2859 Finally Ye Chen came face to face with Kong Qamon

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"clang" once again, the attack launched by Kong Qamon was again stopped by Ye Chen.

This time Ye Chen used his sword to fight against Kong Qamon.

"Very good, you finally used the weapons you have, this will be a fierce battle" said Kong Qamon.

"of course, but you clearly use such a great artifact, I didn't expect you to have it" Ye Chen said to Kong Qamon.

"oh, so you are aware of this katana" Kong Qamon said to Ye Chen.

"Of course I'm aware, I'm not a fool, I'm of course easily aware of it".

"You, this thing is the Immortal Katana, a weapon that was once used to cut down countless cultivators until it became this strong".

"Do you also know about this ?" Kong Qamon asked Ye Chen.

"Weapons that become strong when they absorb blood, you really like weapons that become strong because they absorb someone's blood," said Ye Chen.

All of this person's weapons use other people's blood to become powerful, even the weapons given by Cao Longhe, this person's weapons are very similar.

"That's because weapons like this are very easy to use, they are very easy to kill and become stronger when used to slaughter.

"I have used this to kill so many people, that a sea of ​​blood has formed, it's a shame that I still can't rule the world in that way, you know what I mean, right?" said Kong Qamon.

"You won't be able to rule the world with something like that, you should be aware," said Ye Chen.

Ye Chen knew that Kong Qamon would not rule the world with just an artifact like that.

"You also know what I mean, it's true that I can't rule the world by just relying on things like this, that's why I use all the wealth resources I have," said Kong Qamon.

"I've planned this plan for so long and used up so much of my time and resources, and it was ruined because of you and Goddess Chen, so annoying," said Kong Qamon.

Kong Qamon was still very annoyed with Ye Chen, he had destroyed the perfect plan he had, there was no thought that the plan would be failed by Ye Chen, because no one would be able to defeat Number One King Goblin.

"I intervened because I didn't like the method you used," said Ye Chen.

"So you don't like it, just for that reason, a very ridiculous reason," said Kong Qamon.

"you bastard" Kong Qamon attacked Ye Chen, they finally decided to attack Ye Chen.

This time Kong Qamon would not waste words on Ye Chen, he had already gotten the answer he needed from Ye Chen, so he would destroy Ye Chen and make Ye Chen pay for what he had done to him.

"Boom . . ." the attack was so powerful and forced Ye Chen to take several steps back.

Ye Chen was still in a defensive position while Kong Qamon continued to attack Ye Chen, with a slash that was as fast and fast as light, he attacked Ye Chen and tried to corner Ye Chen.

Kong Qamon went berserk, he destroyed everything in this place.

"Hey, this is your house, don't you love your house" Ye Chen asked Kong Qamon.

"Don't worry about that, I can build a thousand times better than this" he said to Ye Chen.

"so that's how it is, I understand" Ye Chen understood, he was indeed rich, it wasn't strange that he didn't care if this house was destroyed.

"if you lose, I want to see how much treasure you keep" said Ye Chen.

"Don't worry, you won't get it," said Kong Qamon.

He was confident of winning, he hadn't even used all his abilities yet.

"You have a lot of strange items, why don't you start using them" Ye Chen said to Kong Qamon.lightsnovel

"I don't need to use something like that to defeat you" Kong Qamon said to Ye Chen.

"Is it because there are side effects" said Ye Chen.

"You also have to know, the more power you gain, the more you lose," said Kong Qamon.

"That's true," said Ye Chen, that's a basic principle, where nothing is instant, there must be a price to be paid, whether now or in the future.


"six night star slash" he used six slash attacks and created a wave of slashes that headed towards Ye Chen.

"celestial sword motion art" Ye Chen used celestial sword motion art, a move that made him block the attack from Kong Qamon.

"He can still block my attacks like that" Kong Qamon gritted his teeth, he wasn't angry when he saw Ye Chen block his attacks again and again, it was so annoying.

I already thought, he is a tough opponent, it won't be easy to beat him using normal methods, or more precisely, I won't be able to win using normal methods." Kong Qamon realized that he wouldn't be able to win without using the cards he kept, he didn't would be able to win against Ye Chen if it was like this.

"if that's the situation, I have no choice but to use it" Kong Qamon had no choice but to use it, he could only use this thing to win against Ye Chen.

Kong Qamon took out something, a round object that looked like an egg.

"Yuechan, you know what it is, I don't know what kind of thing it is?" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

"I don't know what that is" Chu Yuechan herself also didn't know what it was, she didn't know what Kong Qamon had just taken out.

"If you don't know what it is, that means it's a new tool or a new artifact" said Ye Chen.

"That possibility is really very big" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, he told him that the possibility was very big.

"From now on, you will see something so interesting" Kong Qamon said to Ye Chen, he would let Ye Chen see something so interesting.

Ye Chen didn't answer, he wanted to know what Kong Qamon would do, whether he would do something new or just talk nonsense.

The egg in Kong Qamon's hand started to change, it started to move and become several pieces.

"Actually what is going on here" Ye Chen tried to find out what was going on, he wanted to know what was going on with Kong Qamon.

While Ye Chen was trying to find out what was going on, the egg immediately covered Kong Qamon's body.

It formed an armor that covered Kong Qamon's entire body.

Now Kong Qamon's body is goneshrouded by dark amor which is black and also red.

Such a strong aurashown by Kong Qamon, an aura that is so terrifying and full of destructive power.

"I thought it was what it was, it turned out to be amor" Ye Chen thought it was what it was, it turned out to be armor.

"hahahahahaha" Kong Qamon said to Ye Chen, he has now used this armor, now he will win.

"master, I seem to know what it is?" Chu Yuechan finally knew what it was, she finally knew what had just happened used by Kong Qamon.

"so you know what it is" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

"of course I know, those are the scales of the disaster dragon" Chu Yuechan said.

"Disaster dragon scales?" Ye Chen seemed to know less about it.

"Yes, a dragon with an aura of destruction, only a disaster dragon might possibly emit something like that" Chu Yuechan said.

"It looks like he still has quite a lot of troublesome items, rich people are different," said Ye Chen.