546 Green Vine, Xu Wei

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The power of the affinity of the water enveloped him as if he had merged with the water and sunk to the bottom of the lake.

The Immortal Moon Lake was not too deep. The center was only 1,000 feet.

However, the water's spiritual energy was rich, and the green spiritual light enveloped Han Muye.

Some large and small fishes came over and surrounded him, as if they were very curious.

His feet landed on the bluestone at the bottom of the lake, and he narrowed his eyes.

Behind him, a faint phantom of the divine beast Baxia appeared.

The phantom of the divine beast covered his body and fused with the water's spiritual energy.

With this phantom, no one could break Han Muye's defense.

Today, he had gained something from dual cultivation and alchemy, but it had also stimulated the violent aura in his divine beast bloodline.

With the help of the spiritual energy in the water, he could relax a little.

However, it was not enough.

He slowly closed his eyes, and the qi, blood, and soul power that had been dormant in his body slowly disappeared, as if they had never existed.

In the next moment, the Sword Pavilion in the far west flashed with golden light!

In the Sword Pavilion, Liu Hong, who was sitting cross-legged, muttered and left.

Senior Brother Han had instructed that in the future, when the Sword Pavilion's array formation was activated, the people from the Sword Pavilion should leave and return after the array formation was closed.

Alright, let's go down the mountain and take a look.

Last time, it was smooth.

When Liu Hong left the Sword Pavilion, he did not notice that the golden light on the Sword Pavilion behind him trembled slightly.

Even on the entire Nine Mystic Mountain, no one sensed the change in the Sword Pavilion.

No one knew that the Sword Pavilion was no longer in its original place!

The Sword Pavilion that was surrounded by golden light was only a projection now.

The real Sword Pavilion was already thousands of miles away in the void!

In the endless void, a huge divine beast that looked like a mountain floated quietly with a three-story building that flickered with golden spiritual light on its back.

The body of the divine beast, Baxia!

Perhaps no one in this world knew that Han Muye had suppressed the divine beast Baxia's body in the space under the Sword Pavilion.

The Sword Pavilion and the divine beast's body were interdependent.


In the distance, a roar could be heard. A group of huge exotic beasts that were a thousand feet long spread their wings and pounced on the divine beast, Baxia, excitedly.

They had been observing for a long time. This divine beast did not emit any aura. It was either in a meditative state or seriously injured.

A powerful divine beast could cultivate for thousands of years at a time.

For those mutated beasts, they might be able to obtain benefits while the divine beast was meditating.

Even if such a powerful divine beast absorbed a trace of bloodline power, it would still bring endless benefits.

As for the tyrannical giant divine beasts, they would usually not wake up from their meditation and stop their cultivation because of this trace of bloodline loss.

The loss outweighed the gain.

The strange beast roared over, but the divine beast, Baxia, did not react at all.


This made the mutated beasts even more excited.

Just as thousands of strange beasts were about to land on Baxia's body, golden light flashed.

The three-story Sword Pavilion on the back of the divine beast suddenly shone with sword light.

At this moment, Baxia, who had his eyes closed, opened them.lightsnovel


A violent aura that seemed to have come from the primordial era suppressed all the beasts.

The tyrannical power in their bloodlines seemed to want to crush their bodies into dust.



The mutated beasts that had yet to reach the Heaven Realm were all shattered to pieces. Their blood qi and demonic qi scattered on the back of the divine beast.


The sword light that flew out of the Sword Pavilion had already arrived. 30,000 swords kept circling and spinning, shattering the Heaven Realm beasts surrounding it.

When all the swords flew back with a trace of blood energy, the back of the divine beast was already empty.

Baxia slowly closed his eyes again. Then he moved his four legs and went elsewhere.

Almost all the mutated beasts in this space were almost all killed.

In the distance, the nine layers of heaven and earth emitted an uncontrollable spiritual light, attracting all the power to gather there.

In the Sword Pavilion, all the swords fell back. The qi and blood on them were slowly absorbed and fused with the sword qi on the swords to nourish the swords.

Above the Sword Pavilion, the golden light dissipated.

On the Nine Mystic Mountain, the Sword Pavilion was silent.

At the bottom of the Immortal Moon Lake, Han Muye opened his eyes.

There was still a trace of sword light surging in his eyes, immediately killing a few fish not far away.

The sword light flashed and the spiritual light in his eyes disappeared.

Behind him, the divine beast phantom slowly faded.

The water vapor comforted him. The slaughter finally suppressed the brutality of the divine beast bloodline.

At this moment, his physical strength increased infinitely.

A faint blood-colored power seeped out of his body and shook off the water vapor.

Han Muye smiled wryly and allowed his body to be soaked in the lake water as he slowly floated up.

His physical strength was improving too quickly, and his divine soul and spiritual qi could not keep up with his control speed.

He thought that the dual cultivation pill refinement today would allow him to control the body of the divine beast and refine the power of the divine beast.

It turned out to be the case.

It should take more than an hour to clean up the mutated beasts, but now, it took less than 15 minutes.

However, as he controlled more power, the power of his body became too violent. It would require another process to adapt to it.

If this continued, when would he be able to be upfront with his junior sister?

Could it be that he really had to let his junior sister take the initiative?

Although that would be more interesting, it was a little difficult.


Han Muye rushed out of the water and landed on the shore of the lake. He turned to look ahead.

On the other side, an old man in a gray robe happened to turn around.

The old man held a wine gourd in his hand. His face was pale and withered, and wine dripped from the corner of his mouth.

"Hehe, you want to die, but you don't dare?"

The old man sized up Han Muye and chuckled. Then he handed the wine gourd forward. "Why don't you drink some wine and have the guts to die?"

Han Muye looked down. Because he couldn't control his strength, his entire body was soaked in lake water, and he really looked a little disheveled.