Chapter 21 - 21. Party Plans


Black flame crystal dragon (hatchling)

Exp. 10/100






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This was insane midnight was many times stronger than any of them! But this is only her level 1 stats? I wonder why she doesn't have charisma, is it because she's considered a monster and doesn't need it? Maybe charisma is only a human based stat. These thoughts ran rampant through Walker's head before he noticed her exp. "it will take longer for midnight to level up than us but it is a fair price to pay for her stats being so strong at a low level." Walker said out loud.

"So she'll be this small and cute for a long time then?" Surprising everyone Remey had been the one to pose this question. Her face was slightly tinged red but broke In to a brilliant smile upon hearing a small low purring sound from midnight whose draconic nature would always welcome praise.

"Well I can't say for sure but I think if we hold her back she could suffer, we all have heard stories of how strong dragons get and the sizes they reach. Plus what if being with us on adventures helps her grow to her peak? We will see many different things and fight many different battles." Walker was falling deeper and deeper in to thought. All the possibilities could suffocate him.

"Well if battles are something you need I strongly recommend volunteering for the field patrol. We are nearing the end of the harvest season and the guild will be asked to assist the guards as usual." Clara was spot on knowing that such a task would truly help the relations of young adventurers and the guards not to mention help them raise their rank in the long run.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

"Oh yeah she's right we'll have to face all those pesky giant locusts soon! They travel south as the season changes and eat everything In their path. My parents farm is usually pretty safe because we are closer to the walls but every year the ones near the outskirts of the guarded area lose plenty of crops." Gil growing up outside the walls would give the party a much needed informant in preparing for such a quest.

"Gil exactly right, I'm glad your party has someone knowledgeable. There is also the bonus of keeping the defeated giant locust bodies. There are not many valuable parts but the small amount of meat is a good source of nutrients for animals and often the army. However where the value truly exists is the wings which can make a strong roofing material for alchemists greenhouses. They allow light and heat through but will keep cold winds out allowing the survival of certain herbs over the winter. The only downside is that they do not often last a year so the more locust wings harvested the better." Clara shared a large amount of promising information.

"This could actually help us a lot, I would like to get a stronger shield if we are looking to take hunting quests and we would need to stay near the city for this quest. I fully support taking this time to strengthen our defenses." Sue, as always, looked at the facts and chose the logical path. However as their defender Walker knew she would always desire a stronger defense.

"Well first things first we just completed our first party quest and collected our gold. Let's see where we stand with experience  and talk about any points we have. I'd like to hear what everyone's goals are for themselves." Walker was thinking of what they may need to prepare and getting everyone's input would be helpful.

" On that note I believe I shall return to the desk, if you would like I can add you to the field guard log now and you will be notified by your systems when you are needed?" Clara saw that it was best to allow the party proper privacy.

"Yes if everyone agrees I believe we would like to be added." Walker looked at the others who all nodded in unison

"Excellent I shall do so, I hope you all have great ambition." Clara left with a wink slightly energizing the party who were eager to share their goals utilizing their systems.

"May I start?" Su seemed to have already decided. With a quick nod from walker she continued. " the only thing I want since I got my system was the ability to protect those around me. I don't like to attack and hurt others so I put all my points toward defense ,magic defense, and hit points. This should make me an immovable mountain later on." She had a clear image of herself. The confidence in her statement was inspiring.

" I know you want to protect us but if you can't get there in time there's no point. I think putting some points in to your agility could really maximize your abilities." Walker had noticed this when she first accepted the party invite but knew that as lower leveled adventurers they would grow together quickly to fill the weaknesses they naturally had.

"I see that's a good point, a mountain can't move to protect a village..." Su drifted off in to thought as she searched herself for a better mental image of strength.

"Well mine is simple, I already have better skills towards hunting and archery not to mention silent movements through forests. I'll just discuss stealth and my damage. I want to balance my magic attack and attack. That way when I get to the magic arrow skill I can deal the same damage with a real arrow basically giving me endless ammunition. Along with the ability to escape. I think the term is sniper." Gil had actually been distributing his few stats properly but Walker was curious, "why have you added stats to charisma?" The question was well founded since it was the only outlier in his plans.

"Well seeing as I grew up in the fields I could have stayed there and hunted without joining the guild. But I need a safer environment not to mention the guidance of the guild so I don't fall in to the usual pitfalls of hunting alone outside the walls. So to that end I have always tried to add one or two points to charisma so It would help me join a party and get along inside the city." The reason was much more simple than walker expected but he was glad because having a little extra charisma could help smooth a rough situation.

"Honestly I think you've made smart choices, I worry about your defenses but I think that can be improved over time." Walker really didn't see any issues, he could see Gil becoming a great scout who could sneak up behind an enemy and land much needed attacks in critical situations.

"Well you don't need to think hard about my goals!" Remey adopted her usual rough attitude