Chapter 11 - 11.Cake!

After being escorted back down stairs, Walker made sure to properly thank Dirk and Clara for their guidance before rushing out the door to his family home. He flew past people as he sprinted in excitement.

'Through constant sprinting, the user has learned the passive skill endurance from the wanderers' system.

Endurance- passive

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1

The user can sprint, run, walk, and fight for a longer period.'

Walker didn't even notice this message; he was too focused on shouting the good news.

Bursting through the door, "I did it! I passed, I get to go on adventures!!!"

Lisa was the first to reach him jumping to him in her normal manner refusing to let go. Caught in the midst of her koala hug Walker heard her "you're not allowed to leave for adventures. Who will stay with me when I prick my fingers? Who will I talk to when I level up? You can't leave! It's not allowed!"

  Walker had known this would happen " you know some quests will now take me out of the city, but that doesn't mean I won't be back to visit. How do you expect me to collect stories to tell you by staying home all the time?"

The enticing words caused Lisa to hop down and smile, she could be the first to hear her brother's stories!

As this scene unfolded Hilda had walked up and watched with a smile. "Your father will be home any minute. Get your stuff put away and be ready to eat. I've roasted a chicken, baked a cake, and even bought some extra milk today. We are celebrating!"

No sooner than that they heard the door behind them clank open to show a tired but excited looking Garret. "Now since you beat me home you can set the table and tell me all about the registration!"please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

As the family began their meal the words flowed from Walker without end. So much so he almost forgot to eat himself. But as usual, Hilda being his mother was able to snap him out of it. Sooner than he realized it was time to sleep, he went to his room stuffed and happy. If he had ever thought that today, the day of his birthday that he would have a system he would have been full of disbelief. Quickly checking his quest he realized it had not been completed, Walker looked at it and realized he still needed to retrieve his stone tier badge from the guild to fulfill the requirements. Sleep came easily after using all but one mana today and talking more than he ever did.

Morning approached in what seemed like a blink of an eye. "Today I plan on accepting my badge and looking for a small party. I need to level up and learn new things so I can take better quests." Walker made the announcement as he stood from the breakfast table.

Garret hearing this toughened his emotions and replied " that usually means you'll be taking a quest with a party if you can find one. Which shouldn't be too hard for you. But for one second if you don't think that after you join them on a quest and return through those gates, you aren't expected to come here immediately after reporting to the guild you're in for a world of punishment."

Walker knew this was the same as wishing him off for his father and didn't dare reply. He knew he would be welcomed back home with warmth no matter what.

After saying these goodbyes and promising Lisa a great story over and over he managed to sneak through the front door and head to the guild.

This morning the hustle and bustle of the guild seemed much more so than the other day. Many stone and iron tier adventures were clamoring about. Walker caught bits and pieces of sentences about a platinum tier adventurer leading his gold tier teammates. The word dragon seemed to come up more clearly as well. However, Walker was not interested in gossip and only had one goal in mind, quest completion!

Quickly spotting Clara he jumped to the counter and called out to her" miss Clara, good morning!"

Clara was happy to see walker return bright and early " I have your badge right here there was no issue processing your paperwork. With the blessing of the guild master, we have decided to waive the five gold registration fee due to our high expectations for your future. I would also recommend you meet three younger adventurers upstairs who could use someone with healing abilities you possess. They are also of a similar age to you as well and we here at the guild hope you will give them a chance."

Walker was stunned not only did he receive his badge for free keeping his savings of 100G (G= gold) intact but they had also gone so far as to find party members that could join him! " thank you very much this is so much more than I expected. I'm very glad I was able to register with you!" Walker showed his heart on his sleeve.