Chapter 3 - 3.Home Sweet Home

Normally Walker would spend all day running around by the gates trying to find new people with new systems to meet. But today his mother Hilda had promised him one of her famous apple turnovers. Walker's mother was lucky enough to get the Baking System. To the average person that would sound pretty lame. However once someone tasted her food and experienced the special effects they would be hooked for life. The pastries she cooked could recover fatigue, mana, and even hp depending on ingredients. She once made the mistake of giving his little sister Lisa a cookie that increased agility, temporarily causing Lisa to run around the kitchen table until she got dizzy.

Due to these skills she received a decent amount of business from low tier adventurers. Some of the longer quests they took required her signature no stale bread!

Walking back home to a small one family house just off the street from the market was always a tough time for Walker. It signifies another day without a system. Hilda who just like Walker had brown hair but hers was always shoulder length ponytail, and clever green eyes; was average height and very slender and fast looking. This was because she needed to be smaller and faster when cooking. The feeling of warmth from her smile always cheered walker up though;


The Baker System

Level 15

Exp until next level 327,680




Atk- 20

Matk-20please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m




"Your cooking shall always imbue special qualities. The better the ingredient the better the dish! Food is love."


"Garet, Walker! Hurry up and get inside. I just finished dinner, I swear if you let it get cold there will be no birthday cake for you tomorrow" shouted Hilda with a slight smile.

Their home may not have been large being in the lower class area but it was always filled with the lovely scents of cooking. Sitting down to their meal Lisa ran to steal the seat next to Walker as always.

pAnDa (nov)e1​

Lisa; Walker's little sister was only 8 years old but had been lucky enough to discover her system early in life. She matched Walker with her brown hair and green eyes but her hair was kept short just below her ears. She was short and slender giving the impression she could jump past you at any minute. Lisa had always adored her older brother constantly wanting to be the first person to see what his system would be.

Lisa's system however was one of chance encounters, her favorite dress had ripped after getting caught on a corner and as a six year old her only reaction was to cry to Walker and their mother to fix it. Luckily Hilda had grown up with their neighbor who had unlocked the Tailor system. A quick knock on the door and short conversation lead to them sitting and watching the dress be quickly sewn and patched.

Lisa had suddenly asked to try however, this was a normal thing for children since everyone wanted to find their system, so there was no problem in allowing her the attempt. Miraculously as soon as her finger touched the needle a ding responded and Lisa jumped in surprise.