24 Grit Your Teeth

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'This... Is this the rumored dragon's blessing that only selected Regis family members possessed?' Celine wondered, her eyes twinkled with excitement. She could feel a very profound magic fluctuation coming from Kyran's barrier, that could only be felt from ancient beings.

It was said that the purple dragon from the Regis Clan's insignia was based on a real dragon that the Regis ancestor met. Their ancestor gained the favor of the legendary purple dragons and was blessed in return. As to what this blessing was, apart from the Regis family, no one knew the details.

What they did know was the future generation of Regis rarely manifested this blessing. Only those truly favored descendant of the Regis ancestor was able to manifest it.

If Kyran knew what Celine was thinking, he would probably look at her with a deadpan expression.

As the son of the next patriarch, he knew most of the Regis Clan's secrets. That also included the dragon's blessings.

Everyone thought the blessing was draconic magic. But it was not. The purple dragons only imparted some of their teachings. Apart from that, the dragons provided the Regis ancestor some of their blood. Because only when a Regis family member took a drop of this blood would they be able to practice and use the dragon's teachings in real combat.

At the present time, only selected Regis family members could be taught the dragon's teachings as well as given a drop of the dragon's blood. The reason was obvious. The dragon blood the ancestor got was almost exhausted.

Kyran was one of the few of his generation that was given a drop of blood when he was four. And his father taught him the dragon's teachings.

The reason why his void magic took on the form of the dragon scales, was that he combined the defensive technique imparted by the dragons, with his magic.

There was nothing special about it. Well, at least to Kyran it was nothing.

"It's true then, the Regis family did possess dragon magic." Dante was also familiar with the rumour about the Regis Clan and the dragon's blessing.

"No. This is just my magic," Kyran replied.

"What's your magic called then. It clearly has a dragon's attribute," Dante insisted.

Kyran frowned a little, "Well. My magic... Yeah, good question."

"What?" Dante frowned in confusion.

"You said something about using more than half of your strength so I can use my magic, right?" Kyran hastily changed the subject.

The purple dragon scales around him decreased in size and gathered around his forearms, forming purple dragon-scale gauntlets.

"I guess it is my turn," Kyran said and bumped his clenched fists together.

"Turn with–?"

Before Dante could properly form a sentence, Kyran started to run.

Once again, the crowd's excitement fired up.

This time, there were few who were looking forward to how Kyran would use his magic and make a come back while others wanted to see if Dante had more surprises up his sleeves.

With a vicious glint in his eyes, Dante sneered as magic arrays appeared and circled his wrists. Did Kyran really think he would let him get close to him?

Several magic arrays appeared on Kyran's path. As usual, all the array's locations were random.

Kyran already expected Dante to make this move to prevent him from getting close. So he planned on trying something out.

'Just a little. Let's try if I can use that,' he thought and focused on a spot just before Dante.

He urged the magic in his body, controlling it to not 'appear' while connecting that spot to his position. But it proved to be very difficult. The magic in his body soon overflowed and a purple ring started to appear on his feet.

Celine frowned as she sensed the Mercenary Hall's defensive array stir.

'Tsk,' Kyran gritted his teeth and immediately stopped.

The amount of magic he could control was not enough for him to use the void to connect one point to another. If he continued, his rings would start to appear for everyone to see. It would make his effort earlier in creating camouflage to his void's form meaningless.

"It seems your magic can only be used in close combat," Dante said mockingly.

The nearest array from Kyran shot out arrows made of lava. Immediately the purple scales around his forearms moved and expanded. It revolved around him as it deflected the arrows.

Every time an arrow touched a scale, it would sizzle and vanish.

'Just now, the Mercenary Hall's defensive array reacted?' Celine wondered. Her eyes glinted as she observed the magic fluctuations around Dante and Kyran.

The Mercenary Hall's defensive array could detect high magic fluctuation. If the array deemed the fluctuation as a threat it would activate and destroy the source of the fluctuation.


It reacted when Dante used his combined magic attack precisely due to this reason. However, since he used his array within the stadium, an area inside the Mercenary Hall that allowed the use of magic to a certain extent, it was deemed by the defensive array as not a threat and only observed. When Kyran used his 'dragon magic' it did not react because although dragon magic was very old and ancient magic, when used by a human, it could barely manifest 1% of its power.

But this recent reaction happened right after Dante finished activating several arrays.

'Is the amount of magic within those small arrays, enough to stir the defensive array?' Celine wondered. Impossible. She was sure the magic that caused the array to react was not from Dante's magic. Then, could it be Kyran?

She observed the revolving dragon scales around Kyran and felt that profound magic fluctuation. But it was also not enough to stir the defensive array.

Then who?

Celine expanded her senses all over the stadium. This way, if anyone used their magic, she would be able to pinpoint its location. After all, the defensive array could only detect the magic once it was activated and not during its initial phase.

Kyran soon shortened the distance between him and Dante. All of the attacks were successfully removed by his magic.

'How can that barrier move like it has a mind of its own?' Dante wondered in shock.

When Kyran was only two meters away from him, Dante clapped his hands and five magic arrays appeared surrounding Kyran.

"This ends here!" He said as smoldering lava boulders appeared on all arrays and attacked Kyran.

Contrary to Dante's expectation, Kyran did not expand his barrier and instead released it.

Then Kyran vanished in front of him.lightsnovel

"What?" Dante exclaimed.

With his right fist raised, Kyran appeared in front of Dante.

Immediately, Dante created his magic barrier and raised his arms to defend against Kyran's incoming punch.

"Grit your teeth," Kyran said.


"Guh!" Dante cried out in surprise and pain. He expected a punch in front, but instead, he was hit in the face by Kyran's left hook.

Dante was blown away by the punch's force and hit the wall to the left.

In the background, the crowd erupted in excitement. Though most were waiting for more magic confrontations, they also loved to witness a nice physical combat exchange.

Kyran landed on the ground just as the smoldering lavas from the five arrays Dante created collided and exploded behind him.

"Phew. That was refreshing," Kyran said. He looked to his right and watched as Dante was buried in the rubble from when he hit the wall.

Dante slowly emerged from the rubble looking disgruntled with blood coming out from his nose and mouth. His right face was also swollen. As he stood up, he spat out a few broken teeth and glared at Kyran.

"Did you really have to fake a punch just to land one on my face?"

"You've been throwing around those arrays and attacking me at random, it was annoying. I thought maybe I could also use a similar tactic."

"You–!" Dante was speechless. He stood up and growled, "You realized your attacks are all physical. How are you even proving your magic attainments if you keep on doing that?"

"I've been thinking about that. But can't you just consider how I was able to defend against your magic? I really can't use my magic to attack."

Dante sneered, "Are you admitting that you are only good at defending?"

While it was not common, there were mages who were more adept in defense magic than offense. It had something to do with their innate magic.

Kyran already proved how formidable his defense was. But if he did not have good offense magic, as a mercenary, his grading would be affected.

"That's not what I meant," Kyran answered with a slight shake of his head.

"Then come. Use your best offensive magic and attack me," Dante insisted.

Kyran scratched his head, "I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why, are you afraid your magic would not even leave a scratch on my magic barrier?"

"Actually, I'm afraid there will be nothing left of you," Kyran answered in a small voice.

"What was that?" Dante asked with a frown.

"Nothing. How about you just hit me with your best offensive magic and I'll defend again?"

Dante's eyes narrowed. Right now, he really wanted to hit Kyran with everything he had. But. He glanced at the gallery where Celine was.

Kyran who saw Dante's action also looked over. He saw him looking at Celine.

Finally, Celine spoke. "Well Mr. Regis, If you don't mind your grading be affected by just using defensive magic, then so be it. Dante, I give you permission to use your full strength."

Dante smirked and looked at Kyran once again. "What do you say, Regis?"

[Go. Now is the time.]

"Nolan," Kyran suddenly felt a huge weight was lifted off his shoulder after hearing Nolan's voice in his mind.

[Sshh. Don't say my name, idiot. Anyway, it's time.]

Kyran gulped. "Right, okay."

[I'll be waiting here outside. Go and run wild.]

Beads of sweat started to appear on Kyran's forehead, "Run wild. Easy for you to say."

"What are you mumbling about," Dante asked and scowled at Kyran.

"Just trying to consider the Hall Master's words," Kyran replied. He then looked at Celine.

"If I countered his attack with an offensive magic, will that do?"

Celine smiled, "Definitely. If you managed to counter one of our high-grade mercenaries using your own offensive magic, then you will have a good grading."


Kyran looked at Dante. "Don't hold back. And after you fired your magic, can you retreat? If you can go up to the gallery it would be better."

"Humph, stop pretending and just get ready."

"No, seriously. Please retreat," Kyran insisted.

Dante frowned and did not reply. However, he did feel the sincerity in Kyran's words.

'Just what the hell is up with this guy?' He wondered.