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Chapter 161 - Even One Point Short Proves You Cheated

Fan Wenyuan was a famous professional translator. Even if Qiao Xi was a genius translator, compared to Fan Wenyuan, she was still a nobody. But she actually mocked him and said that he was afraid!

Fan Wenyuan was so angry that his face turned red. He clutched his chest while trembling. “You!”

“Sister, we didn’t malign you. If you didn’t cheat, of course, I’d be happy. But…” Qiao Rou put on a hesitant expression and pretended to be innocent.

But Qiao Xi didn’t fall for her tricks at all. “Then you won’t object if I want to take the test again, right?”

Qiao Rou immediately squeezed out a few drops of tears and choked. “Sister… Let’s forget it. When your standard improves, you can take the test again. Don’t let your emotions affect your decisions. Just take it as though I’m begging you, okay?”

“I don’t need you to beg me!” Qiao Xi interrupted coldly, then looked at Chancellor Chen. “I want to retake the test!”

Before Fan Wenyuan could object angrily, a group of people suddenly rushed into the principal’s office. “Chancellor, we support Qiao Xi!”

“Qiao Xi is brave enough to prove herself, so why not give her a chance?”

“Mr. Fan, you’re a famous translator, but that doesn’t mean that all your views are correct. You cannot accuse Qiao Xi of cheating without any evidence. If she wants to retake the test, you must agree!”

Fan Wenyuan was so angry that his chest heaved up and down. He almost couldn’t breathe.

He was a top figure in the translation world, yet he was being questioned like this.

Qiao Xi had cheated. What proof did he need?!

Even if she was wronged, she should just admit to it considering he was a famous professional translator. How could she gang up with a group of people to resist him?

Fan Wenyuan gritted his teeth in anger. “Retake the test, huh? I agree, but to prevent you from cheating again, I’ll set the questions myself!”

He had to think carefully about what kind of questions to give Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi was calm. “Sure. Mr. Fan. Set the questions and let me take the test.”

Qiao Rou secretly revealed a vicious gaze. She didn’t expect things to turn around.

Forget it, she would let Qiao Xi take a breather for now. Mr. Fan would definitely come up with the most difficult questions. If Qiao Xi failed to answer them, then it would prove she had cheated. She would end up even worse than now.

That afternoon, Fan Wenyuan came up with the questions. He chose some professional articles that were extremely difficult to translate. Even native speakers might not be able to translate them accurately.

Professor Wu from the English department looked at the questions and frowned. “Mr. Fan, aren’t these questions a little too difficult? Qiao Xi isn’t a student of this specialization. How will she translate these?”

Fan Wenyuan sneered. “Qiao Xi is the one who wants to retake the test. She also agreed to let me set the questions. Whether she can translate these or not has nothing to do with me. If she can’t answer, it’ll just prove she cheated!”

Professor Wu was about to retort when—

Qiao Xi walked in and indifferently swept a glance at Fan Wenyuan. “Can I take the test now?”

Fan Wenyuan raised his head and revealed a sinister smile. He knocked on the table and said, “Qiao Xi, in order to prevent you from cheating, I’ve decided to invigilate the exam with Professor Wu. Do you agree?”

Qiao Xi glanced at him, then looked at both sides of the classroom. Sure enough, she found a few cameras. “No problem.”

She smiled grimly to herself. There were cameras. It would be best if someone was watching, just in case they said she was cheating again.

She would like to see if Fan Wenyuan still dared to say that she cheated!

After the test officially commenced, Qiao Xi sat down and started to write without any hesitation.

Fan Wenyuan smiled disdainfully. “Qiao Xi, if you don’t get full marks this time, it means that you cheated in the previous exam.”

Professor Wu was furious. “Fan Wenyuan, you’re going too far. The questions this time are obviously much more difficult than the last time. It’s not fair!”

“Yes.” Qiao Xi nodded, then slowly raised her eyes and blinked. “I’ll get full marks!”

Fan Wenyuan instantly laughed out loud. This Qiao Xi was too arrogant!

Even if he answered this test himself, he wouldn’t be able to obtain full marks, let alone Qiao Xi.

He quietly watched Qiao Xi brag!

After a while, Qiao Xi stopped writing and picked up the paper to examine her answers. “I’m done. Professor Wu, Mr. Fan, please judge my paper.”

At this moment, the chancellor stood before Qiao Xi and let out a breath of turbid air.

Seeing Qiao Xi’s confident gaze, there should be no problem.

However, Fan Wenyuan did not think so. With a face full of disdain, he snorted coldly. “Qiao Xi, I’ll be blunt first. Even if you’re one point short, it still proves that you cheated last time. You finished this in half an hour. Don’t tell me you wrote it randomly!”

Qiao Xi didn’t expect the famous translator to have such a bad character. She only smiled. “Mr. Fan, how are you so sure that I wrote it randomly?”

Qiao Xi stood up and nodded at Professor Wu and the chancellor before leaving.

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