Chapter 27 - 27. Showing Off

Walker felt his mana begin to be sucked away in to the staff as a dark glow Emanated  from the crystal.

'5 mana consumed. Black dragon staff has been acknowledged by the user.'

Black dragon staff- darkness element

Matk +3

Mana +10

"Well that was a bit of a surprise but it accepted your mana very easily, hmmm I would assume you were talented in the darkness element all along then. Well, anyways the item is finished and in a record time of only 5 hours too. If you happen to get more scales and crystals please ask for me so I can adjust this black dragon staff. If you give me the right materials maybe I'll be able to improve it to a grand dragon staff." The excitement of future prospects could be seen in Sherman's eyes but was quickly replaced with faint tiredness as he had used many skills in this endeavor.

' one blacksmith has been helped two remain'

The system prompted Walker that progress had been made so he said his thanks and goodbyes to Sherman while dragging midnight from her nap to find the others who were definitely still hard at work. This made sense to him since it could definitely take more time making a shield and also enhancing equipment. The enhancement needed to be shaped properly so taking that in to account slower work was definitely needed so Walker decided to follow the large thud sounds of a hammer to a larger door.

Upon entering the room walker saw Su in a similar state to him but she was wearing large gloves as well holding a large black shield with a similar texture to Midnight's scales. While she held it in place Brutus would come down with his hammer forcing the hot metal to finish taking shape.

"Well I guess they won't need me, and here I thought we could help" walker spoke to midnight while standing at the door and decided to take a moment of rest as he watched Brutus pick up the shield and plunge it in to a bath of oil with a sizzle.

"I saw that the quest updated so I assumed you were done, I should only be a moment leader." Su had noticed the two watching and confirmed the situation.

Before a few minutes had passed Brutus had dried and shined the shield with many different clothes and handed it to Su. Walker quickly checked the quest progress to see,

' two blacksmiths have been helped one remains'

The system had already taken the completion in to account.

"Hmm thanks," a deep voice in almost a whisper said, surprising the two but before they could react Brutus had begun walking out the door towards another room.

"Well I guess that leaves Remey and Gil then, my bet is they are right down the hall since I can just barely hear Rodney talking too much," Walker said with a laugh and he began looking with Su for the other two.

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om

"Sharp needles are important but not on just one size, they need balance if it's not balanced there's  no point. All weapons need balance or they.." opening the door Rodney's voice stopped and he jumped from the grindstone grabbing two packages.

"The knuckles will be cool in a moment and here are the sewing needles. I kinda got excited and made some throwing needles from the rest of the scrap. Cause why waste it right?"

Accepting the package walker mumbles his thank you slightly stunned Rodney had even done something extra. He wondered if Rodney would become a popular smith with his work ethic.

'Black throwing needlesplease visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m


Able to add poisons '

These needles looked pretty useful, they could be used for mid ranged attacks and even help paralyze a target if treated properly. Walker finally rested his eyes on Gil and Remey and found that they were much cleaner than himself and Su. This must be a side effect of only strengthening and not fully producing a weapon; less coal.

'All three black smiths have been assisted. The requirements for the quest have been reached.


3exp each party member, all around appraisal skill.

Rewards have been distributed.

All around appraisal skill has been taken from the Master appraiser system. User has learned all around appraisal

All around appraisal - 0 mana

Can appraise non master class objects to a certain degree. Sometimes weaknesses to monsters, hidden skills, and other mysteries can be discovered through use.'

"Yes, we did it!" Gil was the first to chime out happy to get more exp and see the fruits of their labors.

"Check out these knuckles! I can hit things so much harder now." Remey was shadow boxing making it hard to see the new black veins in Her iron knuckles, there were even spikes on them too which would definitely cause some extra damage.

"Between my staff, your knuckles, and the shield I'm very happy. Not to mention two types of needles I was really surprised you could do this extra work, Rodney!" Walker was smiling ear to ear feeding off his excitement after reading the skill.

"Well, I need to do my best to build up a customer base now that I can craft! I hope to see you all soon!" Rodney began leading them out knowing they were dirty and definitely tired from the day of heat and coal dust. After waving goodbye, Walker was looking at a fruit stall and decided to try out his new skill.

"All around appraisal" walker said quietly not to allow his party to hear and tease him.Â

'Apple +.5 health

Nutritious and weak to worms. Rumored to keep the cleric away.'

Walker was interested in the addition to health upon eating the fruit but began theorizing it must be the healthy aspect and not all fruits would do it. He then realized this could be incredibly useful in discovering an enemy's weakness since it showed that worms were apples' weaknesses.

Smiling even more fully, the party was walking through the street more than showing off their new gear all the while covered in dust looking like they'd never seen a bath.