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Everyone easily accepted what Walker had said after talking a bit more. The royal dragons had managed to calm themselves while they thought about what would happen if their young and inexperienced offspring suddenly found that there were no more dragons around to carry on their bloodline.

This fear was what made them want to deal with the wyverns even sooner. It was naturally a species of monster that could easily threaten them. Especially if they had managed to take on enough of their dragon blood to have similar characteristics.

There was also the fact that Walker had brought up a theory that another type of more hidden monster might be causing problems in the southern side of the continent. The Fel empire might have issues they needed assistance with that could also threaten the dragons.

Adding in that there was a massive desert in the sought, Rise, Ventus, and Terron became interested. A lot of wind, earth, and light elemental mana might be there. However, Terron could go to the mountain too. That would also have a lot of dense earth mana for him to experience and take for himself.

There was a better chance for Ignus though, Mountains meant that volcanoes would exist. Between the mountains would be lakes and rivers for Current. And the shadows would be ideal for Mordant. This was why they had all silently agreed that there would be a chance for them to split up if necessary. Unfortunately, that also required more information. They had to know more about what was going on before anyone risked splitting up.

For the time being, they had prepared the forces that would be staying. The king of the surface was staying with Scylla, Leon, and many of the soldiers. The dragonkin, some elves, and other select soldiers would be going with the royal dragons, Walker's party, and Alma. Elise was also hanging back since they needed to set up a base of the tamer's guild. That would be where they started to gather the information about new monsters.

Naturally, Remey had put a few of the alchemists on the ships in charge of creating a small alchemy lab to begin building toward another alchemy guild location. She was not going to be defeated by the tamer's guild when it came to a base of operations. It was even more important that Remey had information about new herbs here on this continent. Along with the fact that the guild needed to be expanded sooner than later.

All of this had been worked out and told through chain of command to the others. This was just how it would be for now. But no one argued even a little. The only people that were feeling lost were the villagers. They couldn't believe how fast they were watching their little village be transformed. The more it happened, the more awestruck they were.

The space that Terron had cleared was easily four times the size of their small village and was already mentioned to be too small still. This alone made all of the villagers wonder just what a village was like on the other continent. But seeing so many unfamiliar races working together was also stunning.

The children had made a game of picking out new people to pull aside and riddle with questions. The adults were also beginning to fall for this and no one seemed unhappy about it. Genesis was all about getting to know one another and uniting races, that was a core ideal that even the dragonkin had begun to understand since they had met Walker's group.

Overall, the progress was enough, they had all worked and spoken for the entire day since Neil had welcomed them all in as the elder of the village. As sudden as it was, Neil didn't object to them leaving the very next morning. Walker had made it clear that there were goals to be at the embassy as soon as possible. It made sense that it was better for Walker's group to get there than stay and build a village while risking looking like they had invaded the Rize Empire.

It was also because Walker knew that the longer they waited, the longer that all the issues grew to become something that couldn't be handled. There was a major risk in the fact that the demon king was unchecked. What could he be doing? What power could he be gathering? Was that Slime breeder making more dangers? What about the other demon that had gone with him? The three were a major issue that had to be controlled or defeated sooner than later.

Unfortunately, there were also more people with issues here. The angels were clearly divided more than it appeared from what Walker had learned from ancient ruins. That alone would make things even more complicated since Genesis was a third power coming in to the conflict. Not to mention the two issues within the two empires that were spilling over in to other continents already. It was a big head ache for anyone when they thought about it.

"Brother!" Midnight charged and grabbed Walker before he could fall creeper in t thought. She was in her dragonkin form and had been playing with a few of the village children from the last day. Now that she had woken up ready to head out with the rest of them, she was looking for food and Walker was one of the first awake that could get it.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

"Midnight, you are going to want to switch forms again soon. We are going to be getting everyone else awake. But If you help me wake them up, I will cook a little something." Walker saw the light in Midnight's eyes grow before she charged off toward Gil's tent. He felt a little bad but also thought it would be funny to hear the growing cries of surprise as Midnight woke anyone and everyone up that she could.

Just a few minutes later, Gil found Walker by the fire and met him with a slight glare. "That's how you send a wake up call now? A dragon pouncing on everyone? Shouldn't it just be you and Onyx that have to risk breaking ribs?"

"Oh, so you're saying you're not strong enough to resist a playful nudge? Rough life. I guess we will have to wrap you in furs to cushion any fall you might have." The two fell in to a treasing argument as Walker added a few spices to some of the fish that had been hunted by Leon. it was a great smell to wake up to for the entire village. Especially since they had barely put down roots and not fished too much. They were easily attracted by the smell of food.

By the time the rest of the party had joined him, Walker had given away more spices than he would have liked to the older villagers. They wanted to experiment with their own food since most of them were parents and had trouble getting their kids to eat what they made. It didn't matter where someone was, children would still be picky to some degree. Having new spices would be a great way to tempt them.

"You know that we should bring spices and herbs back for your mother too right? the first bakery to sell foods made with spices and herbs from another continent?" Su made a point to tell Walker to keep an eye out. He was already planning on this but was glad to have the reminder. He might space out and miss something.

"Furs too for Lisa." Alice chimed in and added to it. She had high praise for Lisa since she had made Alice's robes and even a few extra pairs of clothing. It was very comfortable and helped her gather light elemental mana. She could only be thankful and want to help. There was also the fact that Lisa had already said she would be fine with Alice as an older sister. not that Walker knew that conversation ever happened. But that would be a story for another time.

"Alright, everyone has eaten and set up what they need right?" Walker saw the nods from everyone. "Good, we are leading the walk from here. The trails seem thin and not very developed. That means we have to travel in a line of smaller groups. It should be fine since we can reinforce each other but we shouldn't let the dragons fly above and defend us. That could be seen as a wyvern attack since the angels don't know dragons." Walker began telling everyone the walking plan. It would take them a few days and they would pass other villages. They would have to be prepared for a number of monster encounters. The only hope was that they could easily handle any threats along the way.


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