Chapter 2 - The People He Has Met

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Walker often chooses to follow his father to the gate so He can meet people passing in and out of the city. The massive walls protect them from the fields and forests full of monsters on the outside. Some of which smell and goblins smell the worst. The iron gate is always open to merchants, adventurers, explorers, and even royalty!

Some of the notable people He'd met have been an older man with a unique system called Spice Trader which allowed him to procure and sell plants he turned in to spices. The aromatic scent of his cart could be smelled for many houses away. However upon trying to bargain with him for some tree bark he called cinnamon Walker quickly found no change In his system. He guessed he won't be a spice trader or a merchant.

Walker had the luck to meet many adventurers as they left on morning quests or training. Always rushing to a magic user when He saw them because the many types of magic in the world could not be counted. The elemental Magic was great for defense and attack but the unique Magic such as spatial magic or healing could lead to a wondrous life. Unfortunately, he had met over twenty three different magic users, and no spell that he had tried worked. Maybe I'll try the church was one of his next thoughts, there was a woman who unlocked a Master Oracle System, and it was said she could see up to ten whole years in the future! These thoughts were always running through his mind.

He was even lucky enough to meet someone with a Tamer System once. They preferred to tame sonic bats which were small creatures about the size of someone's head that could confuse and disorient enemies with sound. The tamer even let Walker try and tame one of the baby bats which were as small as his pinky finger. Yet to no avail again there was no magical sounds or reaction from the system.

Garret often told Walker the story of how he had been a child walking along and witnessed other kids his age throwing rocks at a stray dog. When he threw himself in front of it and yelled for them to stop he felt power well within him and his system gave a ding. 'You have reached the requirements. The Elite Guard System has become active. Congratulations.' That was some years ago but now after rigorous training and a strong will, he's pushed himself to level 30 through his system quests and leadership as an elite guardsman. He perfectly fit this role, he was tall, had brown hair just like Walker, and was very muscular. His stern features really scared the hooligans who tried to run amok on the streets.


Elite Guard System

Level 30

Exp. until next level 10,737,418,240

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Atk- 45


Charisma (char)-32


Mana- 35

"You shall carry the weight of the law as the defender of the weak. Those in danger shall find your shield and those causing strife shall find your blade"

By far garret was one of the strongest around the outer walls and even ranked highly in the inner city. The only problem was that after you get to a level the exp needed doubles making it harder and harder to grow and gain skill points to distribute to your stats. However the fact that every single thing related to a person's system gained them exp really helped. Not to mention the quests given by the system to guide and allow proper development of skills. Some quests are daily, others could take a lifetime; one never knows until they get their system. Not to mention the experience rewards could vary wildly depending on difficulty.