655 He's gone, he's gone, William has run away!

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When William and his companions arrived, Odin's subordinates were attacking the place known as Shire, the City of Starlight.

The attack wasn't for no reason. During the last Ultimate Force Alliance convention, Odin planned to send someone to Shire to make an ally of Jesus, aiming for the Ultimate Force Alliance's forces to occupy the territories surrounding Shire.

Led by Shapeshifters' lord Borak, five hundred soldiers of the Ultimate Force Alliance's forces made a show of force at the fortress's entrance but didn't actually engage in combat.

The reason was straightforward: Shire, formerly a stronghold of vile demons, was feared mainly because it fell under the dominion of the Demon King Satan, along with his three hundred thousand demon soldiers.

Demon King Satan has been an immensely powerful entity since the dawn of the universe, capable of slaughtering millions of human beings without batting an eye. He single-handedly repelled an attack by 5000 angels sent by God and could effortlessly annihilate ancient beasts like dragons and phoenixes. Such a peerless demon, not even Odin or Zeus would dare to provoke lightly.

Jesus forcefully taking control of the demon lord guarding Shire and changing the fortress's name did catch Satan's attention, who responded by sending a demon lord to negotiate and attempt to recruit Jesus.

The main goal was to recruit Jesus,otherwise, the demon lord Jesus had taken hostage could have simply been killed.

why bother with negotiations?

Lord Borak was tasked by Odin to make contact with Jesus and take over Shire, the City of Starlight, a mission he found exceedingly complex.

The demon lord guarding Shire isn't really the issue. The key point is, if he really attacks the city and, by chance, angers Satan who then decides to annihilate him, what use would it be even if Odin were to come?

Such was the cruel, merciless, and bloodthirsty Demon King.

Although Lord Borak couldn't defy the orders from Odin, the Ultimate Force Alliance's leader, all he could do daily was have his soldiers make empty threats and spit insults, complaining about his bad luck compared to other Shapeshifters lords who seemed to have it better.

Borak, bored to death, sat outside Shire's city gates under the sun, grumbling about his misfortune in being saddled with such a thankless task.

As the blood sun set, three figures appeared in the distance.

"Lord Borak, three odd fellows are approaching from the west," reported a rhinoceros beast standing by Borak's side.

Leaning back in his massive chair, Borak lazily inquired, "Odd fellows? How odd can they be?"

The rhinoceros beast replied, "They seem like Divine Alliance god officers or powerful deities."

The Shapeshifters have indeed become accustomed to transforming into human forms, but they generally reveal some racial characteristics.

For instance, the rhinoceros beast has a human face and body, but with a large rhinoceros horn on its nose, a symbol of his noble lineage.

At the headquarters of the Ultimate Force Alliance, if a Shapeshifter looks exactly like a human, it's either because they are exceptionally powerful and choose to keep a low profile, like Baldr, or because they're ashamed and don't dare to reveal their distinctive features.

Borak casually instructed, "Go ask those people about their origins. If they're god officers from the Divine Alliance, kill them and share their flesh in a soup for everyone."

With the leader of the Ultimate Force Alliance, Odin, convening the Ultimate Force Alliance conference so ostentatiously, Borak naturally followed suit in being high-profile.

He is not afraid of any divine officials from the Divine Alliance.

"Understood!" The rhinoceros beast was thrilled. Having spit for so many days at the city gate and getting bored from inactivity, unable to enter the city, and long deprived of meat, the prospect of killing a couple of Divine Alliance's god officers for Borak to feast on, so he could at least enjoy some soup, was tantalizing.

As William and Alice approached the city gate, Alice wondered, "Why don't we just go directly into the city?"

William responded with a laugh, "Do you really think we're here for a honeymoon?"

Alice wanted to retort but hesitated, deciding not to embarrass herself with such a question, which would appear as foolish as a burrowing mole.

"You need to subdue your disciple on your own. I won't intervene unless absolutely necessary," William said, donning a bronze mask he had produced.lightsnovel

William's scripted adventure involved a master subduing his disciple and then slashing through Shapeshifters and demons along the way.

He had already found a disciple named Loki for her as per the script. While he didn't expect her to sweep through obstacles with her own strength, she needed to put in some effort.

Resigned, Alice saw a burly Shapeshifter with a rhinoceros horn on his nose, accompanied by ten odd-looking Shapeshifters, approaching them.

"Are you god officers from the Divine Alliance? What are you doing here?" The rhinoceros beast halted about twenty feet away, eyeing Loki, Alice, and William.

Loki, exuding confidence, planted his Little Broken Stick on the ground and declared loudly, "We're entering the city! Block our way, and you die!"

The rhinoceros beast, merely a Nature Deity in strength—below which is the Destroyer Deity level and above which, after two more levels, is the Supreme Deity level—evaluated the situation.

Loki, being at the mid-stage of the Supreme Deity level, plus wielding the ancient Dark Artifact named Little Broken Stick with its extraordinary origin, merely standing there exuded a fierce aura that instinctively made the rhinoceros beast shudder.


"I'm asking you, are you three god officers from the Divine Alliance?"

The Shapeshifters accompanying the rhinoceros beast weren't particularly strong, so it certainly wasn't looking to start a fight directly. After all, engaging them would be akin to courting death.

This situation was like Spider-Man asking Thanos how hard his punch was.

With their lord Borak backing them, even if these three were powerful, could they surpass Borak? And even if they were stronger than Borak, could they possibly be stronger than Odin, the lord of the Ultimate Force Alliance?

"We are not god officers of the Divine Alliance. Let us through!" Loki glared provocatively at the rhinoceros beast.

His nature was always to court trouble, and the excessive questioning by this Shapeshifter was truly annoying. If there's to be a fight, then fight,if not, step aside.

Why all the questions?

The rhinoceros beast was momentarily taken aback by the response that they weren't Divine Alliance god officers.

"Then, are you people from the Divine Alliance?" Not wanting to confront Loki directly due to his lower strength, the rhinoceros beast asked again.

Loki, irate, bellowed, "No! Are you letting us through or not? If not, I'll fight my way through!"

Already known for his arrogant demeanor, having been confined in the Heavenly Dungeon had only built up his frustration.

Now following William, he was eager to prove himself.

"Wait!" The rhinoceros beast called out before running to Borak's side, shouting, "Lord Borak, those people are forcing their way through!"

Both the rhinoceros beast and Loki had loud voices, and Borak, already irritated, slowly got up and approached William and the others.

Standing over seven feet tall, with a lion's head, a human body, and clad in black armor, Borak looked imposing and fierce. He looked down at William and his companions, laughing menacingly, "Supreme Deity level strength? Impressive!"

Then, he unleashed a terrifying surge of energy towards Loki, causing the ground under Loki to crack and his expression to twist grotesquely.

Seeing the situation, William, as if he had an accelerator on his feet, quickly slipped away to a place thousands of feet away, while Alice foolishly stood there, not knowing what to do.

Alice wanted to run, but found herself locked in by Borak's aura, unable to move from her spot.

How infuriating, William escaped without taking her!