11 Meeting The Heroines

-"Wow! Did you see Yelena speaking?"

-"Ahh, man! I think I fell in love with her~"

-"Hah! She's waaaay outta your league, bro!"

After a very fervent and flaming speech from Yelena, the cadets were asked to head to their assigned classes.

The cadets were already assigned classes prior to coming here by the academy via email.

Global Military Academy wasn't just your run-of-the-mill schooling infrastructure. It was a freaking castle in the middle with five skyscrapers surrounding it.

All the skyscrapers were numbered from 1 to 5. These skyscrapers were where our classes will be held starting today.

The modern-styled castle in the middle of these five skyscrapers served as the cadet council and disciplinary committee's dorm and office.

Furthermore, calling this campus huge would be an understatement. If I have to put the campus size in numbers, then it could easily be well over 40 square kilometers.

Yes. As I said, big!

You would need to take the campus buses to get from one end of the campus to another. It was that big!

Well, that was nothing to be surprised about. After all, this campus was equipped with state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology to train and assist cadets in any way imaginable.

Looking around, I saw cadets from both elite and commoner backgrounds alike walking their way to their assigned class buildings.

The class I was assigned by email from the academy was [1-A-1].

'1' meant the building, and 'A' meant the floor, while the other '1' represented my classroom number.

There were 23 floors in one building and each floor contained 20 classrooms. The strength of one classroom was roughly around 100 cadets.

And out of all those classes, I was assigned to the same class as the main characters.

Well, it was to be expected since Lucas was in the same class as them in the novel too.

After internally sighing one too many times, I started heading to the center-right skyscraper where my class was located.

Funny story. After entering Building 1and walking for a bit, I lost my way…

Arghh, my sense of direction is shitty even in another world. Not to mention this building was so uselessly big!

How do they expect a bunch of 18-year-old dumb kids to navigate their way through this maze of a skyscraper?!

-"Hey, did you find our class?"

-"Yeah, it's here!"

-"Honestly, I thought it would be trouble finding our class in such a big infrastructure."

-"Naah~ Every floor is marked, and each floor has only 20 classrooms. Only an idiot would get lost here. Hahaha!"

The nerves on my forehead twitched as I heard some girls chatting in the background.

Navigation is difficult for some people! No need to call them idiots! Sob Sob.

"Umm, are you lost, perhaps?"

As I was sulking over my shitty sense of direction, a melodic voice compared to that of an angel reached out to me.

Turning my head toward its owner, I saw a short blue-haired girl meeting my gaze.

She had a thin yet attractive figure and a small face, the kind which would make any man want to protect her instinctively.

That innocent aura, paired with her bright deep blue ocean eyes, made her even prettier.

From her long ears, which were longer than Yelena's, I reckoned that she was a girl of a pure elven bloodline. Elves are undoubtedly beautiful.

"Uh- I umm… Yeah, I'm a bit lost." Stuttering, I replied with a face full of embarrassment.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

"Haha, no problem, we can help-"

Before the blue-haired girl could finish up her sentence, a girl walked up to her with ferociously quick steps and put a hand on her shoulder only to cut her off.

"No need. He'll be fine on his own." She said while glaring at me with what could only be described as a resentful glare.

She was a black-haired beauty in her late teens with jewel-like forest-green eyes. She was tall, around 5'9, with a curvaceous yet athletic figure.

Even though her face currently had an angry look plastered on her face, the enchanting beauty it carried couldn't be suppressed.

"Ah but, Amelia, he's lost-"

"Aster, as I said, he'll manage."

Cutting her friend again, the black-haired girl dragged her away but not before giving me one last angry stare.

"I see. So they were Aster Aquahart and Amelia Black," I noted as the girls walked away. "Well, guess I should follow them."

Yes, as you would've guessed from the uselessly long introduction, they were one of the main cast.

They were the second and third girls in the protagonist's harem. Tsk, the protagonist was really going around collecting girls like pokemon in this novel.

As for why Amelia was giving me the death stare? Well, it was because four years ago, Lucas tried to forcefully get into her pants.

Basically, an incident happened back in high school where Lucas blackmailed Amelia into getting her to sleep with him.

Amelia tried to step up for herself and took this matter to school authorities, but Lucas, being the second heir of General Reynold Morningstar— the head of the ruling family of the Western Continent, was untouchable.

That was especially true since Amelia came from a low background. Her father was a small-time businessman.

Her family couldn't afford to offend the prestigious Morningstar family.

Lucas knew that, and he used that very fact to force himself on Amelia. He was only 14 when he pulled that shit.

He was truly a disgusting man I'm telling you all.

Some of his thoughts and memories that I saw were so disturbing that I couldn't even begin to describe them.

Lucas was the definition of a vile man with a pretty face. His only redeeming quality was that he once used to be somewhat of a nice person.

But when he awakened his potential at 9, his personality flipped a complete 180°, and all signs of his previous self vanished.

ραпdα Йᴏνêl(сòm)

Now one may argue that he only became this way because his family started neglecting him, but that still didn't justify his disgusting actions.

I mean, he tried to r*pe a girl, for fuck's sake!

Anyway, before he could do anything to Amelia, her father directly confronted Reynold Morningstar and begged him to stop his son.

It's not hard to imagine what transpired after that.

Lucas' father stopped him and gave up all hope on him whatsoever while Amelia swore to make him pay one day.

However, all that wasn't my concern. I mean, I was in Lucas' body, sure. But I didn't do anything.

Besides, I knew what tricks Amelia would pull to get Lucas into trouble. By extension, I knew how to avoid them.

Thinking that, I kept following the main girls until we reached our assigned class. I stood in the distance and let them go in first.

I wanted to avoid Amelia….

Not because in the future she was going to make my life a living hell… But because I, for some reason, was feeling guilty.

Why was I feeling guilty when I did nothing wrong? Even I didn't know the answer to that.

Shaking my head, I walked up to the classroom door after the girls went inside and placed my hand on the door's handle.

Never in my life did I feel so excited to open a classroom door.