3093 Unseen Enemies! II

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3093 Unseen Enemies! II

He couldn't see them.

And up until the very last moment, even those who were directly in front of them couldn't see them!

It meant that one could not rely on their own Will or sensory Existential Extremity Authorities- with these Entities actually bypassing all of these.

There were too many bundles of information from what Noah had just seen as the smallest details provided the biggest clues.

One of the more dreadful clues was the fact that no matter if it was a Sequor Stage Imperium Knight or a Teleios Stage Imperium Knight, the moment they became aware of the enemy...they died as if their Realm didn't matter.

Another was the fact that even though their Existential Extremity Authorities erupted out, with those holding Codexes of Extremity even causing the descent of the influence of Omniversal Authorities…none of it helped.

When whatever enemy struck, they all died in the next moment regardless!

It meant that the enemies Noah was looking at were those who could theoretically bypass the weavings of Existential Extremity Authorities and to an extent, Lesser Omniversal Authorities!

And if Noah connected the disappearance of the weavings of the Greater Omniversal Authority of Deorcnysse…then an even more horrific reality lay ahead.


Noah watched with a pondering gaze as on the illusory screen he was focused on, he saw that once more…the scenery began to change rapidly at great speeds.

As if the enemy he was focused on was moving yet again.

A lot about them was unknown even now as Noah was mulling over the grandest and most terrifying thing.

He…was the Weaver of Extremity.

He was the Weaver of Existence.

And yet…he couldn't even see these Entities.

What did this mean?

Were they not within the bounds of Extremes and Existence? Were they outside of it entirely?

The antithesis of Existence itself? Was this why they couldn't even be seen by one's senses?

The only thing Noah could affirm was that moments before the Imperium Knights died, they did manage to see their enemies with their own eyes!

With one's own naked eye.

If Noah wanted even a glimpse of these beings, he had to observe them with his own eyes by appearing in any of the locations he could see in these illusory screens before him!


Such a thing came with immense risks when there was still so much that wasn't known regarding these enemies as Noah wouldn't do so just yet.

Even though he had the Ascendant Existential Extremity Clones.

Even though they couldn't die due to the Steles of Ascensions in his Existential Dominium and within the Infinite Existential Omniversal Seed!

The risk was still too high as while he kept his eyes on the constantly changing screens in front of him that held unseen enemies, his intent weaved out.

|What have you recorded regarding Non-existence…or Anti-lightsnovel



His weavings were asking none other than the Infinite Existential Omniversal Seed itself.

His construct that held grand ideals!

His construct that didn't deny anything that Entropy had uttered out.

Its database of knowledge was constantly expanding as its weavings intricately went out across the Omniverse, and its voice echoed out at this moment straight into Noah's mind.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

|Much of it is conjecture and theories, but the very definition of Anti-Existence would not correlate with the same distinctions of life and death, of light and dark, or beginning and ending.|


The voice of the Infinite Existential Omniversal Seed was filled with immense serenity as it echoed out in Noah's head, his eyes and will locked onto the many Illusory screens around him as he nodded.

And the Infinite Existential Omniversal Seed continued.

|If we are currently contained in a System that we consider Existence, then Anti-Existence would reside in another System entirely. There may be the flow of time and space, there may not. Time may flow in reverse or in other directions. Entities within that space would likely consider their System perfectly normal and how things should be, and they could even refer to our system as the one of Anti-



Profound words echoed out from the Infinite Existential Omniversal Seed as it continued!

|Entities within that System may have an entirely different progression of power, or they may not even have anything alongside the concept of energy, mana, or Authorities. They may simply just…be. They could just be what they are, and if they come across anything from our System- something reliant and cognizant of Existential Extremity Authorities and Omniversal Authorities...this may not mean much to them or affect them in any way.|

|What we find impossible could be the reality in their System, something they consider perfectly normal may be a complete violation of the set reality within our System. This…is just a working theory as it could have many gaps within it.|


Words that forced one to ponder echoed out from the Infinite Existential Omniversal Seed as Noah's eyes shone brightly while he asked.

|You believe these enemies we cannot see stem from another type of Existence than us entirely?|


A heavy question.

One that the Infinite Existential Omniversal Seed didn't answer right away as after a pause…

|Inconclusive to say with complete confidence. An easy path can be taken to assume this possibility to be the reality and to then plan accordingly. But even then, an impossible task arrives as the question of how we could stand against such Enemies is brought forth. Because even if the systems we stem from are different, why is it so that our authorities can not perceive them? Why are Existential Extremity Authorities and Omniversal Authorities bypassed by these unknown enemies so easily as if they were not even there?|

Heavier and heavier questions were uttered out as the answers were hard to find!

Noah thought about the words of the Infinite Existential Omniversal Seed as many theories and possibilities rose within his mind as well, with his will currently focused on the wail that he cut off that was destabilizing the weavings of even his Desecrated Existential Chronos Domain.

It all pointed to the Unknown enemy standing directly opposite to everything they understood, and it left behind an even more perplexing question.

How did such enemies even get here?