2351 Ye Chen And Ning Yi Night (3)

The two started to become active, they became very active and started to enjoy everything.

Ye Chen and Ning Yi were comfortable with what they were doing, they forgot everything and moved madly.

Ning Yi started to become bolder, she started to become bolder and started to move her waist quickly.

This naturally made Ye Chen comfortable and Ye Chen also increased his speed.

"Ohhh. .., very good" Ning Yi shouted, her voice couldn't be contained and she was going crazy.

"You're pretty good, your skills aren't bad, you seem to be more talented" Ye Chen said to Ning Yi, he told Ning Yi that she was very talented.

"More please" Ning Yi told Ye Chen, she asked Ye Chen for more.

Ye Chen granted Ning Yi's request, he lifted Ning Yi's body and carried her.

The two of them switched positions, where now Ning Yi was on Ye Chen's lap and both of them could see each other.

Ning Yi was blushing profusely, she looked embarrassed as she revealed her embarrassing side.

"It's embarrassing, please don't look at me" Ning Yi said to Ye Chen, she asked Ye Chen not to look at her.

"No, you are very beautiful, I like it when I see your face now" Ye Chen said to Ning Yi, he told Ning Yi that he liked Ning Yi.

Ning Yi's face became redder and redder, she was getting more and more embarrassed with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took this opportunity to make Ning Yi feel more comfortable, he made Ning Yi feel the power of his large object.

Ye Chen's thing penetrated into the core, Ning Yi's body bulged slightly when it did.

"ahhh. . ., this is crazy" Ning Yi couldn't stand it, she already felt crazy with what Ye Chen was doing.

Ye Chen had made Ning Yi comfortable, so it was only a matter of time before Ning Yi lost in his hands.

The pleasure given by Ye Chen made Ning Yi feel very comfortable and became addicted.

"No... . ." Ning Yi reached the peak, this was too strong and she couldn't hold back anymore.

Ye Chen continued to advance more and more, he made Ning Yi lose her sanity, this felt so comfortable for Ye Chen.

"This is great, baby you're doing great" Ye Chen said to Ning Yi, he praised Ning Yi for doing so well.

"ummmmm. . ." Ning Yi didn't answer Ye Chen, it seemed like she was fully immersed and didn't think about anything else.



Ye Chen and Ning Yi were going crazy, the two of them did Dual Cultivation for dozens of hours and Ning Yi was still able to survive, Ning Yi's ability and endurance were quite strong.

"husband, I can't take it anymore" Ning Yi said that she had reached her limit.

"Then let's end this, you're pretty good" Ye Chen said to Ning Yi.

"Please" Ning Yi pleaded, she was already very tired, this was even more tiring than fighting.

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"Alright, let's finish everything quickly" Ye Chen accelerated his movements, he was becoming faster and faster and was about to reach the limit as well.

"ahhh. . ., amazing" Ning Yi became more and more crazy, she really had become very lustful under Ye Chen's training.

"ready to take it again" Ye Chen said to Ning Yi.

"Of course, give it to me, I like this feeling" Ning Yi said to Ye Chen, she liked when Ye Chen gave Yang Qi essence, it made her body comfortable and she gained benefits when cultivating with Ye Chen.

"Ummm. ." Ye Chen took it all out, he gave Ning Yi what she wanted.

"Once again, you make me full" Ning Yi felt full, it seemed like she received too much of Ye Chen's Yang Qi.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

"Let's refine it more" Ye Chen told Ning Yi, it was time to refine the results of their relationship.

Ning Yi understood, she followed Ye Chen and began to cultivate what Ye Chen gave her.

Ye Chen utilized the Yin Qi from Ning Yi, this was enough to stabilize the Yang Qi in his body.

The two practiced for a few hours, after which Ning Yi finally finished and she became even better than before.

"That's great, such a large amount of power flowing into my body, this is really great" Ning Yi said to Ye Chen.

Ning Yi realized that this was the result of practicing Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen, this made her become stronger and stronger.

"Congratulations" Ye Chen said to Ning Yi, he congratulated Ning Yi.

"This is all thanks to you, you made me like this, what is your secret that you can increase the strength I have" Ning Yi said to Ye Chen.

"This is the effect of doing Dual Cultivation, I hope you know that it is quite effective for both sides" Ye Chen said to Ning Yi.

"I know, but I didn't expect that doing so would increase my strength to this extent, I feel like I'm getting closer to becoming an immortal" Ning Yi said to Ye Chen.

"I hope that can happen" Ye Chen said to Ning Yi.

"Are you able to move, I want to take you out" Ye Chen asked Ning Yi.

"I don't think I can do that, you're too rude and it's causing me trouble" Ning Yi said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was too rude, he made Ning Yi hurt there.

"I'm sorry" Ye Chen said to Ning Yi, Ye Chen apologized for what happened.

"You have to compensate me" Ning Yi said to Ye Chen.

"What kind of compensation" Ye Chen asked.

"Accompany me in this place for a while, I want to be like this for a while" Ning Yi said to Ye Chen.

"Of course I will" Ye Chen happily did so, he accompanied Ning Yi and hugged her.

Ning Yi snuggled in Ye Chen's arms, this felt very soothing for Ning Yi.

The two continued like this for a while, then they went to the bathhouse and started to wash.

"husband, I have something to ask, this place is really great, how did you build it" Ning Yi was already curious about this place, honestly it was a really great place.

"I just happened to get it" Ye Chen informed that he just happened to get this.

"I see" Ning Yi nodded, Ye Chen was very lucky to get a place like this.

"Do you like living in this place?" Ye Chen asked Ning Yi.

"Of course, this place is very comfortable and the pure energy in this place is very surprising to me" Ning Yi told Ye Chen.

"I expected that you would say that" Ye Chen had expected this, Ning Yi would definitely like this place.

"Is there anyone else living in this place" Ning Yi asked Ye Chen.

"Of course, there are other people living, they are all my women, even Zhao Yanyan and the others live and train in this place, they use the facilities in this place" Ye Chen replied.

"Is there a training ground, I want to see it" Ning Yi was excited when sshe found out there was a training ground inside this place.

"Of course, after this I will take you" Ye Chen said to Ning Yi.

"Then let's go, I can't wait" Ning Yi said that she wanted to see it right away, she wanted to see it

"Let's go then" Ye Chen helped Ning Yi clean up her body, as well as Ye Chen, he was helped by Ning Yi to clean up his body.