Chapter 7 - 7.First Quest

As sleep came easily walker was awakened by a new sound of a system message issuing his first ever daily quest,

' your dreams and desires have guided you to live the life of an adventurer.

Quest: register as an adventurer and pass the three tests to gain the first tier adventurer plaque of stone


5exp, party skill'

Walker was excited not only could he gain some experience  but he would get a skill used by adventurers and leaders that would allow him to join or create a party. Most people needed to gain the skill through their system or by having a party decided and approved by a guild. The advantages he had were starting to show, not small. Maybe having a system like this wasn't as bad as he thought.

He quickly hopped from his bed and began getting dressed being as careful as possible not to let the floorboards creak. Through the years he had leaned to avoid the squeaky boards that would wake Lisa as he passed her bedroom. Thinking to himself, please stay asleep please stay asleep he was quickly interrupted by the system,

' Due to constant careful actions the skill silent feet has been found from the Hunters system would you like to learn the skill: Silent feet?'

"Yes learn skill Silent Feet" whispered walker

' silent feet skill has been learned

Silent feet- mana cost 0

Users steps become nearly silent allowing them to sneak up on prey or pass by predators without alerting them'please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Quickly walker moved to the kitchen contemplating how a skill cost zero mana. He wondered if it was a unique skill of a hunter but was happy nonetheless knowing it would be useful to escape from a dangerous situation.

"Good morning." Flowed the bright voice of Hilda " I've prepared a backpack with some necessities you will need by the door but before you run out you'll be making bread with me."

pAn,Da-n0v e1,c,m

Walker was used to helping his mother and jumped right in to measuring, mixing, and preparing the tools. But surprising the second he began kneading the dough his system chimed in,

' through consecutive actions the passive skill Extension has been learned.

Extension- passive

Extends the lifetime of food, potions, items, and others. Crafted by the user'

"Mother I just got the extension skill, is this why your bread doesn't stale as fast as normal bread?"

"Yes that's exactly right, I know it does more than just extend the shelf life of food stuffs but since that's my specialty it's all it affects. Since you might try your hand in potions or crafting I wanted you to try to learn it. It's my way of making sure you won't go hungry while out and about." Hilda said using a tender but firm voice full of pride. Upon learning that her son could learn any skill she desperately wanted to pass on a skill to him. As his mother she felt it was her duty to do something no matter how small to help him get started. "Now be quick I can hear your father putting on his gear, tell him he's responsible for walking with you to the adventurers guild, good luck today remember to be careful!"

Finding his father half dressed in his guard uniform and gear walker grabbed his backpack and bounced from foot to foot.

Garet was used to this as walker had always acted like this when going out to hunt for his system. The difference now was instead of searching he would be setting off on his own journey with his newly unlocked system. How many times had he and Hilda stayed up worried that walker wouldn't be able to survive daily life without a system? This fear had almost become true, but like a ray of hope walker gained his system and was ready to face the world. "Ha there we go!" Garret put on his gloves last as always and stood to open the door. " let's go get you to the adventurers guild. You better bring back a good story for us." Walker could only nod his head in excitement.