Chapter 4 - 4.Sisters Tears


The Seamstress System

Level 5

Exp to next level 320

pAnD a(-)n0ve1.com



Mdef- 6

Atk- 12


Char- 10

Agi- 13

"Measurements shall come to you at a glance. The right material to create elegance is second nature. The balance between practicality and beauty is your art."


That's the short and sweet of how Lisa gained her system at such a young age. Since then Walker had been bombarded constantly with "what did you do today brother!" "Did you unlock it yet" "what will you try tomorrow?". Endless questions that continued even now at the dinner table.

"Walker, how long is left?" Inquired Hilda.

" I spent ten whole hours with Father today trying to find something that leaves me with three hours left. I even tried sneaking up behind him while he was distracted, trying for a rogue or hunter system." Replied walker

"I know it's tough honey, I've introduced you to everyone I know, the butcher, the carpenter, the toy maker, and even a cart driver. With your last few hours try whatever you can, don't worry about going to sleep on time" Hilda's voice reassured with a slight sense of worry. "But you Lisa I know you've been slacking on fixing that hole in your hooded robe and if it isn't fixed before you go to bed there will not be any breakfast for you!" The stern motherly gaze pierced Lisa who quickly cleaned her plate and rushed to the bedroom to grab her sewing needles.

"I'll help clean the table and dishes, maybe I'll unlock a master cleaning system." Joked Walker. With that Garet went to clean himself after work and Hilda returned to the kitchen to prepare for tomorrow's usual customers.

No one can say cleaning is the most fun thing ever but if that's how Walker unlocked his system maybe it's worth it. Walker constantly thought this way. Maybe I'll try this, could be this, how about just one shot at this. He had tried easily over a thousand different things in his fifteen years. With two hours left I'll try some attack actions. Maybe I can still be an adventurer and travel! Walker thought to himself. The comical scene of Walker jumping around the kitchen with a butter knife was not an uncommon one for children but still held a sense of stress now that less than two hours remained.

"Ahhhh!" A high pitched scream echoed from Lisa's bedroom followed by fast footsteps.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

"Walker! Walker! Walker! I poked myself with my needle, fix it it's huurrttts." Begged Lisa with small tears in her eyes. Walker had become used to this the past two years as his sister always ran to him when she had slipped while sewing. He was always able to bandage her up and quell the small tears that burdened her.

"You know I saw a healer the other day use a spell called light heal, want me to give it a try?" Walker asked knowing the possibility of trying something new would distract Lisa from her pin prick pain.

Knowing he was still level zero and had no system he had no hope it would work. The stats of a level zero were sad to say the least and all that he could do was watch the timer countdown.


System: none

Countdown: 01:17:30 remaining

Level 0

Exp until next level- 10

Hp- 5

Def- 2

Mdef- 2

Atk- 1

Matk- 1

Char- 2

Agi- 3

Mana- 5


Knowing he would probably just have to go grab a bandage he still placed his hands above his sister's small hand and copied the healer he had seen earlier. "Light heal!"Walker said firmly. However no green healing light was produced instead a resounding ding and a new message appeared.

'You have met the requirements, The Jack of All Trades System has been activated. Congratulations!'