Chapter 17 - 17. Hatchling

The hatchling was slowly backing away, its small black scales could be seen as semi transparent almost like crystal. Small white horns protruded from its shovel shaped head. Tiny pointed teeth could be seen as it hissed and growled. The length from head to tail only was enough to reach Walker's waist but he knew that its sharp claws could still shred his flesh. However, as the hatchling stepped back a few scratches were seen on its side dripping red blood.

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m

" How can that be the child? It's ready to kill us if we even step forward." Gill said exasperated

" my system said it was hurt and fearful let me try something. Light heal". Walker quickly cast his only healing skill in hope that it would work.

' light heal- target black crystal flame dragon hatchling- 15hp recovered'

The hatching was startled and jumped up moving even farther back. But now knowing he could heal the hatchling walker quickly cast light heal again to finish

'The child has been healed, the fear has subsided.'

The hatchling was definitely more calm and wasn't hissing or growling as much as it had before. " Alright, I'm going to try and get closer. We still need to get it out of here away from those adventurers. I think I understand what it means by "sell" and "slavery" in the quest. Wouldn't those adventures try and sell a high ranking pet to a tamer to use as their pet? Aren't most pets raised from eggs? But this hatchling is already born so it would be forced to follow a tamer. It's not right." Walker had finally collected the puzzle pieces and found the reason for the quest to be generated. He knew that he would not want this for any of his family and completely understood the fallen mother's feelings.

" you've got a point but we still don't know how to get it to follow us. All we have to do is get it away from here right? I'm sure it won't let us carry it." Gil was right carrying the hatchling would just lead to injury since it didn't trust humans.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Walker quickly remembered his inventory and in a grey flash, a newt appeared in his hand. The hatchlings' eyes immediately focused on it following even a slight movement of the newt. Walker and Gill smiled at each other having the same thought.

Walker began tossing a newt at the hatchling who jumped for it and greedily ate until not even a crumb was left. "Alright here's the plan we will lead it out of the forest as far from the adventurers as possible. Quickly take a look around the cave while I start to move, you might be able to find some useful things for crafting." Walker said glancing at the shed scales nearby while tossing him his backpack which had a little room in it still.

While backing out the cave walker held another newt in his hand he shook slightly which made the hatchling begin to step forward. As he moved outside and toward where Remey and Su waited the hatchling began to quicken its pace wanting more food.

After about ten minutes of this process, the hatchling appeared annoyed not getting the newt so Walker tossed it to the newt as a reward causing the hatchling to again become motivated to follow even farther. After another ten or so minutes Gil came in to sight, finally catching up. "I grabbed quite a bit for you to store but I think you should just store the whole bag first so we can sort it all when we get away from here". Gil definitely had over packed the backpack which appeared to be ready to burst. Walker quickly touched it "store!" The backpack disappeared.

"Let's keep moving, we are almost out of here." Walker mentioned while staking more steps back. Gil kept his bow up ready to intercept anything dangerous that approached as they backed out of the forest and in to the rocky fields once again. Loud footsteps of Su and Remey approached but came to a skidding halt.

"I guess you're wondering what happened." Gil and walker said in unison