13 First Day At Global Academy [2]

I tried taking a nap, but I couldn't since the murmur in the class was just too loud.

The noisy atmosphere of the classroom kind of reminded me of my time in high school and college.


…To think that I'd have to go through all that again.

No, in fact, this time it'll be harder since I'll have to participate in army training before I get appointed in the United Military.

And after that, I'll have to fight in wars….

Sigh, survival in this world will prove to be challenging. But for some reason, I was too calm for someone in my situation.

I mean, I died, and when I opened my eyes, I was in another world. I transmigrated. Something that only happens in fiction happened to me.

I'll have to go through army training now.

I'll also have to fight and survive not one but two extinction-level wars in the future.

Yet, for some reason, despite all that was about to happen, I was so unusually calm.

It was almost as if I had done this kind of thing a thousand times already.

To be honest, if I look back at my life, I can't recall one instance when I lost my cool.

…Except for when I was held up at gunpoint. Only in my last moments when my life was in danger did I ever panic.

It made me wonder, was there something wrong with me? Or was it that my mental strength was too high?

Since the 'status' screen doesn't tell us about mental strength, I had no way of knowing.

Anyway, because I couldn't sleep and I had no friends to talk to because of my title of a disowned heir of a ruling family, I just watched people coming in and out of the classroom door.

The class was about to start in a few minutes, and all of the named characters had already arrived by now.

Except for the protagonist, of course.

Why? Because he's the main character! They always arrive late! Tsk.

Anyway, I swept my gaze across the classroom and saw all the big characters from the first volume present here.

A few lanes away from me was Ella Bright, sitting haughtily on her chair as if she owned this academy.

Well, that wasn't so far from the truth as her father had a seat on the council of the Global City.

She was playing with her auburn red hair with a bored expression on her face. In the meantime, she was sneaking a few glances at the boy beside her.

The boy beside her was a half-elf boy with emerald hair and soft violet eyes. Being a half-elf, he was naturally pretty handsome. In fact, his fair skin and small face made him look more like a girl than a boy, earning him the attention of many maidens sitting around him.

Of course, he still couldn't be compared to me in terms of looks, but he was decent looking, I guess… Ahem.

His name was William Sinoath, the future war hero and pride of elves. And in his arms was his mana beast cat pet, Rui.

Rui was a black-furred cat capable of casting shadow magic. Although elves dislike shadow magic due to their natural affinity with light, Willam took a liking to this certain black cat.

A few seats behind him was sitting a brown-haired youth. His sapphire-like azure eyes were fixated on the book in his hands.

He was not as good-looking as William and certainly not as handsome as me, yet he was still fairly attractive for being a half-dwarf.

His name was Elijah Steelforged.

He was another one of the future war heroes and the savior of the dwarven race.

He was a diligent student who was reading a book on mana beasts' anatomy even on the first day of the academy.

A few seats in front of him was a human boy with long golden black hair tied into a bun. He was tall and had a well-built body with an angry resting look on his face.

He was Chase Woods. He was the reason the protagonist survived a major incident in volume 3.

Although he had a massive ego and a vulgar mouth, he was part of the 'good guys' because he had a kind and forgiving heart.

Oh, and Chase was the protagonist's love rival since he liked Anastasia too. Unfortunately, his kind and forgiving heart resulted in his death in the first war.


Shaking me out of my thoughts was the loud slamming noise of the main door.

I expected the newcomer to be an extra, so I didn't even bother shifting my gaze to look who it was.

However, at the next moment, I was forced to look at the door when the entire class, which was as lively as a fish market earlier, suddenly fell silent.

So I turned my neck to look at the person who had just entered, but when our eyes met, I froze.

I knew who the boy that had just entered the classroom was.

The most frightening part about him wasn't the dreadful aura that he was oozing off, nor was it his firsthand experience in battle.

The most frightening part about him was that he could control the atmosphere of an entire room just by walking in.

That's just how famous he was… and how dangerous.

While other cadets in this room were trying to forge their own legends, this boy– no, this man already was a legend.

He had raven black hair that matched his tan skin, and his eyes, a deep shade of olive, were capable of entrapping anyone in awe.

He was wearing the [Top 16] cadet uniform.

Despite being the first year and this being his first day, he was already in the Top 16. It was a feat unheard of.

But that's to be expected from him with his near-godlike talent in dark magic.

That, coupled with the fact that he had already experienced a few minor wars while being on the front lines, made him a force to be reckoned with.

He was wearing a white blazer with blue embroidery and, underneath it, a white shirt paired with royal blue pants.

He also wore a blue armband, showing that he was already part of the Disciplinary Community (the pawns).

This guy was a major antagonist of this story, Quinn Darkstar. An illegitimate son of Major Miles Darkstar and a war prodigy.

After he finished glancing around the classroom, Quinn walked up to the back of the class and took a seat without muttering anything to anyone.

The murmur in the class, which had previously died down, started again. This time though, everyone was talking about Quinn.

Because the world of [Chronicles of the Legendary Heroes] had vampires and aliens threatening Earth, one may think that the book would have clear villains.

I mean, the villains in this story should be the vampires trying to take over the continent and the aliens trying to invade our planet for resources, right?


This story was about the new generation of heroes making their own legends.

And how does a person become a hero? By enduring hardships.

Only when a person emerges victorious through their hardships can they be called a hero.

But life isn't always sunshine and roses. People don't always emerge victorious since, sometimes, they fall.

What if a person fails to endure hardships? Then what'll emerge wouldn't be a hero. It would be a villain.

You see, the novel gets a lot more complicated by the end of the 4th Volume.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

This world was the one where power reigned supreme, and some people took some questionable paths to achieve that power.

One such man was the 'Calamity Bringer,' Quinn Darkstar.

Quinn always had an underlying inferiority complex toward Nero, the protagonist.

He thought he would be the strongest among his peers. But when he found that someone out there was stronger than him, he felt uneasy at first.

During their years in the academy, Quinn and Nero's relationship developed into a heated, cutthroat rivalry.

Both of them were equal in terms of overall combat potential. Nero was stronger, and Quinn was more experienced.

But when Nero started catching up to Quinn in terms of experience, the latter began feeling inferior.

That inferiority complex burst out during the climax of the 4th volume.

In the 4th volume, after being utterly defeated by Nero in the 'War Of Union,' Quinn went off the deep end.

He came in contact with one of the 7 Abyssal Vampires in hopes of acquiring the power that could grant him his revenge.

Quinn had something that the vampires wanted. Thus, Quinn decided to trade. He would give vampires what they wanted while they would give him a powerful dark spell.

After that, at the end of the 4th volume, both Nero and Quinn engaged in a fierce battle.

Although Quinn didn't get his revenge, he still came pretty close to killing the protagonist by using his new dark spell that he got from the vampires.

Fortunately or unfortunately, none of them died during that fight. Quinn survived with heavy injuries, while Nero lost an eye.

Then at the start of the 5th volume, Quinn was manipulated by the Vampires and was tricked into fully switching sides.

The vampires offered him strength much greater than the spell they had given him earlier. Unrivaled power that could make him the strongest person ever to exist.

And honestly, he could've become the strongest if the protagonist hadn't existed.

He realized that even after siding with the vampires and obtaining that said unrivaled power, he was still not strong enough to defeat Nero. Quinn was still in 'second place.'

That realization broke Quinn once again.

He went on a rampage and single-handedly waged war against the Union Military.

Countless soldiers and civilians were massacred during his rampage. Not even the strongest of the strongest were capable enough of stopping Quinn.

Hence, Nero himself confronted him at the end of the 7th volume in order to stop him— kill him once and for all.

…But I don't know how it ended since the volume concluded before their battle could end. And it was the last volume I read of this web-novel.

Looking at him through my peripheral vision, I couldn't help but swallow hard.

Yes, I was scared shitless! How can I not? This person will become a man who peels off people's skin for fun!

While reading, you won't think much about it, but even sitting in the same room as this guy was scary!

Shaking my head, I closed my eyes and rested my chin on the top of my hand.

"He isn't my problem. Nero will handle him when the time comes. I just need to not get beaten up to a pulp and survive the war arc." I thought out loud as if I was telling myself all that.


A loud voice, comparable to that of a thunderstorm, woke me up from my thoughts right then.

I looked at the podium where I heard the voice coming from and saw a violet-haired woman standing on top of the dais.


When did she get inside? I was watching the door the whole time!

With a confused frown, I looked around me and saw the stunned faces of other cadets.

It seems like they didn't notice her either.

Did she appear out of nowhere?

"No, I didn't appear out of nowhere. All of you are just pathetic!" as if reading my mind, the woman spoke.

"Only six people noticed me! And I didn't even cast an illusion spell! Pathetic, all of you!"

Arghh, this bitch! Who is she calling pathetic? I bet she's just an extra!

"I am the Witch Of Soul Harvest, Liz Snyder! I'm an ‹Immortal-1› ranked Section Commander of the Northern Defense Force!" She said in an arrogant tone.

"Ahem, or at least I was until I was suspended for 'acting out' and neglecting some useless orders," with an embarrassed face, she continued to speak.

Arghh shit.

She was not an extra. She was actually a major character. How did I forget her appearance description?!

Dark violet hair and fierce purple eyes, a voluptuous mademoiselle-like figure, and light brown skin. And not to mention how stealthily she walked into the classroom.

No shit, she was 'the' Liz Snyder!

Liz Snyder was a ‹Immortal 1› ranked Section Commander who was tasked with keeping the north safe.

She was a recurring character during the 1st to 3rd volumes and was later promoted to one of the main characters during the 7th volume.

She wielded the dark/shadow element, and her signature spell was [Soul Harvest].

It was a spell that allowed her to extract the souls of dead people around her and use them to do a variety of tasks.

That spell and her unique battle style that was built solely to abuse that spell earned her the nickname of the 'Witch Of Soul Harvest.'


The whole room fell silent as she revealed her identity. She was kind of a celebrity, after all.

For reference, there were only 93 ‹Immortal› rankers in this world, according to the novel. And she was one of them.

For most, getting up to ‹Gold› rank was the limit. My own potential was ‹Gold 3›.

Although I had a way in my mind to break that potential cap, for someone to naturally reach ‹Immortal› rank was a big thing.

"And because I neglected orders, I'm being punished by being appointed as your head instructor. I'll also be teaching you all about battle strategies and controlling fire and shadow elements along with their variables.

"Don't make me regret wasting my time on insects like you all." She said while rolling her eyes as if she was already disappointed!

Arghh! Immortal ranked or not, she was a bitch!

I even hated her in the novels! I mean, I hated most of the characters, but I hated her the most for her bitchy personality.

…Although looking at her now, she was nothing short of a hot milf… Ahem! No! I must stay focused!

"I know you all were excited for your first day, so most of you didn't get any sleep last night. So let's keep it short today, yeah? In fact, we'll not do much for the next five days, so get to know each other in that time.

"Today, I'll simply take attendance and then let you all select your main weapon," Liz said while getting behind the podium. "Oh, and I'll also hand you your rankings today."

Oh? Maybe she wasn't a bitch after all. She was worried about us and our sleep. Perhaps she was a softie deep inside.

"Actually, I wanted us to do something more today, but it looks like you all are in pretty pathetic states, and I don't want to kill you all on your first day."

"Nevermind, she's a bitch through and through," I muttered under my breath while shaking my head.