Chapter 6 - 6.The Future

"A unique system..." Hilda whispered, "you unlocked a unique system." Her face was full of confusion and disbelief. Unique systems were uncommon but could mean anything.

"Are you sure?" Garret broke in. His face was serious. "You know it can be Incredibly dangerous out in the wild taking quests. If you can do anything it's safer to learn within the walls and complete your system quests to gain experience. Especially if you aren't limited to what you can do." Instead of being stunned, Garret immediately began pressing Walker, knowing that his son could learn rare skills and live an easy life without worry within the walls. He didn't want to see his son leave the walls only to come back hurt like the many he'd seen while on the job as a guard.

" I'm sure, I've always wanted to explore and because I can do anything is why I should become an adventurer! I can't even imagine what else I can learn while out exploring. Plus if I ever decide to retire I can start doing anything in the city, I won't have to worry about my future being ruined if I get injured or if I decide to stop exploring." The years of running around meeting so many people to try and unlock his system made him want to meet even more people. What other kinds of systems were there? Why can't I live the stories I've heard? Can I fight monsters like the high level adventurers who save whole villages? These questions flowed in his mind.

Garret immediately left the room, but quickly returned carrying a small leather shield. "This was my first shield, it might not be strong but to start it could save your life. I also want you to prove to me you can equip it!" Hilda watched and slowly came out of her shocked state grasping what Garett was thinking, she knew that if walker indeed could prove himself then they would not have to worry so much. They didn't distrust Walker but what if Walker had misunderstood his system and couldn't equip everything? It could spell his death outside the walls.

Walker grabbed the leather shield knowing that if he equipped an item that was not of his class its stats would be reduced to zero and had a high potential to break upon use. Instead, the system graced him with this message,

' Equipped with a small leather shield to the left arm. Def+2 agi-1'

Garret immediately let fly a soft open palm slap toward the shield. His hand made a loud thud upon the leather but the shield didn't budge and neither did Walker who had steeled himself behind it.

' skill perfect block has been taken from The Guardian System. Would you like to learn the skill perfect block?'please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

"Yes, learn skill perfect block." he exclaimed knowing he would need it in the future.

'Learned skill- perfect block

Cost-5 mana

As long as a shield is equipped can block an attack only allowing up to 5 points of damage through'

pA(nD)A no ve1

"Did you just say perfect block!" Garret questioned "Only guardians learn that skill, it's very costly to mana and very hard to learn. It's a high class skill, it may not be a master skill but it's as close as you can get for defense!" Garret started to step back looking as if he would fall over. His son had just learned a skill from something so small, was this really possible?!

The overwhelming feeling of tiredness had set in on Walker, he had only six mana and he'd just used his last five after his level up leaving him at zero. He quickly sat down as his mother rushed to his side to scold him. "You can't rush in to this you've already tired yourself out, if you're going to be so reckless I won't be teaching you to make my never stale bread before you leave to register in the morning!"

Walker smiled knowing with those words he had gained his mother's blessing as well, however as his eyes shifted to his sister he knew immediately that she was going to do everything within her power to keep him in the house come sunrise.