Chapter 16 - 16. Rescue

Walker didn't understand where a mother's cry had been heard, but he knew that rewards based on performance could mean a lot of exp. he also knew that a new skill could be valuable to his future.

" Hey everyone I just received an emergency quest, I'm going to accept it. I'm not sure what will happen." Walker followed through by selecting accept.

pAnD a(-)n0ve1.com

' Quest has been accepted, a small arrow leading you shall become visible to you and your party members. Please make haste.'

" the party leader has accepted a rescue quest? Don't only high tier adventurers receive those?" Gil wasn't sure how to process this knowing that usually, a gold or higher tier adventurer would receive these kinds of emergency quests.

"There's no reward listed but if it's performance based we could really do well to complete this fast," Su stated out of facts.

" Fine I'll do it but you have to explain what's going on, it's too much work." Remey spit out the answer but her excited tone gave her true feelings away.

Looking at the small gold arrow walker saw it pointing towards the Forest. "I guess we are going in to the forest. Hey Remey, Su I think it would be best that you two held down this area so the child we rescue will feel safe when we get back. Gil if I remember right you have some stealth skills that can help you move through the forest silently. I have a skill that silences my steps so we should be able to move efficiently. Ready!"

The pair set off at a furious pace weaving through the brush and weaving through the trees. Being in the warmer season the ground was lush with greenery but they did not make a sound. Gil was using his skills to the limit to stay vigilant and remain by Walker's side.

"We got a big one this time! Selling these scales will net us plenty of gold."

"Check around here maybe we'll find some of its treasure hoards!"please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Distant voices could be heard which walker assumed were the adventures who had just slain the dragon. Through the branches an outline the size of a house could be seen, not many details but large black scales, and pointy white claws were enough to tell that it was indeed a dragon. With an extra burst of energy, the pair moved on noticing the little gold arrow arcing toward a rocky Boulder surrounded by old looking trees.

"It's a cave. The kid must've fallen down running from all that noise." Gil's assumption was an easy one to make but from Walker's examination of the area, he notices small bones and a well worn opening to the cave.

"Let's head in slowly. It doesn't look large but something has definitely been living here. Be ready to run." A quick but firm whisper was enough to put Gil on edge and hold his bow at the ready.

The two stepped in to the dim areas in the cave realizing it was much smaller than expected. A small pile of animal bones in the back along with some shed black scales. This was the dragon's nest! The worry increased as the two thought of a child being captured as food, but walker thought further, why would the child be sold to slavery if they were meant for food?

"Hissssssss grrooooo" a tame hiss and a small growl were heard to their right causing Gil to jump back and notch an arrow. Walker quickly moved in front of him brandishing his small leather shield, but suddenly put his arrow down.

"You idiot that's a dragon hatchling if it can breathe fire even though it's small it will kill you!" Panicked Gil tried to get around Walker, but was blocked again

"No stop the quest just updated, the hatchling is the child." Walker said slowly

"What?! Impossible! Emergency quests are only generated from humans I thought?" What Gill had said wasn't necessarily false but low tier adventurers would never encounter quests issued by other races, or extremely dangerous situations.

' The child has been found. The child has harmed itself in its fearful state and is currently injured. Due to this condition the child is hostile to all in the area. Calming the child is required to continue the rescue'