Chapter 14 - 14.Warning

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After a few moments, Clara came to Walker, " I take it you've had a good Introduction and wish to accept your first quest?"

"Yes please, we would like to accept this quest to hunt and gather Fire Newt tails". Walker responded curtly.

"That was very quick indeed, this quest was just posted with an adjusted reward due to the potential danger in the area. As such I must advise you not to enter the sun hollow forest under any circumstance. A platinum tier adventurer is leading his gold tier members to slay a dragon that has recently been seen in the area. However, as long as you remain on the outskirts it should not be a problem." Walker knew this warning was emphasized strongly because of the low amount of adventuring experience but he was confident in his ability to safely return.Â

"Thank you for the warning, I'll discuss it with my party so they are prepared for any event." With that, he turned to meet his new found party outside to talk over the quest and head towards the South Gate, the nearest to the sun hollow woods.

The walk to the South Gate was less busy than the north but that's because more travelers came from the grassy plains to the north than through the more dangerous forests to the south. However, for adventurers the south was much more intriguing due to the higher numbers of monsters that called the forests home. This lead to the gathering quests, escort quests, and even slaying quests!

Upon discussing and accepting the quest the system had sent the same message to all four young adventurers.

'Your party had accepted a quest. you must hunt and retrieve 10 flame newts tails.

Rewards- 25G each 5exp'

This put a spring in their step as they headed for the gate.

"Stop right there!" A gruff familiar voice ordered.

Garret with three guards in tow quickly halted the party.

"Father, why are you stopping us? We are headed out to gather flame newt tails; it's our first quest!" Walker was confusedI think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm


"And who told you to leave through this gate without introducing your new friends to the guards on duty?" The business like tone was undermined by the smirk on his face

Walker quickly caught on thinking, I can't believe he would intentionally embarrass me on my first day. He could swear he saw Remey giggle just a bit before hurriedly returning a serious face.

The introductions were quick but as soon as they were about to leave, "come here a minute, the other guards and myself pooled some gold together to get you something as a congratulations. This will put our minds at ease, everyone will miss watching you running around trying to learn new things."Garrett slipped a small red potion in to Walker's hands. This was a light potion it's cost 50G and could heal up to 30hp. For a new adventure it could mean life or death!

Without any proper words to say all walker could do was smile as the guards behind his father made shooing motions to push him on his way.

The first step outside the gate is always awe inspiring. The world opens up in to a grand scene. The open sky full of fluffy white clouds and the rocky fields leading to the Sun hallow forest. The rocks were the reason the flame newts lived in the area so much. They could absorb plenty of heat to help them grow. Normally a flame newts is the size of a child's hand but if left alone they have been known to grow over two feet long!

The party followed the well worn path all looking in different directions in search of one newt. However walker was about to make things much easier,

' through consecutive actions the keen eye passive skill has been taken from the artists system.

Passive skill keen eye

Allows the user to notice small details in their surroundings, especially if they are focused.'

"Oh! This will help a lot. I just gained the keen eye passive skill. I should be able to spot them easier now." Walker's sudden exclamation caught the party off guard but before they could say anything he had already stopped and pointed at a large stone about ten feet away.