Chapter 9 - 9.Combat Test

"My name's Dirk, you'll be following me. And be quick!" The man named Dirk said and began moving to the back door heading outside to a group of training dummies and weapon racks.

"Here's the deal, first choose any weapons you would like to demonstrate your abilities with and use them on the dummies I will watch. If you can't properly use them then we will spar. Understood?"

Walker replied quickly "yes sir"

" Don't use that sir crap on me, yes or no is fine. You have ten minutes, I'll be watching." Dirk stepped back and leaned against a weapons rack waiting.

Walker gazed at the options, bows, swords, and mage staffs lined up to choose from. There were even a few unique weapons to choose from. What should I do first? Walker was thinking, he didn't want to waste time so he grabbed the bow and notched an arrow.

'Due to quick movement while using a ranged weapon the skill Quick Shot has been taken from the Rangers system. Would the user like to learn Quick shot?'

"Yes learn Quick Shot" Walkers immediately reply caused Dirk to raise an eyebrow questioning his actions.

'Quick shot skill has been learned.

Quick shot cost- 1 mana

Speeds up motions to fire a physical projectile using a ranged weapon.'

Walker's body moved as if he had trained as an archer for years firing an arrow fast and accurately hitting a straw training dummy dead center. He quickly placed the bow down and grabbed a sword. Dirk thought he would try and slash the dummy next but watched in confusion as walker quickly pricked his finger drawing blood. "Light heal!" A green glow emanated  from Walker's hand healing the prick faster than it was made. This action alone stunned Dirk. This boy was some strange mix of archer and healer? A priest? An exorcist maybe?

Walker knew he had four mana left to really show off his skills so he looked at the unique weapons in the rack and grabbed a large scythe due to its impressive appearance. He brought it to his side ready to swing it in an arc.

' unique weapon has been detected two skills available from the Reaper system, please choose one to learn,

Crescent moon cost - 2 mana

Can only be used with a scythe. The blade will follow the path of a crescent and send energy a short distance forward cleaving through flesh like butter.

Slash cost- 1 mana

Requires a bladed weapon. Cuts the opponent with the blade causing damage and blood to flow.'please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Walker knew that showing off a unique skill at the cost of an extra mana point would most likely make a bigger impact. " learn crescent moon".

'Crescent moon skill learned'

Walker immediately used his new skill to send a crescent shaped energy from the blade that completely cut off the straw head of the training dummy. This skill was dangerous!!!

pAnDa (nov)e1​

Dirk could barely stand at this point, these were skills from three different classes, never in all his years had he seen a system that allowed all three to exist at once.

Walker chose an elementary mage staff next, this was what he was most excited for, his entire life he had hoped he would be able to use real magic. He faced the sad looking training dummy and closes his eyes focusing all his energy in to the staff. Please let me use an attack spell he repeated in his head over and over.

'The user is channeling their mana in to a magical weapon, the skill mana shot  has been taken from the Magicians System. Would you like to learn the skill mana shot?'

"Yes learn mana shot!"

'The skill mana shot has been learned,

Mana shot cost- 1 mana

Requires a magical staff to use. Consumes the users mana and condenses it in to a small ball which is fired at a high speed at the target'

Walker felt the energy within him rush in to the staff. He opened his eyes in time to witness a solid light blue ball fly from the tip of the staff and crush the remaining chest portion of the dummy. A resounding crack rang through the large training field causing many nearby adventures to look around.

"Dirk I seem to have destroyed the dummy, should I switch to another one?" Walker asked sheepishly.

"Why do you mean switch to the next one? You have more!?" This boy somehow demonstrated skills that should not be connected! Even one from a unique system. "No this is enough. Can you tell me, what system do you have? I've never seen anything like what you've demonstrated today." Dirk was rubbing his head in disbelief completely stumped.

"My system is called The Jack of All Trades system. I can learn any skills as long as they aren't a mastery skill. I can also use any weapon, gears, tools, items, you name it. I know it's hard to believe but I have one mana left that I could use to try another skill?"

Dirk stood speechless, a unique system like this actually existed. This boy could really learn any skill. The things he could do will be limitless, as a gold tier adventurer Dirk knew that he needed to ensure this boy fully registered and quickly grew stronger. The future of the guild was at stake! " You surpassed my expectations, as curious as I am to see more we don't need you passing out after using all your mana. Let's go inside, I will give my report and you will proceed to the interview." Dirk quickly began heading inside immediately finding Clara and heading to the second floor, Walker could see him speaking rapidly.