6 5th District Forest

While waiting for the train at the train stat, I stole a few glances around me.

I saw quite a few teenagers who looked like they belonged from a high background, much like myself, waiting there patiently.

Well, that's to be expected since I was inside the Global City.

80% of the population here are cadets who are either training to become soldiers or studying to become magic technicians.

When reading, you won't think of it much, but standing here between them, I found the situation to be quite tragic.

At the age of 18, anyone who can use mana is asked to go through a mandatory military education for three long years.

And then they have to serve four years in the United Military.

This world is ready to throw children into a full-blown war between planetary-level civilizations.

And if that wasn't enough, those who are not cut to fight aliens are tasked to fight vampires in the north.

And those who can do neither have no meaning in their life. All they can do is become magic technicians.

The truly free people in this world are the people who can't use mana. They won't have to throw away their youth and are not forced to fight either.

They live their lives happily under the protection of the Central Government and Union Military provided by the sacrifices of children who are stripped of their freedom.

This world is seriously messed up.

Sigh, but what can I do about it?

In a way, I can understand the reasoning of the people in power.

Earth can't hold back.

They are at war with a space civilization who are much more advanced than us and a supernatural race hell-bent on taking over the world.

To win, Earth needs to use all of its resources. And the population who can use mana is a substantial resource.

Although, according to the novel, the situation isn't too dire right now.

Vampires and humans have been at a stalemate for centuries, and Kalis have almost exhausted all of their resources.

In theory, if Earth manages to hold off Kalis for another five years, they will win. Then they would only have to worry about vampires in the north.

But of course, reality is different from theory and most of the time it doesn't play out like planned in one's fantasy.

Honk–! Honk–!

While I was lost in my thoughts, a loud deafening sound of the horn announced the train's arrival.

It was a flying train, so it didn't make even a tiny bit of noise while stopping.

And no, flying trains can't fly. They can only float a few inches above the ground, much like flying cars.

I honestly don't know why they carry 'flying' in their name….

Anyway, as soon as the doors opened, I trailed inside and occupied an empty seat.

I was quite impressed by the interior. It felt like I was traveling in the economy class of an airline.

Well, that's natural since this world has already solved the energy crisis by harnessing the pure and seemingly unlimited energy source known as mana.

So by comparison, people of this world live a luxurious life corresponding to the Earth I am from.

I mean, there are still two extinction-level threats looming over their heads but other than that, this world is heaven in terms of luxury.

Right when I sat in my seat, a blue screen popped up in my vision.


[Hello, dear passenger. Where would you like to go?]

•4th District

•5th District

•8th District

[Note: If your destination is not among the options listed above then you have boarded the wrong train.]


Impressed by the technological advancement once again, I clicked on the 5th District and leisurely slumped back in my seat.

Enjoying the air-conditioned air, I closed my eyes and rested my head on the seat's headrest.

"Sir, would you like a drink?"

A fetching feminine voice fell into my ears but without even bothering to open my eyes, I just waved my hand and dismissed the train attendant.

To achieve what I sought, I needed to be at the peak of my mental condition, so every bit of rest was necessary for me.

No, I was not going to put myself in a dangerous situation or anything.

Unlike some novel protagonists, I'm not stupid. I wasn't going to risk my life on the first day of opening my eyes to this new world.

Coming from a peaceful world, I could barely throw a punch.

The memories I acquired from Lucas showed me that he had learned some martial arts, so by extension, I knew how to use them too.

But I didn't want to try that out and put myself in a life-or-death situation on my very first day here in this world.

I know I need battle experience to thrive in this world, but I will get enough of that in the academy under the supervision of experts.

Right now, I was just going to steal a cheat from the MC that he wouldn't end up using anyway.


Ding Dong—!

After a few minutes, the alternate chime of a mechanical bell fell into my ears and woke me up from my short nap.

In front of me was a translucent blue screen that notified me of my destination's arrival.

===ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

[Dear passenger, you have arrived at your destination]


Reading that, I rubbed my eyes a few times and got up to leave.

With me left a few more passengers, but I just kept my head down and walked out.

After exiting the station, I couldn't help but admire the sight before me once again.

The Global City is divided into 20 districts. I was currently in the 5th District. This whole district was one huge forest.

This district was created for the cadets to hone their skills in the wilderness.

It also serves as a hunting ground for cadets to gain merit points since this forest houses several mana beasts.

Ahh, yes, mana beasts are just animals who evolved through time and learned to wield mana to strengthen their physical capabilities.

Tall, tall trees were spreading as far as my eyes could see while the chirping sound of insects and the calm atmosphere that this forest carried gave it a tranquil look.

Despite the dangerous beasts that lurked in the deep cover of this forest, the fresh smell of soil and the sight of grassy blades fluttering with the passing wind gave out a refreshing feeling.

Though I'll clarify again, I was not here to risk my life.

My business was in the outer region of the forest. And besides, most of the beasts outside the 'hunting area' were just wild animals who evolved from mana barely reaching ‹Iron› rank.

They posed no real threat to me, as even a kid could scare them off.

And if the novel's description was on point, then it wouldn't even take me 30 minutes to obtain what I seek here.

After taking a few determined breaths, I walked up to the entrance of the forest, where a chubby guard was standing.

There was no one around, but the guard was still doing his duty diligently, perhaps because it was admission season.

Senior cadets, except the Cadet Council, were on break, and new cadets had yet to start their training.

Before I could step inside the fencing gate, the guard called me out.

"Oi, it's almost closing time." He said while scanning me up and down.

"My business here won't even take half an hour," I replied quickly. "I just need to visit the outer region."

"Hmm. Are you a first-year?" After a brief pause, the guard asked.

"No, my training will begin in 14 days," I answered while shaking my head.

"You can't enter unless you are at least a first-"

Before the guard could complete his sentence, I spoke up

"How much?"

"Huh?" Confused, the guard eyed me with a frown.

"How much money do you want to let me pass through the gate?" I spoke while returning his gaze.

"Are you out of your mind, brat? In this city, your money is useless! Get out of here before I call the cadet council." The guard raged.

"Haaa," I couldn't help but shake my head in disappointment.

You see, fellas, no matter who you are or what you have, it all can be bought.

One's position, one's treasure, one's life, and even one's dreams. Everything can be bought.

Albeit money can't buy everything, that doesn't mean not everything can't be bought.

As someone once said, even fate can be negotiated if you deal with the right price.

...Wait, who said that?

"Oye! Quit standing there and scram!"

Sighing exasperatedly, I began thinking about what I could use here to buy this guard.

"Didn't you hear me?! Fine, I'm calling the cadet council!"

At that warning, the guard turned around and was about to unlock his smart bracelet. But before he could do so, I called him out.

"I'm the son of General Reynold Morningstar, Lucas Morningstar."

My words made him stop in his tracks. Seeing that, I couldn't help but smirk.

'Predictable,' I commented in my mind.

If you can't buy someone with money, buy them with power.

Although status and money were almost useless once you were inside the Global City, you could still use them to influence people.

What I did here was no different.

With just one sentence, I made him aware of my authority and warned him of my power.

The position of General was nothing to mess with, after all. No way a mere guard can go against that kind of status.

Even if he was safe inside the Global City, his family wasn't.

"You must have a family outside this City, right?" I continued.

That was the last hit I needed: family— every man's weakness.

Although my father had disowned me, and I practically possess no power or backing currently, he doesn't know that as that news has yet to spread.

To him, I just gave him a warning.

A warning that he just couldn't neglect unless he wanted to regret it later.

ƥαṇdα- ηθνε|·ƈθm

"Now, let's not be hasty, yeah? Don't notify the council and let me go in. I will reward you handsomely later."

The poor man could only nod in reply with his back still facing me.

Displaying another smirk, I walked past the fence gate and entered the forest.