Chapter 13 - 13.First Party Quest

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After all three accepted the invite walker quickly viewed his new teammates to get a feeling for the party.


Shield Bearer System

Level 4

exp until next level- 80 exp

Hp- 14

Def- 12






"You have an unbreakable shield. No attack may phase you, your protection is sure".

She would definitely be the party's defender. This made sense looking at her stature again and how her stats related. Walker couldn't help but be terrified if she was an agility based attacker. Someone of her stature could probably land a heavy blow ignoring  defense. Luckily she was a tank instead.


Brawler System

Level 6 exp until next level- 320









" close and personal! That is the essence of close combat. Let your fists fly and blood boil."

Based off of her temperament Walker thought Remey would do a lot of rushing in. This could be rough for everyone but at least her smaller size could put off enemies. She might get some good surprise jabs in.

GilI think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

The Ranger System

Level 3 exp until next level- 40









"The forest is where you thrive. Hunting comes naturally to you, foraging is second nature."

It was a worry that finding food outside the walls would be tough but if Gil could forage it could be really useful. Not to mention he had skills that could assist in venturing around a Forest which was a dangerous place for any traveler due to low visibility.


"All skills!"

"All weapons!"

"All gear!"

ραndαsΝοvεl ƈοm

Shouted Gil, Remey, and Su in order while staring open mouthed at walker.

" yea I kinda have a jack of all trades system, the only downside is I can't learn any mastery skills." Walker replied while looking down.

"So that's how you can cover us so easily, you're right we don't need a fifth member." Su said matter of factly.

"In that case I think we should take an easy quest to get to know each other and see our skills in person" Gil had the right idea walker was thinking exactly the same thing. Su quickly nodded her head leaving only Remey to reply. " well yes obviously, just make sure you heal me, I don't feel like getting hurt on an easy quest!" Remey blurted out but Walker got the feeling she was happier than she let on.

The three almost ran down to start fighting for a quest from the stone tier quest  board.

Slime gathering, mail delivery, stable cleanup...all sounded lackluster.

The guild spent a lot of their time separating requests in to proper Bulletin boards for each tier. The safety of their adventurers was always in mind. Adventurers that took quests above their tier ranking were rare but also often denied. Certain situations may allow them to do so safely but it was unique. For example a water mage of the same tier as a quest may easily fail a quest in to a desert where they are at a disadvantage. Where as a fire mage of a tier lower may succeed due to the extreme heat. The guild also did not allow anyone to run off solo adventuring without warrant. These who did attempt to often would be set straight by guild staff during testing. Not to mention have their quests denied.

"Hey! Who wants to go hunt some flame newts to collect their tails for a potion maker?!" Gil had snuck to the front and grabbed a simple quest. Flame newts were black lizards with red spots that spent their time absorbing sun on the outskirts of the sun hollow forest. They tended to move fast but their tails were an important ingredient for certain potions.

Walker checked the reward requirements and saw they only needed to gather 10 tails for a reward of 100G. That would be 25G each which was a bit high for a simpler quest, but passing up this quest was not easy.

"Let's take it the reward is good and as long as we don't let them use their fire spit to burn us too badly I can heal any small wounds'' Walker offered. "Then please go accept it at the counter, leader." Su addressed Walker. He was surprised to be addressed as "leader" but after inviting them to the party and making himself the leader it did make sense.

Seeing an open spot at the counter he jumped in place to wait for Clara to be available.