level from the others. Then the operation of the second place was greatly different from McRae.

Ever since he was reborn, McRae realized that his operation had become stronger and sharper. He must be in a progressive stage now.

When one’s strength reached a certain level, it would weaken their progress.

However, ever since he was reborn, McRae had not only inherited his previous operation, but also had a space for this body to grow again.

It could be said that McRae’s operation would improve even more now. In the future, his operation would be stronger than before, more terrifying and more insane than in his previous life.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Alice listened to the knocking on the door downstairs. Now she was afraid.

After all, there was still ten minutes until the effect of the potion was unleashed. If these silver dragons rushed in front of them, the three of them would be surrounded and have no chance of survival.

Alice looked at McRae and asked, “Are we leaving now? How are we going to face it when the Silver Dragons downstairs come rushing up?”

McRae shook his head and said, “Let’s go. It’s impossible to leave. After all, there are a large number of treasures, gold coins, and gems here now. We have to take these things away.”

After all, the treasures here were worth at least hundreds of millions. It would be a waste to leave.

“Since this is the first time I’ve cleared this dungeon. When I come back the next time, I won’t be able to take away all the treasures here.. Only after the first time I clear this dungeon can I take these things away.”

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