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Chapter 138 - You Deserve To Die!

The huge change caught the black fog off guard. It did not know what had happened. It looked at Lin Bai. The insignificant human that it had not thought much of before seemed to have undergone an earth-shattering change at this moment. “You!”

As soon as it opened its mouth, Lin Bai raised the Ruoshui sword and slashed at it.

A cut splitting worlds!

Lin Bai’s eyes were filled with indifference. Upon closer inspection of his pupils, there seemed to be a bit of golden light pervading them, carrying with it an unfathomable divinity. It was as if a god had descended from the nine heavens.

He was expressionless, as if he had truly become a different person. There was no human aspect in him at all, only the indifference and arrogance of a god.

The black fog stared vigilantly at Lin Bai. For some reason, the person in front of him posed a great threat to him, like a weak ant that had shed its outer skin.

“You deserve to die.”

Lin Bai said coldly. The golden light in his eyes grew brighter and brighter. It was like an exploding giant sun. It swept up the air currents and surged to the side.

The black fog would not be easily frightened by him. “I don’t care who you are. If you fall into my hands today, I’ll take you down even if you’re a tiger or a dragon!”

As soon as he finished speaking, black fog’s body expanded and pounced at Lin Bai with bared fangs and brandished claws. Countless shadow monsters also pounced at him in an instant. They were so densely packed that it was almost impossible to see anything else clearly.

However, tens of thousands of rays of light emitted from Lin Bai’s body and landed densely on its body. Only a miserable cry could be heard. Black fog’s body was filled with densely packed swords.

Those divine sword lights were dazzling. If Lin Bai had any consciousness, he would definitely realize that these were all swords from the sword tomb.

Ordinary spiritual power and spells could not cause any substantial damage to the black fog. However, this time, not only was it heavily injured, more than half of the black fog had dissipated. The outline of a living creature could be vaguely seen from within.

“I admit you’re strong!”

Seeing that the situation was not good, the black fog did not know how Lin Bai had turned into a tough nut to crack. It threw a harsh word and disappeared into the air.

He Qingyuan brought everyone here. Just as they were about to enter, they found that there was another layer of restriction outside the forbidden area, blocking their way.

A light barrier with black aura covered the top of the forbidden area. Even the sky above their heads was gloomy, as if it could not bear the weight and was on the verge of falling down.

“Who set this up!”

Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads. “I don’t know. When I came to see it yesterday, it wasn’t there.”

He Qingyuan frowned. He didn’t know why, but when he looked at the black barrier, he felt that it was full of omens and was very strange, making him very uncomfortable. He couldn’t help but mutter to himself, “Could it be that thing inside the Forbidden Area…”

Everyone had lived in the Alchemist Association for so long, but they had never discovered that the forbidden land could produce such a strange change. Anyone who looked at the black mist felt that it was somewhat ominous.

This was especially so for some of the elders who were highly respected. When they knew about the existence and origin of the creature in the forbidden land, their expressions changed. “What should we do now, president? I’m afraid that there might be some changes in the forbidden land.”

It should be known that it wasn’t that there hadn’t been anyone who had barged into the forbidden area in the past, but nothing had changed. Now that such a thing had happened after Lin Bai had entered, it wasn’t difficult for people to guess whether he had touched something that shouldn’t have been touched.

“If we let the thing inside escape, I’m afraid that our Alchemist Association will be in big trouble!”

Even the need for them to say anything, He Qingyuan knew the seriousness of the situation inside. Streams of spiritual power surged out from his palm and fiercely hit the light barrier.

However, the light shield caved in and slowly engulfed the spiritual power, returning to its original state. The spiritual power in He Qingyuan’s hand continued to flow, one palm after another. The light shield was like a bottomless pit, it kept swallowing.

Seeing that the situation was not right, the others also joined in. Several streams of spiritual power were like fireworks in the sky, densely enveloping the light shield.They couldn’t even open a small crack much less an opening. It was really strong to the extreme.

Although the Alchemy Association focused on cultivating pills and everyone’s spiritual power level was not high, there were still some people with profound spiritual power and powerful combat strength, such as He Qingyuan, Zhou Zhengqing, and the like.

Even when they joined hands, they still could not open this restriction. He Qingyuan’s expression became increasingly ugly. He felt as if the creature inside was deliberately preventing them from entering. It was likely that an immeasurable change had really occurred in the forbidden land.

“President, we can’t continue fighting like this. What should we do next?”

If their spiritual energy were to be added together, it was likely that even half of the mountain would be razed to the ground. However, this barrier remained unmoved.

He Qingyuan’s expression was so gloomy that it was as if water could drip out of it. “Form a formation! All of our powers are gathered together. Aim at this weakest part of the restriction. I don’t believe that we won’t be able to break it!”

Colorful spiritual power gathered in the air. He Qingyuan and the other elders stood in different positions according to the metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. They formed hand seals in the air and formed complicated spells, a huge formation rose up under their feet.

An unparalleled golden light was emitted from their bodies and poured into the huge ball of spiritual energy in the air. It was like a balloon that suddenly expanded and instantly became extremely huge. At the same time, it brought with it an oppressive pressure.

He Qingyuan and the other elders attacked together. Together with the augmentation of the formation, a layer of dense beads of sweat appeared on everyone’s foreheads.

“Go!” With He Qingyuan’s command, the huge ball of spiritual energy suddenly charged onto the array formation.


Sand and stones flew and blurred everyone’s vision. They couldn’t see the scene in front of them clearly. The ground shook continuously and everyone fell to the ground.

They felt as if the entire mountain was about to collapse.

Everyone felt that it was strange. Even if they gathered all their spiritual energy, coupled with the formation, it should not be able to produce such a huge effect.

Just as they were feeling puzzled, they vaguely saw a figure slowly walking out from within. It was Lin Bai!

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